Prevelent Violence, Punk Rock Skateboarding, Gangster Attack!

       Prevelent Violence, Punk Rock Skateboarding, Gangster Attack!

        Do we live in a violent world or what? Violance is everywhere and has always been. Violent and murderous men have been in the world since its beggining. Cain committed the first murder by killing his brother Abel. Abel’s blood spilled across the ground. You can read about this in only the 4th chapter of the Bible, Genesis 4. It sure did not take long for humans to go from disobeying a simple order by God (Genesis 3:6) to committing a heinous and viscious acts. Later down the line of Cain’s family a man named Lamech killed a youth for injuring him (Genesis 3:23-24). Apparently, vengence was prevelent by this time.  

        The history of the world is plagued with violence including everything from simple murders to world wide wars of mass destruction. The Bible itself has many stories of wars and battles; assassinations between Israel and it’s pagan enemies. Evil men are always causing trouble. Wars are not uncommon, so being alarmed at them does not seem to be logical if one knows history. The only thing we should be alarmed about is the signs of the times and what biblical prophecy says about the end. With the media, we can see all kinds of stories about death and mayhem that we could not see before radio, television, and now the internet. Even so, I still think that violence today is at an all time high with more murders, more gangs and organized crime, more sociopathic dictators murdering their own people, and more ethnic cleansing. There are more rapes in my opinion and more unspeakable acts against children as well. Not only do pedophiles rape and kill children, our own government funds the death of unborn Children; thousands each day.

        Proverbs talks about this very issue of violence. In fact, during the time of king Solomon there had been all kinds of killers and evil men setting innocent people up for death. Proverbs 1:10-19 says,

“My son, if sinners entice you, don’t be persuaded. If they say — ‘Come with us! Let’s set an ambush and kill someone. Let’s attack some innocent person just for fun! Let’s swallow them alive, like Sheol, still healthy as they go down to the Pit. We’ll find all kinds of valuable property and fill our houses with plunder. Throw your lot with us, and we’ll share our money’ — my son, don’t travel that road with them or set food on their path, because their feet run toward trouble and they hurry to commit murder. It is foolish to spread a net where any bird can see it, but they set an ambush to kill themselves; they attack their own lives. Such are the paths of all who pursue gain dishonestly; it takes the lives of those who profit from it.”

A 4-board break, I have Martial skills.

This passage speaks not only of violence but also theivery. I think many people have dealt with such people and can see it all over the news. We have gangs, organized crime, serial killers, spree killers, mass murderers, thugs, rapists, child preditors, terrorists, thieves and robbers who kill for money, men full of rage, and killers who do it just for thrills. This is one reason why I trained in Martial Arts for self-defense and recommend more people to do so. I think in my life such attacks and threats have claimed me as a victim.

My Own Story

        One story I have from my own life experience is the time I was skateboarding with a friend and his little brother. He later lost contact with me and rejected me as a friend so I refer to him as “a guy” in the following story I wrote when I was only 15 years old. I wrote this story soon after the events happened in all of it’s immature glory. I wrote it for an internet, skateboarding zine called YoBeat in their 11th issue in the letters section. There was a contest for the coolest skateboarding/snowboarding story, so I thought I would try to win. I did not win, but nonetheless here is my story written in 15 year old punk skater language with immature slang terms, grammar, and minor offensive language. I censored anything that was “too offensive” for most church kids. You can see the change in my maturity level I have gone through over the years so please enjoy this humerous account while at the same time keeping in mind the seriousness of the issue that truly happened to me. It was a very tough time in my life where I became a victim of violence.

Attacked while skateboarding through a park

        Here is the story:  

