Christian Bookstore Faith

       Christian Bookstore Faith

        Ever notice today how many people in churches are basing their theology not really on what the Bible says, but rather mostly on what the books in Christian bookstores say? This is the case today as the trends of bookstore faith promote all kinds of authors who mostly teach false doctrines, or things certain biblical passages never intended to teach. Exegesis of the Scriptures is no longer necessary when you can base your faith on your feelings such as the emotional goosbumps that many “christian” authors promote today. Christianity has become a series of self-help books based on psychology and philosophy and not hard doctrines of true Christian theology that comes from the Bible. The emergent church understands the influence of books and media and has made quite a lot of money and gained an extreme influence on practically all evangelical churches today. They are responsible for influencing the youth of many churches which in turn split churches, or completely change them. A Southern Bookstore by Eexlebots.

        A church can have correct doctrines and promote true biblical faith, but once the youth, or young adults, gets a hold of a trendy author’s book that has a really “hip” book title with equally “hip” cover art they go crazy. The youth pastor jumps on the trend and starts promoting things such as spiritual disciplines that are not found in the bible, contemplative prayer, listening prayer, speaking in unintelligble tongues, and more nonsense. The charismatic movement has made huge inroads into cessationist churches with reformed theology to create the “reformed charismatic.” Theology is in chaos as virtually no one questions anyone. Most people are afraid because of the ridicule or disdain people will have for them if they stand up for the true faith. One problem is that people are not reading their Bibles very often on their own, but are reading books from Christian bookstores instead. People want gratification and fulfillment right now, not later. Feel good stories and ideas give people happy feelings. But these feelings are short lived until the next ultra-hipster book is written and published. No one is content with just the Bible anymore with a little extra study and research on the biblical contexts. Beware that even YOUR church can become corrupted with deceptive and destructive heresies. They seep in like unnoticable mold in the cracks of the church walls breaking them down over time unkept. These wolves in sheeps clothing virtually go unnoticed for long lengths of time as they build upon false doctrines mixed with sprinkles of truth to hide their true intention. They bring up nice ideas and arguments that sound more ethical than traditional church doctrine when in reality they are not.  Such fancy looking “christian” books that are written every other month are replacing regular bible studies with book discussions. It is time to stand up and always contend for the faith as the Apostles proclaimed throughout the New Testament. These false gospels are no gospel at all.

Christian Fiction by blmurch.        American churches are the highlight of new trends. Even fiction stories written by self-proclaimed “christian” authors have influenced church theologies. This can currently be seen in the popularity of the extremely heretical book “The Shack” written by William P. Young. Every church trend that happens in the United States is spread throughout the world through the internet, Amercian missionaries trained in terrible theology, and nationals visiting our country who go back to their native land and teach such terrible theology. God is definately going to judge the United States for its failure to obey God and His Word. Our nation is responsible for most of the heresy today. And yes other countries are helping as well like in Europe and in Asia (most notably Korean churches).         

        Sadly, society has influenced the church, rather than the church influencing society. This is the state of Christian culture and we need to stand our ground and individually fight hard battles against heresy, and be willing to make personal sacrifices and suffer rejection and loneliness. The Old Testament prophets for the most part lived in such circumstances. Jeremiah had no friends, but Baruch his scribe and a Cushite who helped him out of a well the Jews threw him in. The rest of society hated him and wanted to kill him. Even his own family disowned him! This is the sacrifice Christians must be willing to take to stand for the true God! Christians should not be cowards.

        God is our reward and this life is temporary. We should live it to serve Him and battle spiritually against the dark forces of this world that have so easily infiltrated our churches. Christianity was never meant to be its own subculture based on bookstore-corperate megachurch faith. We are simply Christians, and as different our cultures and personalities, we still hold to one true biblically centered faith. Stop buying into the latest trends and get back to the Bible!


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