No Sir, I Am Not A Hypocrite!

No Sir, I Am Not A Hypocrite!

        The dictionary defenition of a hypocrite is:


1. “a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.”


2. “a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.” (

So you can see that a hypocrite is someone who pretends to act different than what he really believes, or does things contrary to what he claims. He is in this sense, an actor:

“<Greek hypokritḗs  a stage actor, hence one who pretends to be what he is not, equivalent to hypokrī( nesthai).” (

True Christians do not fall under this category. They believe in the gospel that saves sinners from hell and they understand their sinful nature. This is exactly how Paul talks about his own sinful nature in Romans 7:13-24. In the passage he claims that it is not him desiring to do evil but the sinful flesh nature that is craving the evil. Paul claims that he rejects such sinful behavior as evil and agrees with the law that it is good, and his new spiritually regenerated nature from Christ hates the sin and loves God. This is how Christians live their lives.

        It is popular for unbelievers who are hostile to Christianity to claim that Christians are hypocrites and liars. This is because most unbelievers do not have good arguments to refute the Faith, but also because of self-righteous, religious people that reveal their hypocrisy. These types are associated with true Christians by unbelievers even though they are nothing close. This is a common occurence and is nothing special or anything to worry about. These criticisms do nothing to disprove the Christian life. 

        On the other hand, there are plenty of self proclaiming, evangelical Christians who claim that EVERYONE is a hypocrite including all Christians. They see this as a moral high road to take in order to display humility, and to try to show some kind of “godly” love. In reality it does neither. It is common to hear church going people say, “We are all  hypocrites because we all sin. So it’s ok because God still loves us and we are forgiven.” This is just an appeal to the same unbelievers who call Christians hypocrites in order for the self proclaiming, evangelicals to find “common ground” and make friends with said unbelievers. This is a terrible tactic and is insulting to the gospel.  


Unbeliever: You are a hypocrite! All religion is full of hypcrisy!

Christian: Yes, we are all hypocrites. All Christians are hypocrites because we all sin, but the difference is that God has forgiven us of our sins. I would not be as so prideful as to claim that I am not a hypocrite.

        The Bible contradicts such false humility and says that we are born again (John 3:3) and changed into a new life through Christ. The above attitude of such “christians” is what is truly full of hypocrisy and pretentiousness. The Bible says we are changed and freed from sin (Romans 6:7). The 2nd chapter of James explains that our works are what prove our faith. We are not hypocrites because we act the way we claim we believe. We admit we are sinners and hate sin and do not sin on purpose willfully. A hypocrite would claim to be a Christian and keep sinning willfully and never get out of habtiual sins because they have no real intention to. All of their outward appearance of concern and grief over their sin is an act. This is what is seen in modern church “accountability groups” that are popular among many young people today. They cry together and confess their sins of pornography and sex addiction, drunken parties, and other personal failures together. At the end of the meeting they pat each other on the back to give false words of encouragement about God’s love and forgiveness. You see sin is not really that shocking or offensive when everyone else is doing the same sins. With such weak people and hypocritical behavior no one can grow in Christ and change.

        Yes, God always forgives and already has forgiven the true Christian, but the true Christian does not willfully sin and give in so easily. And they most certainly do not have the attitude that lacks the intention to give up such worldly pleasures. The Christian always overcomes becuase they have the Holy Spirit truly living inside of them. When they screw up they repent and always look to the cross for their salvation. The fear of God is truly in them and they make an honest effort to quit their sins. Liberalism has perverted the gospel and invaded most churches making it difficult to find mature believers now days. It’s profaning the gospel and making it appear weak to unbelievers. Why should an unbeliever follow Jesus if the Christian is acting the exact same way as him? And if he does start going to church why should the unbeliever stop having sex, watching porn, drinking in excess, smoking pot, and getting in fights at parties? This is exactly what the self professing, evangelicals are doing!

        So in conclusion, Christians are not hypocrites but humble servents of Christ who actually do acknowledge they are sinners, yet make willful efforts to quit lust, greed, jelousy, and all of the evil their flesh nature is at war with them over. What makes them not hypocrites and different from the hypocritical accountability group member evangelicals is that they actually behave and act exactly the way they believe. They have the fear of God in their hearts, work hard to quit habitual sins, overcome them, and give glory to God and condemn such evil behavior as worthy of hell. They act the way the gospel teaches and are truly born again new creatures in Christ.


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