Filipina Punk Girl’s Anger Toward “White Privilege” And Anti-White Attitudes In The Philippines By The Privileged Filipino Class

Filipina Punk Girl’s Anger Toward “White Privilege” And Anti-White Attitudes In The Philippines By The Privileged Filipino Class


        Hardcore punk music and heavy metal is worldwide. That is cool. Any culture can enjoy fun music and make bands. But I find it very endearing, or cute sometimes when I see Asian punks trying to be super hardcore and tough and copying the western punk rock sub-culture which is absolutely foreign and not native to their culture. I support their desire to look punk and make crazy hardcore bands. Musical interest and fashion can transcend cultures. Some of the most interesting music of this genre comes from Asian bands. I find it highly entertaining and music can cross-cultures and allow people to make friends and relate to one another through it. The only problem is when a culture like the Philippines youth culture embraces punk rock politics from the USA and begins to actually believe them.

        There is a lot of problems in the Philippines that Filipino punks could get pissed off about and make songs about, but for some reason many of them get mad and make songs about issues that are not even in the Philippines or part of their experience, but instead something from the West. Then, they start embracing these beliefs and try to be activists about them. One issue is hating the USA and saying we are an evil nation, or screaming about White Privilege and White racists simply because they were influenced by the lyrics of a band in the USA screaming about issues in the USA, from a USA viewpoint. Some Filipinos are believing such nonsense. Yes, because there are tons of White people in the Philippines currently causing institutional racism and in no way is it a brown skinned Filipino’s fault. Yes, the Spanish owned them for 333 years, but let’s be honest, most of the current problems in their sovereign nation is caused by internal-corruption and cultural sin struggles.

        But, let’s ignore all of that and just take the default punk position and blame it all on the USA and complain about White dominant males, yet listen to bands full of angry White males and hope they tour the Philippines so we can cheer for them and get photos after the show to show off on Facebook, using our laptops and smart phones, living in our gated community, then go to the mall and buy an Exploited T-shirt at Mall of Asia, pick up the latest Terror album, then mail order for a lot of 1980’s oldschool hardcore bands and talk about the scene and being true hardcore kids while completely living unconcerned about millions of squatters and slum dwellers, gang warfare, extreme poverty and crime right outside our gates, and feel cushy in our air-conditioned houses with our house boys and maids. Do you see the irony? This is why I think punks in the Philippines are more often than not, just cute. They are trying to feel empowered through an avenue that is completely foreign to their culture and land.

        This attitude is much the same as Filipinos who embrace hip hop culture or any other music sub-culture, especially one that claims to be “socially conscious.” All of this attitude and belief comes from the West.

        The poor squatters fight a battle each day to survive and most have no concern to look punk, listen to hardcore music or worry about stupid ideologies from Henry Rollins. Most probably do not even know what punk is or care (all though some do and I have seen a few, but it is rare). I have been in those areas myself and saw how they live. It is very sad. The point of all this is that these Filipino punk kids, who have the money and ability to buy albums and go to shows, have no reason to be angry because they live in well off communities and have money, yet complain about issues that have nothing to do with their country. Once hardcore punk and heavy metal in the Philippines went beyond just enjoyment of music, partying, going to shows and having a good time it just got stupid. The same as it did in the USA decades ago. But like other Asian countries, the Philippines gets the news at least 10 or more years late and the trendy popularity of certain movements in the punk scene or certain bands that were popular long ago in the USA are just now getting popular there. Then these kids think they own it and are “true punks” and super important!

This is me being my grindcore band.

This is me being hardcore…in my grindcore band.

      Anyone who was involved in the punk scene in the past and had a brain grew up and got a job, and moved on from the worthlessness of the majority of punk rock belief systems. Most of punk ideology is not based on reality. For me I left nihilistic thought behind and my anger has been in control, I even could care less about Christian bands today. I gave away all of my music during college as well. I do enjoy the sound of this music, it is entertaining, but I am a conservative Christian and right wing. This is frowned upon by the flock mentality of “acceptable” punk attitude. In fact taking the stance I have is far more counter cultural than what you see in all of the “sheep” at your average hardcore show today. It has all become a joke and its own version of high school. Sure I will reminisce about past shows, old bands, the fun I had but that is it. I refuse to hate America, refuse to mock religion, refuse to believe all American soldiers who died in war died for for nothing and they deserved it because they were murderers, and I always refused to hate president Bush back in the day when it was cool to hate him. This is because I, like Johnny Ramone (who was an outspoken conservative republican) of the band the Ramones thought for myself. All I cared about anyway was skateboarding and enjoying going to hardcore shows and listening to extremely crazy and energetic music. It was fun, I had a good time, but I still had my own beliefs.


