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         White Dragon has lived in different states of the U.S.A. such as Oregon, Kentucky, California, and Alabama. He holds a B.A. degree in Intercultural Studies and a TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Biola University ’09. He was a member of Maharlika (the Filipino club) at Biola from 2006-2009 and founder and president of the late Biola Fight Club (Mixed Martial Arts club) from 2007-2009. He has a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo as registered internationally by the Kukkiwon in Korea, and experience training in other Martial Arts, and is also a Martial Arts Instructor teaching Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Combative Self Defense.

“I am White Dragon. I don’t care about this world and nothing in it pleases me. I am dead to the world and alive in Christ. I hate my own life (Luke 14:26) because I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I hate this world and do not love the things in it (1 John 2:15-17).”

His main interest is God as he is a Christian and holds to biblical theology. Other interests include: Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Eskrima, Yaw Yan, Mixed Martial Arts), different cultures with an emphasis on Asian culture; especially Filipino culture, and hardcore/punk/metal music, as well as playing hardcore punk guitar. whitedragonawa was also able to visit the Philippines for 6 weeks in the summer of 2009 doing short term missionary work and spent time all over Metro Manila as well as Bacolod and Boracay. He lives his life to serve God and evangelize lost souls. Correct theology is very important to him as it is the basis for truly, and correctly knowing God Who is the entire point of existence. “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). Without Jesus Christ we are all lost and dead in our sins. whitedragonawa was once lost and dead in sin and still struggles with the man of flesh that he once was. But he knows grace comes through Christ Jesus and he is renewed each day and sanctified. He is forever thankful to God that saved a miserable, undeserving, wretch such as himself in order to give him eternal life in the presence of Almighty God.

52 thoughts on “About White Dragon

  1. Hey man, I wonder if you remember me. I’m Michael Lichens, we did Tae Kwon Do together and shared a lot of experiences in and out of the Garage music scene. I got a note from a friend that showed that Denote the Apex had a site up and it made me wonder how you’re doing because I’m old but still love grind core! Hope all is well, and I am really glad to see you’re still a Christian. Take care, God bless, hit me back once in a while.

  2. HI! Glad to know that you are interested in Filipino culture…. I hope you don’t mind, do you have Filipino blood of some sort? And what’s your real name? Thanks and hope to hear from you…. =)

  3. Hi 🙂 i stumbled across ur you tube channel and then somehow came across ur various videos about filos and eventually ur nice blog on religion. Its really interesting to read about ur insights and just wondering what u think of cathoic faith and what concepts u agree or diagree with? by the way the wordless book i really a great idea for kiddies 🙂

  4. Hello 🙂 I find your curiosity on Filipino culture quite interesting. I would like to recommend that you visit “The Brown Raise Movement” site (just search for it in google). It will definitely help you in learning more about Filipinos. Have fun reading and Godspeed always!

  5. Hi.. I saw some of your videos. You’re really great. Thanks for appreciating our culture. Drop by on my site if you have time. There isn’t really much to see but I have there some pinoy poems you might like. The words there are quite deep and if you want to understand what they really mean or what’s the sense of it, I’ll be happy to explain. God bless kapatid! ^_^

    • Go ahead and subscribe if it lets you. I dont know how it works. I dont write much lately. Maybe I will sometimes but I have no motivation haha. I make more videos than blog posts so keep enjoying them. Thanks for the compliments and ill check out your blog.

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  7. Hello I’ll try to understand just for me to get my interest on this I think I need a lot of time to get on this but thank you apart from learning bible I could do this one but don’t know how to start thank you what is your real name just one question if someone who got my email add is there any chance that they could see my wordpress thank you

  8. It was very good thank you for telling all what you’ve experience to my country Filipino people are very hospitality when it comes to those foreign people…your site very interesting thank you

    • Why thank you that means a lot to me! I hope you will keep checking my site out and telling your friends about it. Keep in touch also check out my youtube channel! See ya!

