Discussing Cults Using Iglesia ni Cristo

        Discussing Cults Using Iglesia ni Cristo

        Iglesia ni Cristo is a large organization of churches originating from the Philippines. It has since become an international organization and has churches in several countries, most noteably in the United States, where Filipino communities exist. Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is translated “Church of Christ” from the Tagalog (Filipino) language. This church organization is considered extreme heresy by Christian churches everywhere. INC denies the diety of Jesus Christ and adamently opposes the Trinity. They also promote a works based salvation (legalism) and claim that anyone who is not a member of their church organization is going to hell. They believe that the Christian church became apostate when the apostles died. This church was founded by Felix. Y. Manalo who claimed to be the last messenger of God and the only one who is capable of teaching what the Bible means in its message. Since his death, his children have taken over and have created a tyranny of family offspring to rule this organization as his grandson has now taken charge.

        Keep in mind that the INC is terrible at defending their theology to rational minds as it is painfully obvious their religion is based on lies and the proof is right there in the Bible plain and simple. The INC is also known to use personal insults and violence to defend their beliefs. They also place a huge emphasis on “debates” that become nothing more than shouting matches and virtually small riots at times; as the case of when they planned a “debate” with another equally heretical cult called the Members the Church of God International. The police had to shut the meeting down. INC also attacked a caucasion man in New Zealand who went to the hospital with serious injuries. He tried to leave their church after realizing the dictator-like control they have over their members through brainwashing.

        Please watch the following short video series I made to learn more about the INC and how they effect the Philippines, and Filipino communities worldwide. Beware of the damnable heresy of the INC as well as their dangerous behavior. If you have family or friends involved with the INC please try to get them out as soon as you can before the evil effects of the INC take place on their minds. Use Scripture to prove your points!

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

Discussion of the Trinity

30 thoughts on “Discussing Cults Using Iglesia ni Cristo

    • I am a Christian.

      Because Iglesia ni Cristo is a false religion that blasphemes God and directs people to Hell and controls, mainpulates and brainwashes its members for money and power.

      • No, but I have researched it and interacted with the members. I found out information about it in the Philippines as well. All one has to do is study the Bible and realize they are false.

      • I’ve been invited to their worship services, and I could say it was a very nice experience, the most solemn worship service I’ve ever attended. Maybe next time, you can visit their worship service and see for yourself. I have lots of friends from the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and they all live a decent life and how they hold on to their faith and beliefs – very amazing :))

        • So what? Many people in false religions hold to lives that the world would say are “good” or “moral” etc…it doesnt mean they believe in the truth. Sincerity does not equal truth. And just because some friends in it act one way doesnt mean the religion as a whole is not evil. You are impressed by the outside appearance.

  1. well, we have a very different view on that matter. what is inside always reflects the outside. and everyone is good at heart. i believe.

    don’t be too hard on them. freedom of religion. 🙂

    • Ya it is freedom of religion for a country, but that doesnt mean God says you can deny Him and believe in a false idea of god. INC tries to come off as holy. You dont know their inside you only see what they want to portray. They hide their inside and also the fact they openly claim that Jesus Christ is not God is enough to know they are a false religion that blasphemies God. Study your bible!

  2. Hello I am Eric and my wife unfortunately is STILL in this CULT. I joined hoping to get her and others in there to SEE THE LIGHT, but that is a long and arduous journey.

    I comment almost everyday on README`s blog until i was BOOTED off cause i told the TRUTH about INC. I found another site that is more open.. Iglesia Ni Cristo network 54

    On README`s and this Network 54 i challenge as you do INCM members to debate me on cam on YM or skype and until now not one taker.

    Now as far as Family radio and Harold camping dont be so quick to judge him or the station just because of his predictions.

    Whether you reseached him as much as I knwo you did the cult of Manalo, you might be surprised he teaches and emphasizes to READ THE BIBLE

    being riased a catholic until 18 I had thought BAPTISM in the BIBLe was ALWAYS referring to the CEREMONY in a church using WATER. But from Open FORUMs on Family RADIO i learned and corroboarted it with scripture that the ONE BAPTISM which wsshed one of SIN was BY JESUS 2000 yrs ago on the cross!

    • Just because a organization said one true thing or emphasizes reading the bible does not automatically mean they teach truth. Anyone can teach a couple true things but then still be extremely wrong on many areas, especially salvation. Also we are not to trust false prophets. If you actually believe Harold Camping is legit after he falsely predicted the end of the world 4 times then you need to really think about what the Bible really says about men like him. He also teaches other heresies as well. Also baptism is by water but we are spiritually baptised through the holy spirit at conversion. Water baptism still is something God commands. But water does not save you. Your repentence and faith does.