14 year old skateboarder

        “One night I was skateboarding through a park with a guy and his little brother. We were going home. We came across a BUTT LOAD of gangsters!! Dang this sucked!!! We ignored them and skated on. I looked behind me and the next thing I know they are chasing us. I’m like, “DUDE RUN!! They are coming!! RUN!!” The guy and his little bro couldn’t hear me. I guess they were too far ahead and the sound of their wheels made too much noise.
        So ya the gangster fags caught up with us. they surrounded us. We were like, “Uhh what’s up? What’s a matter?” They didn’t talk and started pushing us around. I tried to walk out of the circle they had us in, but they wouldn’t let me out; they kept blocking me. I was scared because they were going to kill us. They said, “We hate skaters.” I was like, “Man these
guys are a bunch of idiots.”
        I said, “What’s wrong with skaters?”
        They said, “We hate skaters.” They didn’t give us a reason.
        The guys little bro ran. They got his board. They threw it over a fence. Then they got the guys board, threw it over the fence. Then they asked for my board. I was like, “NO!” this stupid G-fag started pushing me saying, “Give me your board!” I was like, “No! It’s mine!” He kept pushing me and pushing me back.
        Pretty soon I got fed up with it and smacked him in the head with my board. Then 4 guys jumped on me and threw me on the ground. I looked up and I saw a foot heading straight toward me. Then it hit me in the face. OUCH!!!! They kept kicking my back and head. I curled up but it didn’t help much. It hurt pretty bad. The guy that was with me started kicking them and
throwing them off me. Then I got up and grabbed my board and was all dizzy. The guy I smacked in the head came back to me. I was all, “Shoot! He’s going to get pay back on me! NOOOO!” Well I didn’t say it. I was just thinking that. Then he said “Gimme your board.” I said “No”. Then he said throw it over the fence. So I was scared so I threw it. Then I started walking way from him. There was like 15 gangsters beating us up.
        Me and the guy who was with me were walking away but they came around and stopped us. Then this G SLUT was with them. They probably gang bang her a lot hahaha! Anyway she was all, “Which one of you f—-ng whatevers broke my
boyfriends glasses?” Aww he broke his little sun glasses. I feel soo sorry for him. We didn’t break them he broke them himself while beating us up.
        Anyway then the guy who was with me said, “We didn’t break your stupid glasses!” Right then I knew we were going to get beat up sooo bad!! They were going to get payback for something they did themselves breaking his own glasses. This short G-fag came up behind me and punched me 2 times in
the head. Then a guy did a Bruce lee yell just trying to make me jump. Then he went up to the guy who was with me and said “WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Then the guy who was with me kicked him! haha! That G was all pissed after that.
        Well I knew they were going to do something really mean and nasty to us. And I saw a light in a house. So I just ran like crazy into the house without knocking and said, “HELP! HELP! HELP!!” The people in the house were all freaked out. It was kind of funny. There was a lady and 2 other guys. 1 was a hippie, and there was a little girl in there. About maybe 4 years old. She was a cutie kid. Anyway. They told me to stay inside and they ran out there and the G cowards ran off like the p—–s
they really are. Heck I could have beat any 1 of them 1-1 fighting but they all ganged up. What wusses. RAP SUCKS!!!!
        Then the cops came and we gave them a report. But of course we are just kids. So it’s not a big deal. Kids don’t mean anything. So why do anything about it? Psh, the cops
probably thought we started the whole thing. Cops need to start doing something for once!!
        Dude, then the next day…We went skating again at the park. 2 of the Gs who beat us up came by. They said, “Look! It’s those 2 skater boys we beat up last night.” So we left just so no more trouble would happen. We wanted to go through the park to a school so we could skate there. It’s a good place for skating. So we went around the whole park through streets.
        Then a light blue pickup truck came zooming bye. They swerved for us like they were trying to hit us. I was like, “What a crazy driver.” There was 3 guys in the truck. They stopped way up ahead and were staring at us. We were
like, “Oh, crap! What’s this?”
        We knew they were goig to wait for us to get up there and they were going to do something. So we sat down. The driver
flashed a stupid Westside gang, hand sign out the window. I was like, “Ohh crap! NOT MORE Gangster CRAP FAGS!!!” They drove off. I was like.”Whew!” Then we sat down behind a fence because we thought they were going to turn around. But instead they went around the block and saw us anyway.
        We booked it down a gravel road and through people’s backyards.
        The guys got out of the truck and started looking for us. 1 guy was soo freaking HUGE!!!!! I was soo scared. We both were. Then this guy said, “HEY WHAT ARE YOU GUYS
DOING IN MY BACKYARD?!?” We told him what was up. He went out front and said to the guys in the truck: “You guys got a problem?” Then they said, “No.” and took off in their stupid light blue truck.
        Again, the cops came and we talked to them and NOOOOOTHING happened. Stupid cops. I mean I respect
cops for what they are about and what they try to do but they DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!! That pisses me off. Now every day I have to see some of the gangsters that beat us up walking down the street and in stores around here. Just doing fine like nothing happened. It’s OK. MAN!!!
Stupid! I get so mad every time I see them. But oh well. All the
gangsters around here hate skaters for no reason. It doesn’t make sense. Practically everyone around here listens to rap and is a wannabe gangster. I hate my town!!

