You Left Me Alone When I Needed You

You Left Me Alone When I Needed You

        Constantly, I put trust in people only to be let down. I try again and have hope the next will be right. It never works out. I am always left completely alone and isolated. I put my trust in people and trying to make friends or have a girlfriend one day. I beg God for help but He says “remain alone.” You left me alone when I needed you most old friend, so long, as you go your way and I go mine I see the reality in what you really are about.

I am thankful I bought “Strengthen My Spirit” which is a small book of edited sermons by Charles Spurgeon. Page 8 has a small section called “The Redemption of God” where he states:

“Vain are all our lookings around to companions and relatives; they are broken reeds if we lean upon them— often unwilling when able and unable when they are willing.”

This is a fact. I cannot rely on human companionship for the redemption and sanctification and true comfort that Christ Jesus will give me.  I will always be abandoned by them because many people are fickle and superficial and fake. This past year and this current month have been a test and also a reminder that such people are going to fail me and don’t really care about my struggles, and they will leave me empty and alone just as I was before I met them. Even worse off than I was before I met them. Life is funny that way but it is a test of God to give me endurance in my faith. I need to actively seek God and be his true faithful servant and allow Him to be my companion and lover of my soul as I will not have satisfaction in anyone else. I am alone with God and He wants it this way and I have to embrace it even though I do not know how long I will be in my situation. And I have to learn to forgive the ones who leave me alone and cause pain and abandon me along this life.

1 Peter 1:6-7

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