This is me being punk…in my grindcore band.

An Angry Filipina Punk Girl

        Recently I was insulted by a Filipina who was into punk rock and hardcore music. She is in a band and lives in Manila. I believe she described her band as very fast and she is the vocalist, and maybe some songs are under a minute long. She got very upset at my use of the term “Maharlika” on my YouTube channel and told me, “You have no right to use that term! You are not Filipino!”

        Before she got mad at me I have to tell you she emailed me about how impressed she was that I am a foreigner who is into punk rock and hardcore music and who also loves to learn about Filipino culture. She sent me the following message on YouTube:

I have a friend who posted one of your videos on my Facebook wall last week. She was making fun of me, but in a good way because you said something about “the girls were really fine, but they weren’t into hardcore punk dudes like me.” I was not supposed to send you a message, but I am just curious about what hardcore bands do you like and you’ve visited Philippines before. It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there who is interested to learn about our culture and who is into punk. Next time if you visit here and wants to go to a local punk show, just let me know because that’s what I’ve learned being into this scene, I mean, making friends.

She is referring to a silly statement in a video I made in passing about Filipino girls, whether or not I liked them. Someone had asked me if I like them and I said “sure,” so in the video I was referencing that and the fact most Filipino girls, and Asian girls in general did not like me because I was not the typical nice boy, pop music, or rap music guy during college, but was into hardcore punk and tough guy type things and dressed that way. So obviously this girl is thinking “Oh cool a White guy who likes Filipino girls and is into punk. I am into punk and Filipina so he is so cool I want to talk to him!” Nothing about me being White, or liking Filipinas was a problem when she messaged me. It seemed to be what encouraged her. The fact that I, a foreigner, with sexy white skin, was into punk music like her and also into her culture, and also liked Filipino girls. Any issue with me being White and bad only came out after she was upset with me for asking her questions about why she likes hardcore music, what her beliefs are, and why she idolizes Bettie Page (in fact she even has the trendy, annoying bangs in her hair that Bettie Page had that almost every single tattooed scene chick wears, and is seen on her Facebook posing next to giant posters of the 1950’s early pornographic model). Apparently, asking questions and requesting that a person explain their stance further or reasons for liking punk, Bettie Page, or what Filipinos are angry about in the punk scene is bad. I simply asked these questions with a genuine interest to get to know her. Since her answers were really unsatisfying to me I asked more, explained my attitude about the hardcore scene and was furthering discussion. She could not handle it. She asked me to educate myself and told me she does not have to tell me anything. She responded,

it’s (sic) your responsibility to educate yourself because you’re white… it’s not our responsiblity (sic) to educate you and you should know that.

This response made absolutely no sense, since she originally emailed me praising me for my interest to learn about her culture. Asking questions is how one educates oneself! When she could not answer and would give ambiguous responses as well as portray a morally relative attitude that everything is okay and it’s up to people to do what they want, and it is wrong to claim someone is wrong (contradiction), she got really upset. I brought up the point that stealing is wrong, or is it okay to burn a Filipino flag? She had no answer. And since I am White I have to educate myself??? WHAT!!

        She even went on to claim she always wondered why “poc” are rude to white people. So now it is cool to use an acronym of “poc” for “people of color.” Oh how punk, it is such a general term everyone should know it! I simply asked, “What is poc?” When she answered it was people of color I replied with, “Oh so you mean non-white people?” She retorted,

The right term is people of color and not non-white. You can mention specific race rather than people of color, but never ever use non-white to describe us. You already have these ideas inside your head that became a barrier for you to reach out for those who have an opposing ideas to yours. You just sit there and wait for me to say something that you might use against me, that’s why I decided not to say anything because I consider my beliefs as sacred because it is a part of me.

Oh wow how deep! I never knew White was not a color. I am colorless! Her beliefs are so sacred and apart of her that she cannot express them or promote them as facts! We should really listen to her since she offers us nothing but ambiguity and relative morality! I mean who wants to know what is true anyway? In reality she is the one who cannot handle opposing views. I was handling her opposing views against me quite well. And yes sitting there and waiting for an actual answer was what I was doing. I never got one.

