Invisible Children And KONY 2012 Exposed

Invisible Children And KONY 2012 Exposed

        The KONY 2012 movement has been exposed as nothing more than a scam to make money to promote the personal ventures of the co-founders and top leaders of the organization called Invisible Children (a self-proclaimed activist and humanitarian aid organization). When critics of the viral video called “KONY 2012” accused the filmmakers of over-simplifying an over 26 year conflict and exaggerating the militia strength of Joseph Kony’s child soldiers in Uganda, Invisible Children went on talk shows to explain why they made the viral video the way it is and to defend where the use of their funds expired; funds that were donated freely to Invisible Children worldwide. There were plenty of defenders of Invisible Children on the internet who fiercely had their back.

        It is a fact that the warlord, Joseph Kony, is not even in Uganda anymore and has been pushed into the region of the Congo by the Ugandan military. No doubt, Joseph Kony is an evil man and should be punished for his crimes, but he is just a number in the thousands of evil men this world has produced this last century alone. It is also speculated that he might not even be alive anymore since 5 years ago. Obviously the conflicts in Sudan, Syria and other areas of the world are more current and imminent emergencies to worry about. It seems there are many neglected Invisible Children in other parts of the world being killed and used as child sex slaves, more so than Uganda. There are also many child soldiers in African militaries besides Joseph Kony’s small militia. Nobody seems to talk much about the kids being castrated in Muslim Extremist societies, or stoned to death on the spot for looking “different” (search “emo kids in Iraq” and find out that over 15 young people were stoned to death for dressing “emo”).

        It has been shown that only about 33% of the money donated to Invisible Children was even used as direct aid for humanitarian efforts. It could be said another 33% went to movie productions by Jason Russell and his co-founders, music projects and concerts, awareness materials like bracelets, T-shirts, posters, conferences etc. (each sold for a mighty profit on their website, you can be cool and look like a true activist by forking out 15 bucks for a cheap bracelet that probably cost 10 cents to make, as well as 30 bucks for an action kit in a case with posters, stickers, a t-shirt, and bracelet with DVD; a must have and collector’s item for all true caring activist hipsters and Christian college students). The final 33% went to travel expenses so they could go tour the country and do speaking engagements and take long trips to Africa and back. So it looks as if Invisible Children is nothing more than a cover up for white-liberal-guilt ridden slacktivists, so they can go on Christian-activist vacations, make movies, and receive glory from other people as great western heroes of black children in the dark continent of Africa. What does simply creating awareness do? So we are aware, now what? Unless the actual cause is giving most if not all of its money to save children and give them educations and spread the gospel why should Christians support it?

        Invisible Children has often used Christianity to get donations on Christian University Campuses, churches, missions conferences, and has even disguised itself as a genuine “Christian mission” at said events (i.e. Jason Russell spoke at Liberty University about Christian activism: But truthfully, what organizations like this do is direct funding away from actual missionaries who were called by God to spread the gospel message of salvation through God’s grace alone through Jesus Christ. The message of His death and resurrection that gives eternal life and transforms the dark, evil hearts of men into worshipers of God who seek His glory. That is the true message that can change the world, but this politically correct society does not like such things. Invisible Children has barely ever talked about the gospel to children in Africa and has kept most of the money to pay a nice salary of over $89,000 a year to its CEO’s who live in rich Southern California as well as pay for all their movie production costs and travel expenses. They get all the health insurance and house payments they need while their precious Invisible Children are apparently being forced into sex slavery and child warriors who kill their parents. How ironic. Most of the people donating money to Invisible Children don’t live as well as Jason Russell, the co-founder who is the “voice and dreamer” of Invisible Children.

        You can confirm anything in this blog article by simply doing an internet search.

        Recently, 2 days before this article was written, Jason Russell was found in the streets of the Pacific Beach area of San Diego running around in speedo-like underwear. He then was witnessed to proceed to take his underwear off and run around like a maniac, interfering with cars, possibly vandalizing some, and publicly masturbating on the sidewalk. He was screaming incoherent things, and bent over in a strattle-like position and began pounding his fists on the pavement in all out rage.  

