Alabama Tornados Hit Hard

Alabama Tornados Hit Hard

        My area where I live in the greater Birmingham area in Alabama was hit hard by a massive F5 tornado that killed hundreds of people on April 27th. Many people are in a terrible state without a house or a job since they can’t get to work. President Obama delcared the areas hit in Alabama as emergency zones.

        By God’s grace my area was not hit, although our power went out. God can strike at any moment and take people to the grave and God can also protect people from danger as well. I work in Birmingham every day and have talked to people who were effected and it is very harsh what happened to their people who died and the houses and property that was demolished by the wind.

        Feel blessed by what little you have, you could be living in tents or in church basements without a house right now. Also, remember you are mortal and your earthly life could end any day.

        The Lord blesses and the Lord takes away.

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