Avoiding The Law?

Avoiding The Law?

        Currently, there is a major trend in the “christian” cultural flavor of the day that, like all of the others before it, wants to hear anything other than the truth. This means anything other than the true Word of God. People believe that they can know God apart from the Bible and cling onto experiences and emotions to base their faith on. Evidences of this are the displays of ecstatic spiritual masturbation that plagues chapel meetings on Christian university campuses around the country, youth meetings, and even typical sunday morning worship at local churches. People are promoting the idea that Christianity is about feeling, touching, smelling, seeing, and  hearing God. And if you are not having such sensual experiences you lack intimacy with God. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In reality, all they are doing is pleasing themselves by hyping up emotional frenzies on their own and thinking it is God.

Besides this excess in charismatic nonsense are the ideas that sharing the gospel or evangelizing has nothing to do with talking about sin, God’s wrath and our redemption through Christ’s death on the cross. Instead, they claim the gospel is about social justice and doing good deeds around the world. They do not want to talk about how people are sinners and under God’s wrath headed to Hell because they believe it is offensive. In their language, offensive means “unloving.” So, they hide this truth from others by claiming their style of evangelization is about relationships and examples of goodness. They do not understand that good works through helping the poor and less fortunate is the precurser to explaining God’s truth in the Bible. Without the Bible no one can know God or be saved.

Their beliefs are a different theology (false theology), and with a different idea of theology, different theological terms spring up. It is not uncommon to hear people describe their churches like this:

“Our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus through creational reconciliation in a relational format by showing God’s love through social justice as we are a communal family that seeks to cultivate strong missional propinsities within the body of Christ through authenticity in holistic worship that enables the working of the gifts of the Spirit to be discovered and unleashed in each individual’s life with the goal of helping spread peace and joy in the world through tolerant understanding of human needs emphasizing God’s Kingdom here on earth in a relevent, applicable fashion that fosters growth, spiritual formation, contemplation, and the revitalization of the followers of Jesus.”

What does that even mean? This is by no means too much of an exaggeration either. I am not joking. This is really how some people describe their church’s mission statement.

So now we have new theological terms: missional, relational, communal, authenticity, holistic and so forth… Words that were never found in any theological books anywhere in church history before the 1990’s. It seems they have more to do with Environmentalism, Marxism, and the New Age religion.

They have changed the gospel of salvation that teaches God’s grace. The message that God who is holy and punishes sin, still loves His people enough to provide a way out by sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ on the cross. People want to avoid the law of God which demands the death penalty for evil because they know people do not want to hear the Law. So they avoid speaking about it and claim such punishment is not true. They want to teach that people are good, and by doing good works on earth through social activism, non-prophet organizations, and similar things is what wins points with God. They go so far as to claim Universialism; that God will allow everyone into Heaven and no one will be punished for their sins because sin really does not exist. Instead of it being sin, it is just confusion, distortion, or a misunderstanding that people have. They just need to realize God exists in all things, and create world peace by tolerating all religions.

This reminds me of a couple of proverbs I read today.

Proverbs 28:9 – “Anyone who turns his ear away from hearing the law— even his prayer is detestable.”

Proverbs 28:13 – “The one who conceals his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them will find mercy.”

I think these verses speak for themselves to any discerning Christian who understands the times we live in. The true church needs to keep teaching the gospel of true reconciliation: reconciliation between God and man by teaching that repentance for sins brings true salvation beause Jesus Christ died on the cross in a violent death that took our sin onto His flesh. Our sins were destroyed through Christ’s death and only by His death could they have been taken away. Through repentence and faith in God which is a gift from God, not something anyone can choose or decide to have, (because somehow they are smart enough or righteous enough to to decide to accept God) is how man is given salvation and forgiveness of sins, and is truly reconciled with God.

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