Copying Western Punk Issues And Idolizing Angry White Guys 

        I think it’s great she wanted to talk to me, but the only problem is she is brainwashed with ridiculous punk rock propaganda politics and unrealistic and false ideologies promoted by hardcore bands full of angry White guys from the USA and Europe. I really believe she is enamored by White people’s culture and White punk rock guys, but when they do not respond how she assumes they should (we should really think she is important) she goes into defensive attack mode. One of her favorite people on her Facebook page was Henry Rollins, one of the biggest, Hollywood, punk hypocrites and elitists (who makes an ass of himself, and apparently many people also think Rollins is a jackass) we have today who spouts of all kinds of anti-christian drivel and anti-capitalist ideas while at the same time embracing capitalism and being a millionaire selling books and doing spoken word tours, and doing acting in movies and TV, or hosting a VH1 special here and there. In the USA we deal with tons of idiots like that all the time who hate the USA, want to burn their own flag, and piss on anything conservative or Christian. This is especially true within hardcore and punk. It is part of the reason I don’t care about it anymore. Sure, I like listening to brutal, fast, and heavy music that is angry and it is entertaining, but I am too grown up and enlightened to base my entire worldview on punk rock song lyrics. No, seriously, I learned a lot, experienced a lot, grew up, and realized what is true. It has nothing to do with an “illusion of righteousness” which was another silly term she brought up about me.

If you think that the path you’re right now will make you a better person, or If you’re not into it anymore then it’s much better to move on rather than saying bad things about it. It reminds me of Illusion of righteousness that some of us frequently have and they think they’re much better than most people. Frequently this illusion of righteousness is usually supported by elements of religion. You may be blessed with this insight that you may not different from those people that you condemn because there is so much evil within you, but still you persist that you belong to this “better people”.

Her entire attitude is a contradiction. On one hand she is saying “believe what you want to and do anything, and you have your reasons so it is okay no matter what. I cannot tell you if you are right or wrong.” Then later she gets upset when someone expresses beliefs that contradict her and says they have an illusion of righteousness, but in reality she is the one with an illusion of righteousness herself. She also behaves like she thinks she is part of a “better people” who are not ignorant and jerks like me. She also stated at the beginning of our conversation that she is a Catholic Christian, and then goes on to say this illusion of righteousness is caused by religion. Basically, her attitude is “Believe what you want, I will not be so arrogant as to say I know I am right or someone is wrong, but if you disagree with me you are wrong and I am right and you are also racist.” See the contradiction? It is absolutely silly to believe this nonsense.

The Myth of White Privilege, Especially In The Philippines

        The term “White Privilege” was created by White Liberals in the USA who want to feel good about feeling bad about being White in order to impress people. It is a term that expresses the notion of institutional racism and that racism still exists and is historic (according to what she was saying). Yes, in times there has been institutional racism as well as a history of hate between groups all over the world. This is true in every country and goes beyond skin color even. In fact, most of the hate and genocide in the world was not even done by White people (contrary to popular liberal propaganda), but done by darker skinned people against other darker skinned people. Sure, many times White groups did harm other races and dominate them even killing them, but the Khmer Rouge, Rwanda Massacre, Japanese occupation of various Asian countries killing its people, the desire to ethnically cleanse all Karen tribe people in Burma by the dictatorial government, black on black crime in the USA etc. are just a few things that happened last century and happen today and things like these have happened since the dawn of history. You cannot blame White people for all these occurrences.

        There has been institutional racism in the USA. I currently live in a large city in the Southern United States that was historically known for extreme racism towards Black people. It has since died down extremely to where the current mayor is Black, as well as the last mayors (previously who unfortunately went to jail for corruption). There was a long fought civil rights battle that eventually destroyed this institutional racism and the United States has progressed so much past this due to heroes like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. To say we are still dragging through some institutional racism and historic racism today is delusional. Everyone wants to be a victim and sit around and have people feel sorry for them and give them free stuff. White people are not responsible for the killings, gangs, drugs, and absent fathers in certain minority communities. That is their own doing and they have had plenty of chances to fix their communities, but they believe the lies of liberals who want nothing but votes and power in the government. Race baiters who cry out about White Privilege or White racism simply are out to make a profit on minority communities. People like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson pocket millions off of this.

