God Bless The Philippines And Filipino People

God Bless The Philippines And Filipino People


I want to shout out to the Philippines and all Filipino people. I did not feel like I needed to instantly blog about the hurricane that hit (Haiyan, AKA Yolanda) but waited until the news was clearer. I do want to say that I have personally been praying for the Philippines to recover and for Filipino people to be drawn to God’s sovereignty and total control of all things in the world. I hope more missionaries and evangelists will reap a strong harvest of Filipino Christians. I have love for the Philippines and Filipino people in general and I was able to take a trip there in 2009. I appreciate the culture and met a lot of great Christians who live in poverty but are very faithful to God. My goal was to be a missionary there, but God has people wait or makes us be patient before everything can happen.

I may not have a lot of money or anything to send but I do pray and I do hope many people who do have money will send aid through food, water, and repairs as well as help Christian churches help their own people. I believe this is a wake up call for all people in general not to get caught up in every day life and be carefree and unconcerned, and assume you have forever to live to do whatever you want. Take time to focus on the important things in life: spiritual realities through God and striving hard for God’s honor and glory. There are people suffering. So do what you can through prayer and support.


3 thoughts on “God Bless The Philippines And Filipino People

  1. wow, nice i came over the site through the sleeping giant review, i am a christian listening to sleeping giant and i am from the philippines,. Good to know you came to visit the Phils. Thank you for your prayers for our country,. God Bless

    • Ok cool thanks man. Keep your faith real and understand sleeping giant does not really promote a biblical christianity but one influenced by the occult.

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