I Desire Nothing In This World Because Nothing In This World Pleases Me

I Desire Nothing In This World Because Nothing In This World Pleases Me

        More and more each day I realize how nothing in this world truly gives me lasting pleasure. Nothing in this world pleases me. I desire nothing in this world because there is nothing offered here that can give me comfort and meaning. I thank God every day that He has chosen to interact with His creation in order to develop everlasting personal relationships with those He loves. I thank God, that He loves me and cares about me! Without Him there is no purpose or meaning. If God simply created existence and left it alone then we could never discover Him or know His purpose for us. But God is a caring and loving God that shows Himself through all things that exist; He is a relational God and interacts with his creation. God shows Himself through general revelation in creation; that there is a design and order that leads one to understand He exists, and there is also His divine revelation through His Word that He spoke through man and had written down in the Bible. There is also prophetic fulfilments that have occured throughout history spoken about in the Bible that are still being fulfilled today. Jesus Christ was the ultimate revelation of God as He was God in the flesh who came down and died for the sins of the elect in order to keep an everlasting relationship with His creation.

        Knowing all of this I have come to understand that there is nothing on earth that means much of anything in itself. Sadly most people do not realize this. The things most people on earth hold important are worthless to me:

money, cell phones, laptops, ipods, ipads, iphones, itunes, ieverything etc., cars, sex, movies, alcohol, shopping, malls, amusement parks, resort vacations, celebrities and gossip, video games, cruises, parties, bars, clubbing, music, concerts, art shows, and more.

I find it so pathetic that everyone seems to have a strong desire to be entertained 24/7. Humans have an increasingly short attention span more and more each year. People just want more and more stimulation and experiences. They are never satisfied. People work at jobs and live for the weekend parties and dance club sessions. Nothing keeps a person satisfied for long. This can be seen in how most people act in their romantic/sexual relationships. People have sex as much as they can and when they get bored they move on. It is pure selfishness that people even date most of the time. It is about “Me! Me! Me!” It is about: “My pleasure! My fullfilment, my satisfaction! And when I get bored I move on!” Love is not even realistic anymore. Sex has become the avenue where people try to find love and intimacy. People are trying to find these good things through sex, instead of having sex be the expression of such things in a marriage. One problem is people don’t understand love to begin with, and never had it first before sex, so their relationships never last. You can see the high divorce rate in the world right now to prove this.

        I have found that relationships in this world are a pointless struggle in many circumstances as people just don’t care and hardly anyone is true. Living for social interactions is futile. We should be living for God and He is the only true relationship a person can have. He is the only person who can actually know you and understand you. Living to please others and to get things from other people is just a form of social idolatry. Living for pleasure is making entertainment and fun an idol as well.

        All of these things point to a temporary fulfillment that ends when a person dies. What a futile goal it is to just experience things. People are rejecting God and His plan for their lives in order to gain their own experiences and sensations. Sensations are all people have and when they die there are no more sensations to experience. Anything they built up for themselves like money, property, or other things are left behind for some unknown person to grasp whether it be an heir or the government taking its share. All of their memories and stories are gone from history as no one remembers or cares what they did eventually. They might remember for awhile though as the memories of famous people throughout history are reduced to text books and mutliple choice quizes that college students soon forget. Maybe someone might remember a name, but in reality this memory has no meaning. Eventually this too will be forgotten. All of this is worthless and has no point. People are living for the most empty reasons imaginable. They completely miss the point of life and never learn to understand that God is the sole reason to exist and live and do things. God makes it all purposeful as His memory is eternal, and the things a person does in His name will never be forgotten.

        The Eternal exists outside of life on earth as our spirits are immortal. Humans should be living properly in order to have the most pleasure imaginable that never ends: God and Heaven. Heaven exists and when a Christian dies they go to be in the physical presence of God in the eternal realm. All love that exists comes from God and in Heaven a person will be surrounded by that love and it will never end! All searches for intimacy and experiences will be fulfilled in a never ending wonder through God. Stimulation will be pleasureable as we worship God in His presence for Eternity with a true purpose. Everyone will have a job to do in serving God and it will be amazing! This end point on earth when we die is what we should be striving for and waiting patiently for. Life is not about traveling around the world to experience all of the world’s wonders. Most people do not even have that privilege as money does not always come so easy to most people. But whether you are rich or poor you can be assured you will face God after you die. Foolish people who trust in their wealth and status will be ashamed.

