False Teachers Are Like A Hawk Hiding In A Tree Among Loud Birds

False Teachers Are Like A Hawk Hiding In A Tree Among Loud Birds

        The other day I was walking through the woods on a path and noticed a lot of loud birds. It is winter right now and there are hardly any leaves on the trees here in Alabama, and most of the time you do not see many birds in groups or doing much as when the trees are green. But this day I heard a small gathering of birds chirping like crazy and it reminded me of the zoo when you walk through the aviary and see all of the exotic birds that fly close to you and stand on branches near you. Many of them chirp and make all kinds of noise.

So, as I watched the birds it was nice to see them and I wondered why they were being so loud and all so close in one area together. It was more than one type of bird as well mixed together. I walked a little further along the path and was looking up at the trees. Then suddenly my eyes met a large and very dark figure sitting still on a tree branch waiting. It was a hawk who’s color matched the color of the tree it was sitting on and it sat still in the shadowy section of the woods looking fierce and ready to kill. As it saw me it waited a moment and then took off and flew away to another area far away as it feared me. The smaller birds who were loudly chirping calmed down.

Like the hawk, false teachers and false prophets are similar. Hawks are birds just as false teachers are church members. Yet hawks are not the same as the other birds since they are predatory and eat other birds as well as squirrels and mice, and even small cats around here. Similarly, false teachers are not the same as other church members who truly love God because they hunt for weak people in the church to lie to and ensnare.

For hawk’s the most alarming thing to the other birds is that they eat the non-predatory birds if they can catch them. The hawk waits in the forest much like false teachers wait in church classrooms or in the pews to spread their poison and trap people to kill with evil doctrines and ideas contrary to God’s Word. The hawk likewise waits to trap a bird a lone in the woods making the bird think it is safe by hiding in the shadows masked by its camouflage and suddenly it swoops down with its claws and carries the bird away to devour. False teachers and false prophets are looking for Christians to trap, or people weak in their faith to be enslaved to sins and false teaching that leads to hell. They are controlled by Satan’s army and just as the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion waiting to devour victims the false teachers and prophets imitate his example.

Similarly, like how the birds all gathered and chirped loud (which was a serious and very alarmed warning sounding through the trees to all animals present or near by) to make known the predator, Christians should behave the same way. If we see a false prophet or teacher near we need to alarm everyone and make it loud and known that they are evil and should be shunned and forced out to fly away far from the real Christian church members. If we do not alert the flock of their doctrinal poison then they will stick around to swoop down on people and carry them away in their claws of false teaching and carry them away from the flock. It is the Christian’s duty to call out and expose, name names, and pay attention to suspicious behavior and teachings in order to keep people safe from evil teachers and false prophets that hide in the forest to kill all it sees as easy pray. Likewise, we should teach other Christians to be safe as well as wise and confident in the true Gospel and true doctrines of Scripture so they can also warn others.

Many of the churches today do not care or are unconcerned with exposing heresy and evil people within church. This is why American Christianity is in such a bad state and why many false missionaries have spread doctrinal poison around the globe such as the prosperity gospel and false healers who just want money; as well as immoral scandalous “preachers” who manipulate and control.

I suggest that anyone who has read this blog post to go read 2 Peter 2. Chirp loudly and warn the rest of the Christians in the forest of God’s Church.

3 thoughts on “False Teachers Are Like A Hawk Hiding In A Tree Among Loud Birds

  1. It is very important that Christians realize that evil can look so wonderful that people are convinced that it cannot possibly be wrong . For example , a UPC pastor told his congregation that he did not care if someone accepted Jesus in their heart if they did not speak in tongues . That same pastor spoke in my former UPC congregation many years ago and seemed like such a nice man . I heard alot of messages preached when I was in the UPC and they all sounded like they were based upon Scripture but that was because I did not really understand the truth of alot of Scripture .

    • That’s why we have to study it and be around others who study it and watch out for each other. Lots of cult people can look nice but they are teaching evil and when you expose them they will hate you.

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