Well that was the story about the time I got beat up and crap. Its all true. It all happened like last summer.

Me skateboarding back in the day

       *My use of the word fag is more in retaliation to what the “gangster” white kids called us: “Skater fags.” So please don’t bash me over the head with political correctness. I was after all 15 years old…

This all happened in the town of Eugene, Oregon where I grew up. It happened in the summer of 1997. What is really sad is that I was a blue belt in Taekwondo and was not ready to defend myself in such a real street situation. So when I got back to the gym I told my instructor to teach me how to really street fight and that Taekwondo did not work. So then he taught me some more self-defense oriented moves. I have trained in Martial Arts for many years now and dabbled in a few different styles. I try to train or learn what I can now with the limitted money I have since classes are so expensive.

Riding manuel, I could to them far

       This was a very extremely violent attack on me and a friend. The pain was so intense as being beat over and over with fists and feet all over your head, face, back, and neck hurts so bad. Everything was so fast paced, and I was dazed from being beat up for about 20 seconds. After that, fists kept smacking me from every direction until I got help. Thank God I survived, I seriously thought I was going to be killed. I cried out to God to make it stop and it did eventually.

        Back in the day in my town, all of the White kids were listening to 2-Pac and Snoop Doggy Dog, and other rappers who claimed to be Crips or Westside. All of the white kids wanted to be gangsters and claimed to be Crips and Westside which made no sense. Except it was during the Westcoast and Eastcoast hip hop war of the 1990’s that was prevelent throughout MTV and hip hop magazines. I became a really tough hardcore punk rock skateboarding kid and completely rejected popular culture. Over time many of the hip hop kids became skateboarders and skate videos started displaying rap music and skateboarding went completely mainstream and boring. It lost it’s edge. So the wars I faced in my own town against “gangsters” was pointless on their superficial end. These kids were known to attack anyone who was not dressed in baggy pants or listening to rap music. If they saw a punk, skateboarder, or alternative type of kid they would want to beat them up. They created their own small street gang called “The Santa Clara Thugz” since the area of town I lived in was called Santa Clara, a suburb of Eugene, Oregon. 

Skateboarding in college

I became a punk by 16, I am 18 in this photo

        The point of this blog entry was to talk about how violence is prevelent in society and will get even more violent and insane as time goes on. It’s heading there at a very alarming rate, yet the secular world wants to counteract this with global peace initiatives and a New World Order, global government. The Antichrist with all of the violence in the Middle East will be seen as a savior when he creates peace there, and thus most likely peace around the world. The Bible knew of such violent men as Solomon wrote about in Proverbs 1, and today sociopathic violence exists at an extreme rate. Beware, be safe, hold onto the Word of truth and keep witnessing for Christ and try to stay alive if you can. But when we die we go to Heaven so we don’t need to worry as much. If we get martyred for Christ it is an honor.


Since I survived I was able to skate in the Philippines in 2009











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2 thoughts on “Prevelent Violence, Punk Rock Skateboarding, Gangster Attack!

  1. Gangs here in the Philippines are in forms of Fraternities I only heard of their violence and Frat wars on TV and on news however I couldn’t prove it on my own because I haven’t witnessed or experienced gang beatings, its pretty peaceful here on the province. What we need is more Christian Metal and Metalcore 🙂 and hey I heard one of your intro/outro in one of your youtube vids a month ago with a metal music. I would love to read and article from you about Christian metal and some bands that you may recommend. I just visited this blog of yours yesterday and I enjoy reading it.

    • If you look at some of my photos or watch videos on youtbe of my Filipino stuff you can see the gang graffitti of some of the fraternities and other street gangs. Filipinos gangs are weird compared to American gangs, I think it is because many are super poor and malnourished kids who are not extremey built or whatever but some are absolutely craz.

      Yeah white boy wannabe gangs are still gangs and they still do desperate stuff to get street cred like random attacks and stuff.

      Thanks for liking all my stuff keep reading. ALso send me a message on youtube.

      Yeah I dont know about a lot of bands today because many are not very Christian and are hypocritical or just have horrible theology. There isnt a lot of good christian music anymore, even hardcore. Some bands are even heretical. I know some bands I can tell you about some on youtube or something. Anything I wrote about hardcore music is on my blog in a few articles and its not about bands or albums, it is about my life in the scene or growing up. Check the stories out.

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