Make This New Year A Year God Will Use You

Make This New Year A Year God Will Use You

        It is now 2010! Make this new year (and new decade) a year where you seek out God and allow Him to use you for His glory! Evangelize the lost! Study the Bible; read the entire thing and know what you actually believe! You have the cure for life, it is Jesus Christ. If you are saved you are a new creature in Christ and the old has gone away. Start living like it! Stop wollowing in past sins and regrets. You are not too impure to share the gospel, witness Christ, and further His kingdom.

        Allow yourself to be the tool God uses in order to bring salvation to people around you. Forget your past, yes all of those evil sins you did that bring you so much shame. Those dark secrets no one knows but yourself. Let them go and stop dwelling on them! Also, forget the good things you did in the past as well, becuase if you are no longer following God those “good deeds” don’t matter because you have walked away from God. This would prove you were never a genuine Christian to begin with. What truly matters is that you persevere to the future! Follow Christ, let go of past sins, and don’t think that past righteous works are enough. Keep doing them! Also stop dwelling on past hurts and pains and live for today. These pains and hurts that people have done to you are ways Satan will keep you from being an effective soldier in the war against him. Teach God’s grace to people and get more people worshiping God. You were saved from Hell, so be used by God to get others saved. Who else is going to evangelize or disciple the people around you? No one. You are not too much of a sinner to preach the gospel. Now get to it. Christ died for the ungodly, not the perfect. It is an honor to be used by God to bring Him glory to Himself by bringing lost souls into a relationship with Him. In return you are giving back honor to God.

        Make 2010 a great year where God completely changes you and conforms you to His will. SUBMIT TO HIM! Stop your sins, reject temptation and start living with a conciousness about God and study the Bible! Amen! This world is temporary and it is your enemy. Fight against it to the death!

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