Reformed Calvinist Gospel Presentation

Reformed Calvinist Gospel Presentation

        I was very impressed with this gospel presentation. Steve Lawson explained the gospel very matter of factually at the Strange Fire Conference last month, and it was personal. So often in Reformed churches the pastor seems to be almost too careful not to make it sound personal because they think that somehow if they speak in a personal and persuasive manner it would get in the way of God’s choice for election and becomes emotional manipulation.  But I say that is nonsense. This could not be further from the truth. We are God’s instruments to present salvation to sinners. Calvinists should still present the Gospel in a personal way that burns at the heart of individuals. Emotions are not the enemy if the message is clear and correct. The way Steve Lawson presents the gospel does not get in the way of God’s election and does not emotionally manipulate; yet it is personal and still impacts the heart. More Reformed churches need to tie the Gospel into their sermons. Watch below:

2 thoughts on “Reformed Calvinist Gospel Presentation

  1. Amen! We are Reformed but we are also evangelical — we’re not hyper-Calvinists nor “clery-only” evangelists — and part of being evangelical is emphasizing the immanent (in operation, not being) and personal nature of God. God is passionate in saving sinners — so should we be in telling them!

    • I love the phrase, “clergy only evangelists!” I will use that! My mom’s pastor seems to be like that and my sister’s PCA church is like that.

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