        The fact such bizarre behavior happened proves that Invisible Children is nothing that a true Christian with the Holy Spirit’s conviction should support. If you do, you are being deceived into wasting money you could have been instead giving to true missionaries who are fighting real spiritual battles every day to spread the Word of God. Not delusional slacktivist fantasies (No! Sorry to burst your bubble you liberal pentecostal/charismatic gullibles; public masturbating and naked mental breakdowns are not the sign of a spiritual battle, but of a man owned by sin and possibly on drugs or demon possessed, not the marks of a true Christian leader; have you read Luke 8:27?). Real missionaries need money to survive, to pay for housing, and materials to spread the Bible’s message. Missionaries do not make millions of dollars a year, and many do not even make $89,000 a year unless they are sent by rich corporate mega-churches who seem to lack much of the gospel and just want numbers. Supporting true biblical missionaries is something more evangelicals should seek to be doing with some of their extra money! Find some, they are out there! There are also local national missionaries who could use some support to do house to house, and street evangelism in their own countries.

        In the early 2000’s, political and social activism had taken over the place of evangelization within evangelical circles. It still continues its trend, sliding downward into Christian hipsterism and other pretentious hypocritical, self-righteous and unbiblical attitudes. First and foremost, Christians must support the cause of the Bible being spread and the gospel message rightly interpreted to people. Any kind of social activities like helping the poor are an obvious necessity to open the door to spread the gospel, but they are not the main goal. The goal is to spread the gospel for spiritual transformation to give the message of eternal life. Obviously, Christians should help the poor and the people being taken advantage of because Jesus Christ commands it. But what does it profit a man to feed his stomach if he loses his soul? (Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36). But how can a Christian ignore the weak and drop off a message about Christ without curing some of their physical issues like hunger and thirst? Only then can a person can be coherent enough, calm, and ready to hear the gospel. The Bible commands us to help unfortunate people (James 2:14-18). Unfortunately, it seems Invisible Children does none of these things, if anything only a 33%’s effort. The other 66% goes to the promotion of themselves.

        When a co-founder who is the face and voice of an organization is found doing such insane and perverse behavior it is just an outward sign of a deeper, internal problem. It is obvious God is not with Invisible Children and Satan has used it to distract people from the real war at hand: the spiritual war Christians should fight every day through Scripture.

        Obviously, Jason Russell was either on drugs because he spent all of his donation money on PCP, or he is demon possessed. Either way God has drawn out his deception and exposed him (no pun intended) for what he is: a huckster and scam artist who got rich off of people’s hearts. Not only that, but he is most likely delusional and actually believes he is being righteous and is lying to himself. If any Christian still argues for this person and Invisible Children, they are simply giving into spiritual deception and acting foolish. But in this ecumenical age it is obvious that people will still support this wacko and find every excuse in the book for his x-rated and despicable behavior. These are not the marks of a Christian leader. Add to the fact he greatly admires Opera and Bono, Universalist leaders who are also extremely rich. It appears he wanted to be on their level and as rich as them one day. Well his madness got the best of him. Now he has lost all dignity, respect, any kind of honor he had with many people, and has become a disgraceful representative of a father to his son (who can be seen in the “KONY 2012” movie claiming he wants to be just like his dad) and has dishonored his wife and humiliated her. Russell will never live this one out, he has permantly damaged his reputation. Fortunately, Jesus Christ can cover such sins and God is ready to forgive if Russell repents of his sin and confesses the truth. But he will still have a bad reputation in this world. Hopefully, he will repent and publicly declare what he really was doing with Invisible Children and why he acted like a maniac and fool.

        Do not support the KONY 2012 movement and stop wasting your money on Invisible Children! All Christians should pay attention to this lesson and start giving money to real missionaries who love the Bible and want souls to be saved. Stop giving into the sin of Christian hipsterism and slacktivism!

Everything exposed by the light is made clear, for what makes everything clear is light.” Ephesians 5:13

I will expose your righteousness, and your works—they will not profit you.” Isaiah 57:12

4 thoughts on “Invisible Children And KONY 2012 Exposed

    • Yeah, a spiritual emergency to masturbate in public and scream like a maniac while naked? Maybe it was a DEMONIC spiritual emergency. You can label me arrogant, but I will label you gullible and undiscerning.

  1. I think he had a nervous breakdown from the negativity he received after KONY 2012.

    I did as you say and searched it up. I did not find any source indicating that is is under drug influence.

    Don’t make outlandish assumptions.

    • How is it an outlandish assumption if his behavior is almost exactly mimmicking the behavior of people who are high on LSD? It is not an outlandish assumption at all but highly accurate.

      If he was not on drugs, which it is fair to assume he was not, then he was not behaving like a mentally stable person or even a Christian. What Christian is so narcissistic that he actually gets that angry to where he loses his self control and gets naked and possibly was publicly masturbatin? he was butt-naked in the streets raving like a madman. Maybe he was demnon possessed then.

      Why are you so quick to defend him? seems like you are a delusional follower who won’t admit he was wrong for supporting a fraudulent organization.

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