All I Do Is Sin

All I Do Is Sin

Addictive sin, habitual sin, and sin you struggle with. Is there a difference between the 3 or are they simply just a triune wretchedness? Are they 1 in the same yet distinct? 1 John 3 is terrifying. How often can you come and go to God? So the Father’s hand holds me, He chose me and told His Son to die for me. Then His Son’s shepherding hands hold me as well. What keeps me sealed with the Holy Spirit? Christ alone. How do I know He holds me? Is it my deeper desire for purity and holiness to follow God and desire to please Him, which is buried deeply by flesh that craves wicked desires…? Because what is on top is more noticeable than an inner desire.

4 thoughts on “All I Do Is Sin

  1. Message of the cross, aka the gospel . Check out or jimmy swaggart ministry guarantee u that if u take heed to the truth of what they teach ( biblical truth) u will experience what the bible really says . Whom the Son sets free is free indeed – jesus. Don’t shut ur mind off because they are Pentecostal listen to what they preach about victory. The answer has been there in front of ur eyes the whole time. Trust me, from one child of God who was bound to one who now lives like a child that is truly free!

    • No those teachers are false prophets and lead people to hell. It has nothing to do with Pentecostal. It has to do with them preaching absolute heresy and the fact they are greedy charlatans who just want money from gullible people. Salvation is not determined by the self or your own words, but by God alone.

      Just because I wrote about sin and struggling does not mean I don’t have the power of God to overcome it and get back on track. Every Christian deals with sin and guilt and shame and returning back by God’s strong hand that guides us.

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