Heal An Entire Hospital Or Shut Up

Heal An Entire Hospital Or Shut Up

        The charismatics constantly complain at critics who are skeptical about their claims especially about miraculous healing. There has not been one healing verified with factual evidence. It is always subjective and you can never objectively prove anything. All of the healings you hear about are always something anyone can lie about. A bad headache, some back pains, some internal thing you cannot observe. Also, no one ever heals amputees or any serious deformities. When they claim they did no one can prove it because you were not there. There is no documentation. Also, the claims of raising people from the dead are ridiculous and never proven. I challenge the charismatics to go to a hospital and heal the entire hospital with their healing powers and their faith. Prove it once and for all God has the miraculous gifts continuing. Most charismatics who are upset with my articles promoting a biblical outlook on the miraculous gifts which is a cessationist view make claims they saw a healing or know someone who knew someone who saw a healing. They then claim I am divisive and judgmental. Well I base my judgments off what the Bible teaches. Prove your powers or that continuationism is true. Go heal an entire hospital or shut up. You won’t because you can’t. Where is your faith? I thought faith like a mustard seed can move mountains…oh wait you took that verse out of context.

4 thoughts on “Heal An Entire Hospital Or Shut Up

    • So heal an entire hospital than. Also pick up a poisonous snake and let it bite you and prove you are a Christian by not dying.

      • Mathew 4:7, we can’t just demand that God do as we please when we want, Paul wrote about a thorn in his side, he asked God to remove it three times and he did not, so if i lay hands on a sick person and its Gods will for them to pass away then so be it all i can do is rejoice knowing Jesus worked in me to comfort them, i cant heal an entire hospital either because what if that person doesn’t want it? or im not allowed into certain rooms, but is it possible to heal a multitude of people in the name of Jesus? yes it is, i have no need to pick up a snake i already know that God exists and have no need to test him he will not be mocked

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