Are You Really A Christian? (Todd Freil Explains)

        Are You Really A Christian? (Todd Freil Explains)

        It is my belief that the majority of the evangelical Christian church in the world, and mainly in the United States are living with a false conversion that in no way has saved them from their sins. This false conversion has left such church goers on a one way road to Hell. This is a serious issue, as many of these self-proclaiming “christians” have no understanding of the true gospel. This is a terrible thing. If you want to truly know if you are a Christian, Todd Freil the radio host of Wretched Radio has some points to go over. Take a listen and check it out for yourself to evaluate your own faith! Don’t wait around, you never know when your life will be taken away.

Click below for the link to a special sermon in mp3 format:

Or you can just go to and click on the link on the lower right corner for the same sermon.

        Start the New Year off right and evaluate your faith and make the choice to follow God and dwell on Eternity and live strictly for Jesus Christ! Have a greatly fun, and safe New Year’s Eve!

        ****I listen to Wretched Radio almost every day! Check it out on Serius 161 or XM radio (channel I do not know). Or you can simply go to the website above and listen on the internet every day! The show starts at 12:00pm pacific time. You will learn a lot about the state of Christianity, theology, and evangelism tactics. Todd Freil is highly entertaining as well!****

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