  9. Hi. My name is Su-mi. I am CEF korea full time worker.
    I saw your video at Utube.
    So nice to see your video.
    I can not English very well but I want to say hello to you.

    Nice to meet you in our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless you.

    Bye bye.

    • Hello Su Mi! That is great. I never joined CEF but my mom and grandma were a part of it for many years in the USA and I attended some of the small club groups for kids as a child. I learned the wordless book technique and its useful and I am not sure im doing it right but I do it. Thanks for checking out my blog and youtube. have a nice day! Keep doing the Lords work for Korea!

  10. Hi there Dragonawa. Just found your videos, I even posted some of those in my facebook account just wanted to show my fellow pinoys. Never thought you’ve been here in Bacolod. Btw, thanks for being simply a good fella to pinoys. I was just wondering why Bansang Pilipinas? [I know we have a rich heritage but knowing you don’t even have a single drop of pinoy blood in you… fascinates some of us.]

    Mabuhay ka Kaibigan!

    – Lykus

    • Thanks!

      What is the explanation? I don’t know. I just made a lot of Fil Am friends and figured I would go to the real country to see what it is all about. God put it on my heart.

      But I do take interest in other cultures as well but mostly I know about Filipino stuff.

  11. Well, I guess you’re right. It’s something like it just goes naturally from the heart. We all appreciate it really.

    Btw, I laughed at the video where you asked BAKIT we do criticize our parents if they have this weird filipino accent when they speak english hehehe thats very true. Not only english also tagalog [for most parents who were not born tagalog]. May be it’s because they have this old style filipino accent and they don’t bother to adjust. [personal opinion from my personal experience.]

    It’s normal in all of us to correct but I know it’s not that good to do it against them. That one is a reminder. Salamat…

  12. Whitedragonawa- came across your Philippines blog months ago now & have been meaning to follow through with responding accordingly ever since that time. Would really, really love to talk to you not only about this experience, but about your apparent Christian conviction as well, as I find few identifiably Christian to the degree you present yourself -and have to admit I’m driven personally as a result, if I may be so honest-

    Have met a virtual friend FROM the Philippines here on Facebook in the past year; hence a key motivator here (I am trying my absolute best to find a suitable church home for him)-

    Please feel free to message me here on Facebook & I will gladly pass along my contact info as necessary (I wouldn’t be going out on a limb like this to request contact but that the gentleman in focus above needs immediate discipleship, so I have done what I reasonably can till now to try to find just any GROUNDED, doctrinally-sound ministry he can interact with, through which he can fully commit himself to the Lord in the process through baptism, etc.)…

    Thank you,
    Tom from Tulsa-

    • Sorry I dont use facebook. You should look at my youtube channel.

      I also do not know of specific churches he could go to.

  13. Hi dragonawa! I go here on your blog through the video that you posted on youtube regarding us filipinos making fun of the accent of others. You were asking, Bakit?

    The answer to your question is simple. Some of us Filipinos have colonial mentality so when exposed to other cultures, some of our “IDIOT BROTHERS AND SISTERS” automatically adapt themselves to that culture or environment thinking that it is superior.

    We have a saying here which goes “Nakatikim lang ng kutson, parang di na nasubukang matulog sa papag” (After sleeping on a mattress, some act as if they have not tried sleeping on a wooded bed without any mattresses). Some of us tend to forget where we came from and act superior towards our fellow filipinos one we feel that we have advanced in our social status. If you ask me though, I’d say that those who do are simply idiots!!!

    This is a big problem because it greatly affect the culture and tradition of the different places here in our country. Cultures and Traditions of the different ethnicities are being forgotten and replaced with cultures from other countries. It’s really a shame and I’m sure if some of my fellow Filipinos see this, some would probably disagree with me. We’ll, it hurts but it is the truth!!!

