Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012!

        As I write this it is New Year’s Eve 2011 and tomorrow will be New Year’s Day 2012! All we can say is this is one more year closer to the return of Christ so live this new year off expectantly waiting in alterness. In 2011 we saw the Middle East rebell against kings and dictators and a huge political upheavel against Christianity and Israel is happening. We know that the bible teaches that there will be a one world ruler and a onew orld religion. The great apostasy seems to have already started since the early 2000’s and it is always finding ways to be more deceptive and more camoflauges to attach itself to true to get inside the churches and lead people astray. Remember that a half truth is still a full lie.

        Also all of the hype about 2012 being the last year of the world is nonsense. The Bible contradicts and exact date and we should not listen to it. Historians and archeologists have debunked this myth as well.

        So I hope you all will keep on evangelizing, encouraging other Christians and living for the Lord. Remember how much we failed each year, remember how much you failed last year. Relax in the forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ. Have hope you are still in the faith and desperately tryt o purge evil from among yourself. Romans 7 talks about the war with the mind/spirit and the flesh. This new year is going to be full of its own unique battles and maybe some of the old types of battles you have faced before. Gather with other saints and be strengthened and grow in Christ! Have a Happy New Year 2012!


One thought on “Happy New Year 2012!

  1. Hey, whitedragonawa…

    If you still need “a real life teacher and conversation partners,” learning Tagalog, e-mail me at jacct2001@yahoo.com.
    I recently moved here in Kentucky (due to work assignment) from Arkansas where I studied for college. Originally from the Philippines (19 years when left for US), and I have lived over 20 years in the Bay Area, California.
    So if you still need to learn and be fluent in coversational Tagalog, I am willing to help. Native Tagalog (and knows another local dialect) speaker here and a good man…
    I am a Christian, too, by the way, and knowing you’re a Christian and have passion for the Filipino culture (and Christian mission, I guess???), I can offer time to help you.
    Shoot me an e-mail, and I will then provide you my cell phone #, if you are still interested and we can converse in Tagalog. Pagpalain ka lagi ng Dios (Maykapal)…meaning God bless you always!


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