Atheists’ Anger All Seem To Come From The Same Complex

Atheists’ Anger All Seem To Come From The Same Complex

        It seems that much of all atheists’ anger comes from the same complex. The “God does not exist so I hate him for it. Oh wait, God does exist but he does not exist the way I want him to exist!” complex. They hate God for “not existing” and then when evidence that points towards God existence, and His truth says contrary, they get even more upset because God does not exist the way they want him to exist. They elevate their own desires above God, and their own lowly opinions and feelings of what he should be or do for them, above God’s perfect standards of truth and morality. So they then have to pretend God does not exist, and delude themselves, in order to feel good and ignore the guilt of sin. Much of it of course has to do with wanting to commit sinful acts such as sexual immorality and other things, but a lot honestly comes from the fact life is hard. Pain happens. People put you down. The ego gets in the way of accepting objective truth. They have been hurt and there is no way anyone can tell them God is real otherwise he would have given them things, made people like them, and given them all the nice pleasures they want in life. Since life is painful and tough, and some people have hurt their feelings before, they will then yell at a non-existent god for it. This is their delusion and illogical nature. The Bible hurts their feelings because it tells them that they are wrong and need God to save them. It effects their ego that God does not exist in their own image.

6 thoughts on “Atheists’ Anger All Seem To Come From The Same Complex

  1. No atheist is mad at any gods. We do get angry with their followers. In speaking as a former christian of 21 years, now atheist for about 2, yes I was angry. Not at god any more than at Santa Claus. But angry that I felt I had been lied to. Angry that so many around me continued to believe in demonstrably false premises. A lot of the anger is a direct result of things like this that people say and write, oblivious to reality, oblivious to an atheist’s motivations or reasons for feeling like they do. Then there’s the audacity to claim moral superiority from a book that espouses the marginalization of women and the promotion of slavery and genocide. Not to mention unicorns, talking snakes, donkeys, and a god character with the temper of a narcissistic 3 year old.

    Any atheist with half a brain doesn’t make the assertion that “god doesn’t exist”. We do make the statement “I don’t believe you”. Rejection of a claim is not to assert its inverse.

    I will say these last 2 things:

    1.) You claim there is evidence of god. Present it. The standard should fit the magnitude of the claim itself, as is only fair. You claim this is “objectively true”. I claim you don’t understand what that concept means, or how evidence works for that matter.

    2.) I don’t think you know the difference between *YOUR* god does not exist (something that is self contradictory cannot exist by logical sense) and *NO* gods exist. Christianity does not have the monopoly on deistic claims, nor has it been the first or last. You already reject 10,000 gods, are you angry at any of them? The difference here is atheists reject 10,001.

    • OoooOOOooooo! 10,001! That was so awesome how ou said 10,000 + 1 that was so siiick dude!


      It is apparent atheists attack Christianity more than any other faith on the planet and their main target is Christianity. Dont pretend its not. Also, do you speak for all atheists? Last I checked atheism does not have a specific doctrine, unless you are a Dawkin’s or Hitchen’s cult follower, then of course it does have a doctrine.

      “Then there’s the audacity to claim moral superiority from a book that espouses the marginalization of women and the promotion of slavery and genocide. Not to mention unicorns, talking snakes, donkeys, and a god character with the temper of a narcissistic 3 year old.”

      Yes we do have moral superiority because we have God’s law. We understand that without God or an authority over the universe there could be no moral law. Atheists have absolutely no reason to follow morals and cannot provide a reason why morality exists.

      Promotion of slavery has nothing to do with slavery in the 19th century. Look into this. Slavery was voluntary and more like an occupation that paid pretty well. Almost all religions or ethnic groups at some point believed in slavery which was far worse than anything in the bible.
      And you are wrong about the Bible marginalizing women when Jesus Christ spent much time listening to women and showing God’s love to them. And no the bible does not promote genocide as something Christians should do like the Muslim faith. The only genocide was directed towrds pagan nations who were under God’s direct judgment and reached the breaking point of God’s patience after many chances to turn from their wickedness. Since God is the absolute standard of righteousness and what is good, He has every right to condemn whatever nations he wants and put them to death. Do you feel the current Islamic State should be allowed to exist or should they be executed and taken out? With no God or moral absolute moral standard existing in the universe it seems the Islamic State has every right to kill and behead people and rape girls. Who is to say its wrong? Your personal opinion?

      And the claim about unicorns is absolutely ignorant. The old english bible’s at one point used the word unicorn to describe 1 horned animals. Look this up as well. Do some research. Look up the 1 horned rhinoceros . It exists. The king james bible was never claiming the mythical unicorn of pop culture exists.

      Watch this video

      Does God exist? Yes or no? If you say no then you are basically sayinmg “God does not exist.” Its the same thing! All you are doing is playing semantics.

      It seems that the atheist feels his calling in life is to constantly claim Christianity is false and God does not exist. You really have no other thing that gives you meaning besides whatever likes and hobbies you have.

      My blog is not about evidence for God but I do provide some throughout my wwritings and if you want to find it just start reading.

      No I am not angry at false gods that do not exist and I do not at all spend my time thinking about how they do not exist very much at all. But atheists on the other hand….yep…Grrrr that Christian God does not exist! Im so mad! I hate how Christians believe in God grrrr! thats basically atheist attitudes most often.

      It seems the whole “I dont believe you” thing makes you more of an agnostic or “I cannot prove that God does not exist and I cannot know he does not exist I just do not want to follow that God.” same idea.

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