Thank God There’s More To Life Than This!

Thank God There’s More To Life Than This!

*Read Genesis 3-6, Ezekiel 38-39/Psalm 83, Ecclesiastes 9:4 and 2:23, Jude, Revelation 21-22

        Thank God there is more to life than this! When humanity fell it meant that humans from that point on would die. The promise of death by God was true, but Satan twisted the words of the Lord when he tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Adam also succumbed to temptation from his wife and now humanity all dies. Thank the Lord we die and don’t have to live forever in this sinful state and in this sinful world full of all kinds of evil that brings us pain every day. It was God’s mercy that He would have us all die, and even more mercy that He destroyed the world with the Flood and spared Noah. Over time man’s lifetime got shorter and shorter as time went on. This is more of God’s mercy. I would hate to think about my life if I knew I had to live at least 900 years in this depressing, sinful world. Sin is what fills men’s heart with madness all of his years (Ecclesiastes 9:4). Sin from a person’s inner being as well as the effects of sin from other humans that personally affect others.

        This entire world is reaping the effects of sin from the rise of oil prices that make middle class and poor people suffer greatly just to work at minumum waige jobs with no hope for promotions. This happens as the rich class of people keep getting richer and downsize, outsource, and layoff countless people. This is why the college graduate realizes he is now in debt for anywhere from 10’s of thousands to 100’s of thousands of dollars without the possibility of getting a real job. The college graduate now has to work at the same job (fast food, retail etc.) he left behind in order to go to college, thinking he would get a big paying job to support a family, but only putting himself in major debt and working the same lame job as before; yet he is educated. This makes it so that the fresh out of college male probably won’t get married because he cannot support a family with such low pay.

“For all his days are filled with grief, and his occupation is sorrowful; even at night, his mind does not rest. This too is futile.” Ecclesiastes 2:23

        The United States is falling and will have completed it’s fall within a few years as we are now entered into another Muslim occupied nation’s war and the government nearly shut down, but was saved from doing so a the cost of aborted babies funded by the government which pays Planned Parenthood to do so; while denying that money will be used to fund actual abortions (we arn’t stupid). Sexual immorality is extreme even more so than a decade before and is only increasing. Apostasy is rampant and most churches are full of apostates, heretical, and blasphemous pastors who pervert the gospel of God’s grace and twist the words of Scripture in such a way that even the elect are almost fooled into believing it. The book of Jude says plenty about them and we can see such people who are alive right now such as Rob Bell, Joel Osteen, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Tod Bentley, Mike Bickle, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, and many others. They shall all be DAMNED TO HELL for their evil that has brought so many people to destruction and ruined their lives. Their glory is in their shame! Unless they repent, but it seems unlikely for such natural men to do so who walk according to their own desires. These people have only brought frustrations to the true saints by corrupting their friends and family. The same goes for religious cults of Christianity: Mormans, Iglesia ni Cristo, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Local Church, Black Israelites, Members of the Church of God International, Church of Christ; as well as emergent churches and charismatic fringe groups. We can be rest assured that God will bring His holy justice on such perverted synagogues of Satan.

        This world is messed up! To die is gain! Philippians 1:21! Not so much in this world seems to be of much importance anymore. Gaining success in a job, accomplishing athletic feats of strength, power, getting fit to look attractive, gaining populairty, obtaining lots of wealth, and all of those nice worldly vices. The only thing that now seems important to the Christian is keeping his and her eye on the prize of Heaven and eternal rest with the Lord and feeling his warm love all around his soul. When Christians keep their eye on the eternal/spiritual things they know that all they should care about in this earth while still alive in this realm is evangelization of the lost to reap the harvest of elect souls.

        Christians should work hard to keep evangelizing and witnessing and standing up for the faith! The end is near, Gog of the land of Magog will show up on the scene soon. Look at the revolutions, look at Israel’s danger, look at the earthquakes! Pay attention Christians! The alliance of nations is being set up as I type this. Just watch the news! Ezekiel 38-39 talks about Put, Persia, Magog, Beth-Togarmah, Cush, Gomer, Meshech, Tubal, and peoples from the remotest parts of the north and many people groups. Psalm 83 speaks of Edom, Ishmaelites, Hagrites, Moab, Gebal, Ammon, Amalek, Philistia, Tyre, Assyria, and the sons of Lot. All of these ancient nations are now the territories of modern existing nations in our time. These prophecies have never been fulfilled throughout the entire world’s history and are waiting fulfillment. The stage is being set in this day and age right now for this huge battle to occur. Read it yourself in Scripture and pay attention!

        We are suffering on this earth and in pain and agony since we truly are devoted to the Lord and Satan’s demons are everywhere oppressing us in all aspects of our lives. Be strong. Welcome death when standing up for Christ because our souls are eternally alive! This is different than the souls that are eternally dead and will enter hell soon. Remember that!

        Thank God for such a short life span! I could not stand living much longer in this wretched flesh. I will get a new body in Heaven (Romans 8).


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