Ehud: Assassin For The Lord

Ehud: Assassin For The Lord

        I have always wanted a cool and biblical name for my blog and had for a couple of years wanted to change the name to “Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger.” Finally, I decided now is the time to change it from “Maranatha” which is a typical word tons of ministries and Christian organizations use to the name I am using now. But the attitude of “come Lord Jesus” remains the same. I wanted to be more blunt as to how strong we should be for the Lord in our beliefs and what we stand for, as well as God’s bold commands that should not be taken lightly.  I think the name “Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger” reflects the zeal we should have for the Lord and the hatred for what is false that should burn in our hearts.  Not that I hate sinners, but Christians are called to hate the sin. We should openly declare truth from error without fear and show the reality of the world we live in through theology, culture and society. The gospel should always be the forefront of our lives in everything we do.

The story of Ehud the Judge

Judges 3:12-30


The Israelites again did what was evil in the Lord’s sight. He gave Eglon king of Moab power over Israel, because they had done what was evil in the Lord’s sight. After Eglon convinced the Ammonites and the Amalekites to join forces with him, he attacked and defeated Israel and took possession of the City of Palms. The Israelites served Eglon king of Moab 18 years.

Then the Israelites cried out to the Lord, and He raised up Ehud son of Gera, a left-handed Benjaminite, as a deliverer for them. The Israelites sent him to Eglon king of Moab with tribute money.

Ehud made himself a double-edged dagger 18 inches long. He strapped it to his right thigh under his clothes and brought the tribute to Eglon king of Moab, who was an extremely fat man. When Ehud had finished presenting the tribute, he dismissed the people who had carried it. At the carved images near Gilgal he returned and said, “King Eglon, I have a secret message for you.” The king called for silence, and all his attendants left him. Then Ehud approached him while he was sitting alone in his room upstairs where it was cool. Ehud said, “I have a word from God for you,” and the king stood up from his throne. Ehud reached with his left hand, took the dagger from his right thigh, and plunged it into Eglon’s belly. Even the handle went in after the blade, and Eglon’s fat closed in over it, so that Ehud did not withdraw the sword from his belly. And Eglon’s insides came out. Ehud escaped by way of the porch, closing and locking the doors of the upstairs room behind him.

Ehud was gone when Eglon’s servants came in. They looked and found the doors of the upstairs room locked and thought he was relieving himself in the cool room. The servants waited until they became worried and saw that he had still not opened the doors of the upstairs room. So they took the key and opened the doors—and there was their lord lying dead on the floor!

Ehud escaped while the servants waited. He crossed over the Jordan near the carved images and reached Seirah. After he arrived, he sounded the ram’s horn throughout the hill country of Ephraim. The Israelites came down with him from the hill country, and he became their leader. He told them, “Follow me, because the Lord has handed over your enemies, the Moabites, to you.” So they followed him, captured the fords of the Jordan leading to Moab, and did not allow anyone to cross over. At that time they struck down about 10,000 Moabites, all strong and able-bodied men. Not one of them escaped. Moab became subject to Israel that day, and the land was peaceful 80 years.

May we be used both like Ehud’s 18 inch, double edged dagger to stab what is evil and false in the fat of all that is against God, and reveal the filth and allow the dirt to pour out that is such evil doctrines, theologies, and sin. We are not literally a politically, theocratic nation as ancient Israel was in that time. They were also dealing with enemy kings openly at odds with God. Even so, as Christians we should be willing to do operations and evangelistic missions to stand up against wickedness by proclaiming the truth of God’ Word (the true SWORD or Dagger of the Spirit) and share the gospel while promoting it boldly. This means that despite the lies and emotional manipulations of false teachers claiming us to be divisive or unloving we should not worry about offending people with the truth. Reflect on that.


5 thoughts on “Ehud: Assassin For The Lord

    • Well it is important to have lov for the lost and especially love for fellow believers. But we should still be bold, and if it happens to offend people that is not our problem. Speaking the truth in love is not always nice. Sometimes it has to be a little bit harsh especially when dealing with enemies of God who hate the gospel, hate interpreting God’s Word with accuracy when they intend to lie for their own gain, and people who hate theology and doctrines because they want to delusionally believe God is a free for all anything goes type.
      I think this whole culture of “Let’s not offend people” and also the people who claim it is wrong to judge is what is truly lacking integrity. I want to be spoken to like an adult so if someone really thinks something is wrong tell me. Do not hide it.

  1. Wicked name! It fits perfectly with the bluntness of your approach and your overall personality. Keep fighting for the faith, fighting the good fight, not boxing the air but rather clocking the heretics!

    You are anointed! ;P

    • Hahah ANNOINTED!!!!! A Man of God!

      *In case anyone is wondering we are joking about what Conrad Mbwe said at the Strange Fire Conference” about fake pastors.

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