    If you noticed, if foreigners (ex. Claire Danes, Alec Baldwin etc…) makes a joke about us Filipinos, some of us are quick to react as if the joke was meant to label our race as inferior but come on! it was just a joke or a side comment made by an individual! Attacking that individual will not do anything for us as Filipinos! If those who are quick to react to those kinds of things want something that has worth for us as a people, as Filipinos, why don’t we start by preserving our heritage? How about practicing our own cultures and traditions? Attacking foreigners and individuals who make the mistake of making remarks about us is barely a display of true nationalism if you ask me.

    This brings me to one more thing that I noticed about some of us Filipinos. If you watch videos of Charice or Manny Paquiao on youtube, you would probably see comments like “WOW! MANNY PAQUIAO IS SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!! CHARICE IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! I’M PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO! Damn! I don’t have any problems with those people being proud to be Filipinos because I myself am. HELL, I’LL GLADLY GO TO WAR FOR MY COUNTRY IF IT CAME TO A POINT THAT CHINA WOULD ATTACK US HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! Of course, provided that they don’t drop several of their nukes on us first, obliterating all of us to hell! Nyikes!!!! The issue that I have with those kinds of comments on youtube is the fact that there are saying that they are proud to be Filipinos because of Manny Paquiao, or Charice. It seems more like riding someone’s coattail to me rather than being proud of one’s race. Please, can’t we just be proud as Filipinos because we are Filipinos? It’s as simple as that!!!

    I may have wen’t a little off track here by discussing youtube comments but I really would like to mention that because it all relates to the kind of mentality that some of us have. Sorry about that.

    If you look really closely though, it is us Filipinos that bring down each other. I have tried working in a call center and oftentimes, I see some fellow Filipino agents make fun of the accents of some of the other agents. Isn’t that discrimination? See, those Filipinos who act superior towards their fellow countrymen are the same ones who are quick to react, even to the point of becoming libelous towards foreigners who make a comment towards Filipinos.What then? So it’s ok for a Filipino to act superior or make remarks towards another Filipino but foreigners cant? If you ask me, I think those that do, have egos bigger than their heads and the only reason that they react that way is because IF A FOREIGNER MAKES COMMENTS TOWARDS FILIPINOS, THOSE ACTING AS IF THEY ARE NOT FILIPINOS FEEL THAT THEIR STATUS IS LOWERED. This kind of mentality is a bunch of BS!!! So what? We are all humans anyway, it doesn’t matter what your race is so those brothers and sisters of ours who feel as if they are Americans and not Filipinos are idiots!

    It’s a real shame that some of our fellow Filipinos who grew up there in the United States make fun of the accents of their elders like you mentioned in your youtube video. Most Americans can understand the way a Filipino speaks in english who grew up here in the Philippines and never been to the United States. Americans would not even mind the accent. But if a Filipino who has been to the United States, or was born there comes here to the Philippines and hears a Filipino speak in english, they would make snide remarks about it.

    Let me just note that his is not the case for all Filipino- Americans, or all Filipinos but for those who act this way especially those that you mentioned in your video, I have something to say to them. Hey, us Filipinos here in the Philippines can speak english and can be understood by the Americans. Some of us here have accent or speak “CARABAO ENGLISH” when speaking the english language but it’s ok because we are not Americans. Heck! The Americans can still understand us anyway! How about you? You’re a Filipino who can speak english with an American accent, but can you speak in Filipino? Can you write in Filipino? If not, then shame on you!!!

    Thank you whitedragonawa, and that was a good video that you posted in youtube. If you have any questions that you want to ask me, you can email me at mobygoodfella@gmail.com

    • WOW DUDE!!! Lots of pent up rage! haha! I pretty much agree with you and try in nice ways to let filipinos know how Americans think about such behavior. What is worse is when they speak negatively about their own race so Americans naturally assume its true and laugh at all the flipino jokes and accent mockings and assume Philippines actually is an uneducated backwards country. And somehow the filipinos in the USA grew out of it so the American will assume its good they left their culture. Also the girls who marry white guys who dont care about their culture or language and only like asian sex fetishes. very annoying stories from these people.

