Biola University Threatens Pro-Life Student On Campus

Biola University Threatens Pro-Life Student On Campus

        In May 2013, Biola’s Chief of Campus Safety threatened Biola student Diana Jiminez, a Nursing Major, with arrest and expulsion for showcasing anti-abortion signs with a pro-life Christian message. Here is a video I found randomly on YouTube that shows the whole matter:

        I personally do not think that the sign she was said to have been holding was offensive in anyway, nor was it that violent. Biola University constantly displays “artistic” works with mildly sexually suggestive things as well as somewhat offensive “messages” by art students who are trying to make whatever points they want to make about politics etc. How do I know? I graduated from Biola University in 2009 and saw it all. The suggestive work is sometimes seen in their art shows for art majors who are graduating. This is also true when they happen to decide what worldwide social issue is cool to protest at any given moment. The main example is prostitution or sex trafficking. I once saw an art piece that had pieces of the LA Times newspaper’s personal section with sex phone numbers or addresses of porn shops, as well as another with pictures from magazines like Victoria’s Secret pasted in random fashion in order to make a point about lust or how bad sex trafficking is. To me that is offensive and also stupid and defeats the purpose of anti-porn ideology by having the ability to tempt people into lust. But I guess Biola picks and chooses what “edgy images” are acceptable on campus. Girls in underwear? Sure! The hand of an aborted child? NO WAY! I remember vividly how Biola’s Torrey Conference (their annual Bible conference) was themed Sex and the Soul in 2008. There were a couple of speakers who seemed to promote how awesome sex was with no real point but to say it is a God given desire and sex is going to be really cool by showing this Flights of the Chonchords video on the big screen. It was very confusing to talk that way to young people who are dealing with hormones. Also, the Biola Missions Conference (their annual missionary promoting conference) one time had a speaker who openly said postmodernism is a great thing and gave us a list of movies we need to see. Some of them contained full frontal nudity and sex (the movie Babal).

        It is obvious Biola University understands that sexual sin exists and with it the risk of pregnancy and abortion. The fact Biola is so upset a pro-life activist, who was also a current student at the time, wanted to display her message makes one wonder if they are being cowardly and want to avoid controversy by pleasing the world so they can keep enrollment. Dr. Corey did make a statement of apology for the situation and pleaded that the Pro-Life community will still support Biola, but I know Biola has steeped further and further into liberalism and a majority of their student base are “religious” yet very influenced by liberal progressiveness. Obviously if the chief of security, John Ojeisekhoba, and Associate Dean of Students, Matthew Hooper, both reacted without common sense on such an issue that should be obvious to Christians it shows their is a deeper problem at Biola than is on the surface. Sure, Dr. Corey apologized but the fact it even came to that is a reflection on the spirituality prevalent on Biola’s campus.

        Biola claims to be conservative Christian and some people have labeled them fundamentalists but they are far from that. They have statements of faith or stances on issues, yet the behavior of the general student population and some teachers beliefs do not reflect that. They even have a secret, but not really a secret, non-sanctioned and not approved by the administration, homosexual activist club on campus full of openly gay and bisexual students and alumni. The condemnation of them was never seen except that Dr. Corey admitted that Biola does not agree that homosexuality is correct, yet everyone should be willing to have an ongoing conversation on the matter of Christianity and homosexuality.  He seems to be encouraged even though Biola officially recognizes homosexuality as a sin and says gay students should have counseling and will not expel homosexual students. But as a Christian who reads the Bible I have to ask, “What is there to openly converse about when the Bible is clear about homosexuality! Cut the sin off right away!” Yet this is a very politically correct thing for Biola to do. Do not condemn what is popular or accepted wildly in order to avoid conflicts and the loss of potential students.

        Biola also recognizes abortion as a sin and claims to have a pro-life stance. It seems in name only though. Stuff like this shows that Biola is going further into apostasy as the world caves in around them. They just follow trends. Whether they want to admit it or not, abortion is an issue not void from Christian campuses. Sexual sin is everywhere including Biola and it is obvious. When I went to Biola there were always rumors of sex parties, tons of student binge drinking off campus and then coming back to their dorms wasted, drug users who smoke pot and even snort cocaine, as well as openly gay students. I had a dorm mate who openly told me he lost his virginity on campus and also had a female friend at the time that even had a member of the opposite sex spend the night in her all female dorm. I do believe that such sins are more prevalent on a secular campus, but such sins also happen on Christian campuses everywhere. Biola seems to have enough of that problem and this can be seen on Biola Confessions (a Facebook page). This is the environment parents will be sending their children into when enrolling them.

        The reality of a pro-life message should not be shunned from the campus. And a university that espouses “hipster Christianity” and being “edgy” which claims the abortion activist’s pictures were too graphic and offensive and trouble-making shows they have a liberal agenda. Biola realizes the homosexual issue is very touchy and they could get into big trouble so they have been influenced and been persuaded to be very tolerant. This pleases the world and keeps them looking better than a typical “fundamental Christian school.” Pro-life activism has been mocked by the media and labeled as people who hate women and are not understanding so protesting or enlightening people to the brutal reality of abortion as baby murder is not going to be popular with the masses so Biola has to shut it down fast and look progressive it seems. But when there is a reaction by a large amount of Christians who might not want to send their kids to their university they have to issue such apology letters really fast when it is convenient. If there was no reaction about the issue I honestly believe Biola would not have done the right thing. It is even a shame they had a Director and Professor of the Biola Nursing Department such as Dr. Susan Elliott, who wrote a letter to all nursing faculty barring them from writing a letter of employment reference for Diana Jiminez, to begin with. Where is Biola’s discernment on who they hire? At least she retired now.

        Biola University has been slowly changing for decades towards the left so expect them to get even worse during the years to come. Not only politically are they becoming more liberal with their student body but theologically as well. I am just glad I survived.

3 thoughts on “Biola University Threatens Pro-Life Student On Campus

  1. Wow…. she was brave. The picture she displayed was powerful. First thing i thought is it should be on a T-shirt. The image was amazing as to the reality of life where so many say there is none.

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