Only Filipinos Can Use The Word Maharlika You Racist White Guy!

        Later, the Filipina punk girl got very upset at my conservative Christian views and began to call me a racist, sexist, and all kinds of silly words the left uses to bash right wing conservatives, especially Christians who are White males like me. I was told I have White Privilege. She rants,

You asked me this question a while ago… so what are filipino kids in the punk scene angry about>? (sic)

I am angry with people like you! ABout MaHARLIKa… yes, it means royalty and you don’t have any right to use it because you’re not Filipino. Choosing what seems “cool” or convenient from our culture to make you feel cultured is the biggest insult to us…Making videos about poor kids here was not ok and that’s white privilege. You have this “white savior” complex and you want us to treat you like a hero because you documented something, and it really hurts your soul to see them like that. Awww. Well, I just want to say bravo! Everyone is already impressed with your selfishness and bravery, but it’s important to make sure your goodwill have the most lasting effects on social media.

So basically, I am not allowed to use any Filipino words, promote Filipino culture and my enjoyment about the country, and in no way can I be considered Maharlika because I am not Filipino. Is this not racism itself? Why can’t I? Does this apply to all countries? Do Filipinos who like France have no right to use French words or promote French culture if they visited there and like it? Or is it only one sided where White people, especially White Americans have no right to love other countries and cultures and use their language for things? Many Filipinos love the USA, does this mean they are racist and have no right?

The reason I use the term Maharlika is because I was a member of a Filipino culture club at my university called Maharlika. I was a very well respected member by the Filipino students and we were great friends. It was participating in that club that helped me have a desire to want to learn about the Philippines and travel there. How is this racist? Should we not try to connect cultures in the world, travel if we have the chance, experience people groups and make friends cross-culturally? Or should we stay in our separate ethnic groups and never promote each others countries? Also, if Maharlika is a Filipino word and I cannot use it, does this also mean this punk rock girl should not be allowed to use English words? In fact she used English terms for her nicknames online. I could say she has no right to use them because she is not American, but I don’t believe that. She has a double standard.

Oh man this is Maharlika club in 2009, I am so racist for wearing a Filipino flag stole that was given to me by members for graduation.

Oh man this is Maharlika club in 2009, I am so racist for wearing a Filipino flag stole that was given to me by members for graduation. We even had another White guy and a Black girl in the club.

The reason the club I was involved with was called Maharlika was because we are all Christians, and as Christians we are royalty in Christ. 1 Peter 2:9 says,

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His possession, so that you may proclaim the praises of the One who called you out of darkness
into His marvelous light.

This verse speaks of the unity of all ethnic groups under God who will be part of God’s kingdom. The Bible promotes racial unity under the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what Maharlika was about at my university, promoting a culture and also uniting people through it. I have t-shirts with “Maharlika” on it so according to this ignorant girl I need to stop wearing them because I am not Filipino. Newsflash, punk rock is not Filipino! Stop trying to be punk then! White people created punk! It was a very White-centric sub-cultural movement! It came from the struggles of White culture and angry White kids with issues completely different from the average minority community! Filipinos have every right to dress punk or like the music, and I encourage it if they want to, but they have to stop being hypocrites about it. And they actually are copying White western ideas because Punk was a White and Western thing.

We Don’t Need White Saviors Or White Money In The Philippines!

        Her accusation about me having a “White Savior complex” is absurd. I have been accused of this multiple times by other internet trolls as well as called racist or or claimed to be taking advantage of people. She uses sarcasm and mockery to say that I do not actually care about poverty stricken Filipinos and I went to the Philippines for selfish reasons and I am faking my concern for them. How is it White Privilege that I filmed very normal and common scenes in the Philippines? What, because I own a camera? Apparently this chick owns a camera or two herself. So how is that White Privilege? She could easily have filmed the same things, but she doesn’t. Does she care about her native poor people? Or is she too busy mail ordering old albums and releases of SS Dcontrol, Black Flag, Void, or Ill Repute albums? Maybe she is too busy rehearsing for the next show with her thrash band and doing vocals because she is her local scene queen and super cool with all the guys. Well if Filipinos are not going to show the reality of their country nor help poor people out very much then who will? Well I know of a certain kind of group who do: American Christian, Evangelicals who send aid, go on medical missions, send food, send missionaries and do more for the country than most of these high class Filipino punks. Many of the missionaries are also White (but not all as many FilAms go for support as well). Should the Philippines refuse such help simply because it is “White Privilege” to do such a thing? Well I guess I should not have gone to the Philippines and fed poor people, gave money, and traveled with local national Filipinos around Metro-Manila doing such missions in squatter communities and slum areas. I should have stayed home because of my evil White privilege. And the videos of me filming good missionary work by Filipino Americans and me, feeding hungry squatter children was all a load of crap right? I did it out of selfishness to impress people! I need to make a lasting impact on social media! Well, apparently White privilege feeds the children you ignore in your own country. Take it or leave it, but do us all a favor and shut up while we give food to your nation’s kids and send typhoon relief and work to stop sex trafficking.