      Also if China did nuke you is it true you would all go to hell?

  14. hi ive watched most of your videos and im so happy to
    know that a white guy has so much intrest in our culture. im a catholic, but never practiced catholicism ,i go to christian church called”assembly if God”
    anyways i just love watchin your videos and ,
    i think ur cool,,:) lol

    • Well that is great I am glad you enjoyed my videos. Also I am glad you are not practicing Catholicism. Keep reading the bible yourself to understand the truth.

  15. Just saw your videos on Youtube! I think it’s really cool that, at least someone is interested in our culture. I hope you had a great time when you visited the Philippines back in 2009! 🙂

  16. Hi! Great blogs and videos! I love how you love our culture and the fact that you love Jesus! Keep those blogs coming and continue to be a blessing! By the way, I’m a christian filipina! Hahaha! 😉

  17. Hi,whitedragonawa. I came across your video, Depressed About Being Back…(posted in Oct. 15, 2010) which eventually led me to read some of the comments from viewers. You stated that your point in capturing that video was “community and friends,” which I seem to agree. I read the comments afterwards and that’s when I got stuck with Roland Tuason’s comments in which he talked about life/condition in Manila/Philippines and about the richest Chinese in the Philippines and their influence, politically, socially, etc. In short, I found his comments informative and insightful, reflective of his experience living there. On the other hand, having seen some of your videos and read a couple of your blog posts (because I became curious of your perspectives about Biblical theology, life, etc.), I can say that you’re adventurous and insightful, too. Adventurous, I say, because of your openness to learn and experience others’ culture, like the Philippines’. I admire/appreciate your Christian values and education, and your boldness to have tasted/eaten Filipino cuisine, snacks, etc. when you visited my birth-land in the summer of 2009. Man, you really had a wonderful time and one of a kind experience when you were there! Keep up the great work of being a good Christian and don’t be bothered by negative or unpleasant comments made by those who viewed some of your videos. You captured reality while in the Philippines. I applaud you for your efforts and your desire to help the Filipinos there, materially and spiritually, and physically, too, because of your martial arts skills. Btw, I didn’t even know about Biola University in CA if not from your video and blog posts. Anyway, keep up the good work and living a Christian life. Take care.

    • Thanks a lot. That was encouraging to read and I am glad I am making some kind of impact on someone. Yes I had a great time in the Philippines and all the videos I shot were for what you say. Yeah, beware of Biola and dont assume its a great choice for Christian kids to go to school. I would rather have people go to The Masters College. I will try my best through God to live the Christian life I should. Thank you.

  18. I’ve just read a couple of your blog posts, especially the ones in which you have essayed your roller-coaster life while trying to be a good Christian. Life, as I’ve experienced, is a series of constant
    battles and struggles. We try our best to live that idealistic life yet, along the way, we stumble and fall.But what matters, I believe, is that we try to rise up again because we know that God is always there to lift us up, comfort us, and encourage us to keep on doing what God wills us and that is to follow Jesus, our personal Redeemer and Savior. Having been exposed to some ideological theology, I learned one thing, though: Believing in Jesus and our God, I have to live in the present moment, doing something good to others the best I could, practicing simple acts of love for others,
    and believing that I could be saved and go to Heaven. God knows I am a sinner. He knows, too, that I try to repent and avoid sin again. In the eyes of God, I’m His prodigal son worthy of forgiveness and love. Just my thoughts to share with you. Anyway, I’d say, I like reading your blog posts, and learning from your perspectives about just everything about your Christian life. Keep up the good work and, yes, I enjoyed watching your videos. Do what you have to do for the glory of God and, as I’ve said, don’t be bothered or consumed by bad, unpleasant experiences, and the past, especially. Nothing we can do about it for it’s past, it’s gone. Live in the present moment with your unquestionable, true faith in God. God loves you and He knows you more than anyone else in this world. Haven’t you thought of becoming a pastor, someday? Have a wonderful weekend, White Dragon..

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