  3. White dragon

    Knowing how my wife is and that is why i can understand how diffciult it is to leave a CULT

    1. She will NOT read the BIBLe .. she has been told weeks after weeks and years after years that ONLY the MINISTER can interpret scripture. So there is no real impetus to read

    2. Her mom is way up in yrs and and ill and there is that Filipino peer pressure. i have NEVER encountered a culture like PINOYs who are so hurtful in their comments to fellow pinoys. I really think she is just so afraid of the backlash from family and friends. I have NOT attended in over 2 yrs and when some co choir member will notice that they have not seen me in a worship service , my wife can come up with more excuse than Obama can for the economy..lol

    3. Sometimes the TRUTH really hurts. Ill ask her about something that INC does and i will catch her offguard and her HEART will tell her the right answer

    example : I heard in one of the locales in Jersey there was a boy who has completed his 26 lessons and passed the verbal exam but DIED before he was water baptized. I told my wife that an INCM member had said that this boy was DOOMED for the lake of fire cause as he was NOT WATER baptized, he was NOT an OFFICIAL member of The CHURCH of CHRIST and that he was NOT of the BODY of JESUS

    Now she responded: OH yes he can be SAVED!

    But after i told her of what INCM teaches she went back and said the old patent answer::“ OH I dont know Go ask a MINISTER!!


    • Man you married a brain washed woman who does not think for herself. I feel bad for you.

      Well you should keep pressuring her to realize the INC says the boy is in hell and ask her how a just God could do such a thing by sending a boy to hell who had a heart for himself.

      Well no matter what truthfully the boy is in hell because he did not understand the true gospel and instead ran after idolatry in the INC. Even if the boy did get water baptized he would have been in hell anyway because he was unrepentend and did not know God.

      You need to open up the bible man and study it and find the verses and know what they mean then keep telling your wife about them all the time.

      If she divorces you so be it. Its on her but if you care for her soul you need to show her the verses that prove INC wrong and tell her a minister does not mean anything.

  4. -_- seriously? Most of your threads are against most filipinos like me. Anyways, that’s a bit too racist. Why oppress the INC when you can oppress the Catholics? I’m INC and i’m 12 and it’s not nice to call a religion a cult. What is your definition of a cult? What makes a cult? Anyways the offering are for the church like for making new renovation, helping the ministers (because that’s their job for life no other job), etc. I could explain more you know that..

    • You are only 12 so your maturity level and understanding is not developed, also you are probably bound by your parents decisions.
      If you really looked at my blog you would see on the front page that the article is against Catholicism. So dont assume I don’t go against other false religions as well. INC people love to complain about this and cry about it. But if they actually took a look I am also against Roman Catholicism and other false religions. The INC is just more redliculous.

      A cult is a false religion.

      And giving offerings in the INC = you buy your salvation. Because if you do not give money you are kicked out of the church. Yes those minister’s only job is robbing ignorant common people as well as arrogant rich people who want to look good of their money.

  5. i liar won’t tell the truth, members there are forbidden to read the Bible, ministers are so afraid that members could probably read the verses that pertain to the deity of Jesus Christ and members will try ask them about all of those.. Jesus didn’t say that “let your preachers interpret the word”, rather He told us to Search the scriptures!(John 5:39). This cult is straight in the pits of hell. Members are so proud, self-centered and even violent! Jesus is 100% man and 100% god! The scriptures agree with it.
    Honestly i don’t hate any member of this cult. What i hate is their false man-made doctrines and blasphemous heresies which cause their members become proud and church-dependent. I was insulted by a member of this Church that my father who died is currently burning in hell because he didn’t enter in their congregation. I know that my father is now rejoicing with Jesus in heaven because he BELIEVED in Jesus or he was born-again. I’m confident to say this because that’s what he taught to me. So, I researched about this church because i wondered why he did say that. I found out that this church is so dependent and teaches that when an individual is not member of this church will going to hell. That’s blasphemy!! The teaching of the devil!

    • Yes your father is in heaven so dont evenc are what an INC member says about him. They are the sad ones not you. Just keep promoting the scripture and use it on them and walk away.

      Just tell non INC member filipinos the truth of the bible so more wont join the INC. If more filipinos are aware of the bible and love God and care to read the bible they will know to avoid the INC. The problem is most Filipinos are Catholics which also de-emphsizes God’s Word and promotes pointless prayer ramblings and other things that are devoid of knowledge.

      Go evangelize man.

      • Hmmm…While I admire your courage writing this article about the Iglesia Ni Cristo, I have noticed in your reply to one of the comments here that you are against Catholicism.

        I would like to point out that we Catholics do not de-emphasize God’s Word. During Masses (the celebration of the Holy Eucharist), we have the Liturgy of the Word where we read some important passages FROM THE BIBLE (First Reading (Old Testament), Responsorial Psalm (Book of Psalms), Second Reading (New Testament), GOSPEL). The Catholic Church, through the Synod of Rome (382), the Council of Hippo (393), the Council of Carthage (397), a letter from Pope Innocent I to Exsuperius, Bishop of Toulouse (405), and the Second Council of Carthage (419), compiled and formally proclaimed the official list (canon) of the books that comprised the Bible.

        Also, we Catholics do not promote pointless prayer ramblings as you claim. I know you are referring to repeated prayers. We Catholics have BOTH memorized and PERSONAL prayers. Well, to tell you, Jesus did the same in the Bible. In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Lord prayed the SAME PRAYER THREE TIMES. So your problem is that most of us Filipinos are Catholics? To tell you frankly, that is YOUR problem, not ours.

