Don’t Waste Time Making Resolutions! Say Thanks Instead!

Don’t Waste Time Making Resolutions! Say Thanks Instead!

        It is now 2011 and you made it through another year, Christian! Give God the glory and remember all of the sufferings, and hardships you made it through; because God is with you. Do not waste time making New Year’s resolutions because it is pointless to do so. You know that you will not accomplish them and the Bible speaks severely against making oaths you cannot keep. Let your yes’s be yes’s and your no’s be no’s! Do not swear before God to do something, just let God lead you where He wants.

        Instead of making oaths and resolving to do things, just spend time in prayer this New Year’s week, and dwell on the many things God has rescued you through and helped you succeed in. Remember the sins you committed and how God has not abandoned you through them. He has forgiven you and carried you through all the misery. And to the sins you still struggle with, give them to God so that this year can be more pure for you than last year. Make this another year God can use you and please…if you have not yet done so, please, READ YOUR ENTIRE BIBLE! Make 2011 the year you complete your entire Bible and know the entire faith. Be strong in the Lord and put your confidence in Him; and pray for God’s help to get you further advanced in sanctification, and enabled for serious ministry! We are in evil times and we need sober minded Christians to keep witnessing. So, be encouraged my Christian brothers and sisters out there! Mabuhay to all my Christian Filipino kapatid as well, from your White brother! I love you all and keep reading my blog and enjoying my youtube videos!


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