How to Recieve Salvation

        How to Recieve Salvation

        If you have ever wondered about God or understood the Bible to be true you have probably thought about salvation from death. Either way, if you are not a Christian and want to know how to become one of God’s followers then keep reading. It is very simple.

        God desires true worshipers of Him who live their lives to follow Him at all costs. The only way this could really happen is if people were perfect. Since people are not perfect the only way someone can follow God at all costs is if they were made perfect by an outside factor. Thus, true followers have to understand their sin nature, and acknowledge that they are evil and completely sinful through and through. These people Are given no other option than to repent of their sins and confess them to God. God demands repentance of sins in order to enter His kingdom. This is what gives God glory. God originally proclaimed that perfection is what gets you saved, that is why He had His Law written down in the Old Testament which shows how hard it is to be perfect, and every tiny little rule of God’s Law was meant to be followed precisely; yet it even mentions that humans are going to sin. So, animal sacrifices were commanded in order to replace the human sinner in punishment. This was a reflection of what was to come in Jesus Christ who was the ultimate sacrifice that cleansed people from sin. No human was ever perfect except for God-incarnate Jesus Christ. Since God is good, He is a God of justice. He punishes evil and each human being should be punished severely by a violent death and eternal damnation in Hell because of their sins. There is nothing an individual can do to get out of the punishment of Hell on his own. Only God can do something about it. God alone gives salvation and perfection to human kind by giving His free grace on His people. God has chosen people and called them to repent of their sins. Through repentence comes faith in God and this showers grace on the individual and changes them into a new person who wants to follow God completely at all costs despite their imperfections. Jesus allows this to happen as He is the Son of God, sent by the Father to take the punishment of God’s people. God loves each one of His children so much that He sent His own Son as a sacrifice for the salvation of humans. John 3:16 states,

“For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have ever lasting life.”

God sent Jesus into the world to save the world from sin; whoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life. A person must repent of their sins, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and that He died for their sins, was raised from the dead and lived a perfect life. This is absolutely salvation by grace alone through the faith that God gives alone (Romans 3:28). There is no work or good deed anyone can do, only simply recieve God’s grace (Romans 3:24). God does not give His grace to people because of any personal merit they did. They are elected into the kingdom of God by God’s own choosing.

        If one repents and confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord and seeks forgiveness of sins then He will obtain salvation. A person is a true follower of Christ at this point and there will be an extreme desire to be holy and pure, and follow God. Of course sin still happens as the person is still in the body of flesh which is full of corruption and stained by this world, but the soul is craving justice and grace from God to follow Him and worship Him. The soul is made pure by God. This process of purification is called sanctification and is the outcome of being saved. The person is transformed in Christ as a new creature and his new life will evidence this in conduct and deed. This person will now enter Heaven at physical death and enter Eternity with God. Man was destined to immortality either in Heaven or in Hell.

        If a person rejects God’s offer of salvation that person is still dead in his sins and has not been sealed by God. Therefore this person will die and go to Hell. Hell is a place of eternal torment and seperation from God. It is described as absolutely violent and painful. It is complete isolation and darkness and every part of the body will be burning in the lake of fire. The Bible describes weeping and gnashing of teeth in many verses. This pain will never end. This is a just punishment for evil as God is completely holy and sin cannot be in His presence. God is a judge and condemns evil, this is why the Father sent the Son to take on the evil from sin onto His flesh so that He would bear the extreme punishment and rejection from God, so that His elect will not have to suffer. Jesus was perfect and did not sin and was also God so therefore He was ressurected and now reigns in Heaven with the Father on His right hand.

        All Christians recieve the Holy Spirit at conversion Who is God and guides us in life. He gives us desires to follow Him, and directs our paths to serve Him. Life is about worshipping God. There is no point in living in this world without living for God and doing His will. Yes, human’s will still sin, but knowing they are forgiven allows them to persevere through suffering. Sin is defeated, but this does not mean Christians should go on sinning over and over as Paul says in Romans 6:15, “What then? Should we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Absolutely not!” This shows that true believers will hate it when they sin and not desire it. If a person is a slave to sin then they are not truly saved and do not have the Holy Spirit and are still dead in their sins. The point is that the intention of the heart is what God looks at. Paul describes a war with His flesh in chapter 7 of Romans where He wills to do what God desires but cannot seem to do it because His flesh is causing Him to sin. This is a fight that will last a lifetime until the person enters Heaven with God where all pain and sin will be done away with. Then an eternity of glory with God in Heaven will begin.

        Remember that if someone becomes saved they will still sin. Satan is the enemy and loves to proclaim guiltiness over Christians in order to incompasitate them so they will be worthless at serving God in this world. If you sin, no matter what sin, you are forgiven if you have recieved Christ into your life. You also have the power to overcome sin, but if you are stuck in sin and cannot get out of it then you should probably question your own salvation. This does not mean that if you are struggling with a certain sin over and over and are addicted to it you are not saved. But what it does mean is that if you refuse to quit sinning and do not even care to try to stop you probably are not saved. If you are stuck in a certain sin seek God’s strength to say no to the temptation. Satan wants Christians to be caught up in sins so they will not focus on knowing God through the Bible and also witness Christ to people. He wants them busy with evil in order to destroy them. A Christian will still sin and sometimes in terrible ways, but should not feel like God has rejected him because God is completely faithful no matter what. When you go astray, you can always come back and should always come back. If you do not come back and quit practicing your faith then you should be afraid, and seriously question your own salvation. Many people do not care to think about such things as they are too busy living a carefree life unconcerned about spiritual things. This is a scarey place to be. Hell could be just around the corner because they are a false convert and could die anyday.

        God is one being: The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ), and The Holy Spirit. You cannot have any part of God while rejecting any of these and accepting the others. Salvation will not occur unless one worships the true God.

        If you are reading this and feel you want to obtain this wonderful salvation and be free from sin then I suggest you should begin repenting to God alone; not a priest. Only God can forgive. A human cannot. God will forgive if you ask. Repent and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and seek to follow Him completely then forgiveness is yours. Study the Bible and pray to God for guidance. Then join a local Bible-believing church. To know if a church truly follows the Bible and is not a false church you are going to have to study the Bible on your own to make sure that what any teacher or pastor is saying is true (or even if what my blog says is true). It is your responsibility to know the Bible. God wrote the Bible because He loves you and wants you to know Him. The only way to know Him is through the Bible. You cannot be saved unless you know what the Bible says about God and salvation. Read it and join a church and pray for God’s guidance in your life so that you can find a true church. There are many false churches out there that promote a false gospel and only keeps people in sin and headed to hell. So beware! And get baptized to make a public confession of your faith. Your purpose in life now is to honor God, and proclaim the message of Christ. It is not a time to be shy anymore! Why wait? Your life is not in your hands, God is in control. You never know when you will die so do not delay. Do it now!

        May God give you grace that is irrisistible so that you may repent and believe, and have salvation, and be one of God’s children! Romans 8:1-2 states,

“Therefore, no condemnation now exists for those in Christ Jesus, because the Spirit’s law of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.”



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