        You know what? While you are attacking the Iglesia ni Cristo, you possess the same spirit of anti-Catholicism as they have. You’re just like the Iglesia ni Cristo that you attack so zealously in this blog, it’s just that the anti-Catholicism of Iglesia ni Cristo is much worse than yours.

        You attack the Catholic Church, you attack Jesus Christ. “For where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.” (quote from St. Ignatius of Antioch, 107 A.D.)

        • I am sorry you are so upset at my beliefs that true faith and real grace is not found in the Catholic Church. I am glad you understand the dangers of the INC though and that they are an evil and vile cult full of hate and blasphemy. At least you know that.

          And yes Catholics do de-emphasize God’s word and you just admitted it. Simply reading aportion of the bible is not the same as expounding on it, teaching its message, and encouraging church members to study it constantly. People who go to mass are not told to hold their bibles and read much. The rest of what you listed besides psalms, some old testament and anything else in the canon is simply words of men and agreements. Not that such things are bad, but they are not the Bible which means they are not God’s Word. Simply reading off lists of things in councils de-emphasizes the Word of God. I am sorry this offends you but it is true.

          And repeated prayers is rambling and also there is no thought into it. Also many of the prayers are not even Scriptural. Jesus did not do the practice of memorized prayer. Praying something multiple times is not wrong. What Jesus did in the garden was not prayer rambling or a memorized prayer from some saint or pope. Jesus was passionately praying with all of his mind and heart. It is common to pray for something more than once, but nowhere in the bible does it say we should worry about memorized prayer, or us prayers like incantations or magic spells such as you Catholics do often. Saying your hail mary’s or the lords prayer like a spell does not do anything, nor is it praying with your mind.

          Yes I do attack the Catholic church and I do hold to the belief that the true Christ and true salvation is not found in your church. Y0ou belong to a politial organization that promotes man-made traditions and works based self righteousness.

          And yes Ignatius did say “catholic church” but that simply means “universal church.” The word Catholic really just means universal. As in worldwide church. All Christians everywhere. The Christian church did not exist in the same form as the current Roman Catholic Church and nothing that the RCC teaches or did remotely resembles what Ignatius was talking about. The RCC did not even exist back then.

        • I have a question for you: How can the Catholic Church be the true church when they murdered and tortured the Anabaptists and the Waldensians? Anyone who had a bible they burned at the stake. I would very highly doubt that’s really Christ’s true church.

          • Well, sorry for that bro. I knew that wasn’t God wants. . .I didn’t know how to explain tragedy for the errors of our religion.

  6. What happened to your inc videos on you tube? I used to watch them a lot, I also enjoyed the comments on them and it really exposed them for who they really are. My wife still is inc when we were married I was saved but not at all living for the God. It was when they tried to push me to convert and attacking my faith I realized what kind of a cult I was dealing with. After that I started living for the Lord again. This has not been easy I know of at least one time they told her to divorce me if I don’t convert. After that refused to go and I still do to this day. I know that’s false for sure saying for her to divorce me because I’ve read 1st Corinthian 7 which says specifically that the believing spouse is not to leave the unbelieving spouse if the unbeliever is willing to stay married to them. It’s funny they call themselves the true church and they say something like that. The way they control their members it’s a dictatorship almost no different than Hitler and the Nazis. Not being allowed to think for yourself, making threats to people who oppose them. Also using propaganda to exploit there beliefs to the point of misquoting people. One magazine article they intentionally misquoted Dr Charles Ryries commentary on John 1:1. You should look that up online it’s true. Would like to talk to u some time enjoyed reading your story and testimony too.

    • Thanks man. PM me on yuotube and we can talk.
      Also, remember where in the bible it talks about false teachers who “forbid marriage”? The INC is one of them.

  7. My ex wife is INC she left me because I refused to convert. The bible doesn’t teach that. INC is one of the most evil cults I have ever laid my eyes upon. They told her to divorce me if I didn’t convert. Also she was verbally abusive and controlling. Your right we can’t stop INC but God can. You all were prophesied in Matt 24 that false prophets and Antichrists would arise in the end times. Felix Manalo was just one of many of them. When you read this I’m pretty sure your going to say that oh no INC not like that. How about you explain about the 4 dead college students that were murdered by INC deacons in the basement of one of the chapels. You can’t fool a true born again Christian who has the Holy Spirit living in them.

    • True the INC behaves like a mafia because they have a decent amount of influence in politics in the Philippines. And they do make a lot of money from church members because of forced tithing. Also, telling someone to divorce a “non-believer” is against what the Bible teaches in 1 Corinthians 7:13.

  8. I’m doing a piece on the INC myself. I’m going to describe my life of being married to one of their members and how vile they really are. I’m not much of a writer. After reading all your posts I could see your very good at it. As soon as I’m done I would like you to look it over and suggest changes and other things before I post it. I’m still writing writing it on paper.

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