Filipino American Pastor Accepts Homosexuality As Correct Because His Son Is Gay

Filipino American Pastor Accepts Homosexuality As Correct Because His Son Is Gay

        Filipino American pastor, Danny Cortez of The New Heart Community Church of La Mirada, California has recently made a statement that he accepts homosexuality as perfectly okay and not sinful because his son recently came out as being gay. His church is a Southern Baptist (SBC member) church. Once he found out his son was gay he had to then change his previous stance that homosexuality is sinful in order to make his life more comfortable.

New Heart church is 1 mile away from the evangelical Biola University and several Biola students would attend there. Most of their church body consists of FilAm and other Asian Americans but also has various ethnic groups. While I attended Biola I even visited that church because one of my Filipina American friends brought me. She did her internship with them. When I visited I realized this church promoted emergent spirituality or contemplative spirituality. They promoted meditation and centering prayer and spiritual formation. The sermon I attended was given by Matthew Hooper who is the Associate Dean of Students at Biola. His sermon was not really even a sermon but him simply reading as many verses as he could find that seem to talk about praying or meditating alone. All he did was scripture twist and try to say those verse mean we should do contemplative mystical prayer. Biola University heavily promotes this idea and has their own Spiritual Formation department. Since this church was involved in such activities it is no wonder to me they are so liberal (while claiming to be conservative, which is bogus) and would thus became apostate and accept sin as moral. It is only a matter of time in my opinion before Biola University itself embraces homosexuality. After all they are actually doing dialogue with a group of previous homosexual Biola students who keep current homosexual students secret and want to change Biola’s stance on homosexuality who call themselves the Biola Queer Underground. I am wondering if Matthew Hooper, who in 2013 rejected and had kicked out a former Biola student who was protesting abortion, will quit New Heart Church or keep attending showing that he is also gay affirming, thus Biola allowing gay affirming people to work and teach at their “conservative, evangelical Christian university.”

New Heart Community Church also previously tried to start a ministry called “My refuge House” in the Philippines to help women involved in prostitution, or sex trafficking which turned out to be a sham and failure on their part due to their seriously lack of discernment. Basically, they set up shop owned by an actual brothel owner who pretended to be a Christian so he could get money from their rent while at the same time promoting and actively participating in running his brothel. Their ministry plan also had absolutely no intention to convert these women to Christianity and give them the Gospel. It was simply charity work to give them a place to stay for a bit. I know this because I was there when their church member gave the Filipino club a presentation and openly admitted this to us when i asked further questions. They realized they were not supposed to be so open about the situation after they already told me everything.

With this type of attitude about the gospel it is no wonder the pastor’s son is gay and the pastor is so weak he cannot uphold biblical faith and will thus become apostate in order to please his son and make life easier for him and also keep his job by condemning whom he calls “traditionalists” in his church who then left. You don’t have to openly condemn people to condemn them, you can do it by attitude and guilt tripping and that is basically what it seems he did by his letter and how he claimed “traditional” people left his church because of his new change in doctrine.

More and more so called “conservative” churches are becoming apostate and embracing perversity and false doctrines. It is the sign of the times when people are put in leadership positions because of popularity and a desire to appeal to the world so they do not have to feel outcast from everyone that all these churches are becoming apostate. They start with liberal ideas, then embrace mysticism and contemplative spirituality (spiritual formation) then embrace sin and even promote it as fine. Why is homosexuality more acceptable than a straight man who views porn or has sex all the time to random girls? Or will porn addiction also be called okay too? How far is it going to go in the church? According to the Bible pretty far before the end. The 7 churches in Revelation are mentioned with various issues and the ones doing wrong will be punished severely. This pastor is a leader and going to lead people astray and he will face more sever judgment because of his apostasy as James 3:1 states.

More and more men in church is becoming gay, it is a trend it seems. This is most likely because of the popular effeminate church culture that has been created within the last 2 decades and its overemphasis on feelings and emotions. Church is not popular for typical men because of they way they present everything is touchy feely and weak. Everything from the metrosexual style of dress, the weak and effeminate music, and the postmodern art culture invading the church and thriving on “christian” university and college campuses which transfers into individual churches within leadership. The church has become effeminate. Lots of people will now say, “Church is gay. I don’t wanna go.”

2 thoughts on “Filipino American Pastor Accepts Homosexuality As Correct Because His Son Is Gay

    • How exactly does that support the notion that humanity being gay or asexual is good, especially considering that the man was alone and couldn’t sleep with another man? And how exactly does one go about being asexual?

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