        Psalm 49:6-13 talks about this in detail:

“They trust in their wealth and boast of their abundant riches. Yet these cannot redeem a person or pay his ransom to God — since the price of redeeming him is too costly, one should forever stop trying — so that he may live forever and not see the Pit.
For one can see that wise men die; the foolish and the senseless also pass away. Then they leave their wealth to others. Their graves are their eternal homes, their homes from generation to generation, though they have named estates after themselves. But despite his assets, man will not last; he is like the animals that perish.
This is the way of those who are arrogant, and of their followers, who approve of their words.”

No one can save themselves from God’s wrath and judgment, and most certainly not a man’s riches or accomplishments could ever save him either in this life. Only God can save a person as it says in verse 15, “But God will redeem my life from the power of Sheol, for He will take me.” The Psalmist is expressing that God is the one who saves. When a man dies “he will take nothing at all; his wealth will not follow him down (Psalm 49:17). A human might receive praises from himself as he accomplishes his goals as well as praises from other people (Psalm 49:18), but if He has no understanding of God then “he is just like the animals that perish” (Psalm 49:20).

        Psalm 39:6 says, “Certainly, man walks about like a mere shadow. Indeed, they frantically rush around in vein gathering posessions without knowing who will get them.” 
        It is sad to me that I see so many humans being this foolish. This is why I have learned to understand that this life is temporary and all of the things on it are futile to care about. I only want God. I feel depressed and hopeless sometimes, and life is full of suffering, but I put my hope in God (Psalm 38:15). I just want to go to Heaven now and end up with God. I feel like David when he said “Lord reveal to me the number of my days. Let me know how transitory I am” (Psalm 39:4). I echo the Psalmist when he said, “As a dear longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God. I thirst for God, the living God. When can I come and appear before God?” (Psalm 42:1-2).

        Honestly if I died right now I would be happy to be with Jesus and not have to suffer anymore, but God has His purpose with me right now. I do not care to seek pleasure in anything on earth. I just want to follow God. Not even a woman could satisfy my cravings for intamacy and fellowship when God is all that matters to me. If God blesses me with a loving wife then so be it, but my real desire is God. But then it says in Ecclesiastes 9:9 to,

Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of your fleeting life, which has been given to you under the sun, all your fleeting days. For that is your portion in life and in your struggle under the sun.

Every good thing is a gift from God that is given as a temporary fulfillment to show God’s everlasting glory as a prequal to what is to come in Heaven. When good things point to God then I can find satisfaction in them. Hopefully I will be blessed with a loving wife, and our relationship will point to God. Unfortunately, most of the things that people find pleasure from do not point to God and His glory. Even the good things God gives as a gift people forget and ignore that it should point them toward God. It is going to be a sad day for such people when they stand before God on judgment day.

        I guess all I am trying to say in this post is that I wish more people understood the purpose of life and creation; that we should worship God. I wish more people only cared to bring God glory and fight hard for the truth. I wish more people would stop being lazy or silly as they focus on meaningless things. Why can’t more people understand these realities and fight hard and suffer well for the glory of Jesus Christ? Life is not about pleasure now; or as Joel Osteen the heretical, charletan, televangelist says: “Your best life now!” We should live on this sinful earth only to die to be purified in Christ and live Eternally with God without anymore sin in our glorified bodies. A place where pain ends and no longer exists. If more church people understood the greatness of God’s love and what He actually did for them I think churches would be stronger and more passionate, more missionaries would exist, as well as more people to fund them. I feel sorrow every day thinking of the state of society. I am not pleased with the world, yet I am pleased with the gift of suffering and persecution I recieve on a daily basis for following Jesus.  Life’s hardships do not bother me as much as it did in my past when I had no true understanding of God. I was left in deep depression and lonliness and hopelessness. I was in despair, but God brought me out and opened my eyes and all of this pain is worth it to see Jesus Christ glorified for who He is: God! I long for the Antichrist to hurry up and take over so I can see God’s amazing work to redeem the earth through fire and devastation. I would find it an honor to have my head chopped off for God.

Let’s watch the skies for Christ’s return! Maranatha!