Courage, Strength, And Pride!

  Courage, Strength, And Pride!

        You are completely broken, but you never gave up you are still fighting hard and pushing forward. You are the lone one in your life, the chosen one, the one left behind and an outcast from the rest. You have been made a thorn in the flesh of society because of the offensive gospel of God’s grace that is the only atonement for sin which defies the ego of humanity! It lives in you.

        You are willing to sacrifice and have escaped from eternal torment by the Holy Spirit alone who extricated you from the death pit of despair. You have no hope in this world, no peace from this world, no fulfillment from this world, nothing can be gained. You have left it completely and been drawn to God by His sovereign election. You are my true family and my true brother, and sister.

        You are the beautiful pearl of Creation: the pride of God. All the work that has been done through you, was done in you by Him. You boast in the Lord and not about yourself. You have been set free from the bondage of corruption into the glorious freedom of God’s children! Stand firm, hold fast, have heart! Courage comes from the LORD. Strength comes from God. And pride is for Him.

        Truth is in you and answers are in you. Give them out and be courageous and live as a holy sacrifice to God in this life until you enter Eternity. Your time is now. When everyone hates you be proud of it because it is God they hate and not you. Be true and spread the offensive gospel of God’s grace.

        This is an encouraging to anyone suffering rejection and loneliness or isolation from people because of their faith in Jesus Christ. To those who feel they are the only ones who care and love God and feel depressed because of the lukewarm people, and godless haters around them.

        When everyone else in your church, or those around you who claim to be a friend and your Christian brother or sister are not doing anything to glorify the kingdom, it is YOU who must act! Leave them behind and go forward! This is not self-righteousness! It is our duty and we know our righteousness on our own is filthy, but the God-worked righteousness and passion that God has instilled in you is pure!

         Hardcore for life!

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