Wow what a White Savior complex I had and racist photography I took during my trip! I had no right to take any of these photos during my trip because I am White! God forbid people show the reality of the Philippines. 

        I went over to the Philippines to document my trip and the work I was doing with a Filipino American church in California. Part of this was graduation requirements for my degree in Intercultural Studies. It was required I take real photographs and document my experiences for my internship so I could graduate college. I was doing this to let people know what goes on over in the Philippines and what problems people face there. I uploaded my vidoes to show my friends, but a lot of random YouTubers from the Philippines watched my videos and began to subscribe to my channel. I now have about 1,500 subscribers (not very much for YouTube but still good enough for me) and most are Filipinos. I did not ask for them to sub me or praise me. They just did. Over time people wanted to know more about me so I made extra videos to update people. This is called vlogging, it is fun, try it.

        I also gave out money once in awhile to poor people who were begging me. I used it as a way to share the gospel sometimes and other times just did it because, hey, it really is not too much for me to give when they live on the street. What should I ignore it because of my white privilege? I guess I should have taken the moral high ground and refused to give money and told them off because I am white. They should only accept money from rich Filipinos like this punk rock girl. I am sure she helps out a lot in order for these poor beggars not to be exposed by White Privilege! Pour out some of your Brown privilege on these people then! All though, some times beggars would harass me and stalk me until I gave them money as well. Who is the racist? Me for giving money, or them assuming the White guy is rich and owes them free pesos and he better well give it else?

        If you read this blog and have seen other articles dealing with the Philippines you will know I have nothing but love for the country and its people. During my experiences I have tried my best to help Filipino people who needed it, not because of a White Savior complex, but because they are humans who needed help. One instance is when a man was dying in a small roadside, hillside, squatter community and I wanted a local missionary to help him (who wouldn’t because he was a jerk, but then maybe he understood his White Privilege). I could not help him sadly, and the Filipino national pastor I was with was too poor as well. The man died 3 days later. I bet he was better off though. We wouldn’t want me to actually have to use this evil White Privilege on him to get him to a government hospital now would we? We had no way to transport.

        Also, without White money the Philippines economy would suffer even worse than it already does because of tourism. Many White tourists visit the Philippines and spend a lot of money. Another issue is so many Filipinos waiting in line to work outside of the Philippines in various countries of White people in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Many Filipinos are desperate to get to the USA and want the opportunity that this great country can give someone. If the USA sucks so bad why does everyone want to come here? We are one of the most tolerant countries in the entire world. Heck, we even let terrorists in to kill us sometimes…

Hey! It Is Racist That You Want To Marry Outside Of Your Race! White Guys Should Never Find Filipinas Attractive You Fetish Sexist Racist! Oh, But Bettie Page Fetishism Is Okay Though! 

        Another idiotic accusation she made was,

You’re Looking for FilipinA? (sic) You have an Asian Fetish specifically Filipina or Filipino women. I remembered you said that Filipina girls were fine and you wish to marry a Filipina girl someday. There is something wrong about the way you treat and view women. That is so Christian thing! You must be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Well, all girls are fine…You have no respect towards women that’s why you can’t get a date even online because your attitude stinks.

Oh wow, I am so sorry I find Filipinas attractive and am open to marrying outside of my race. That must make me a racist! She is referring to a video where I answered a question about whether or not I would date a Pinay. I said of course yes! Why not? Yes it would be great to marry one and have a cross-cultural marriage. In fact, I like many types of Asian women and not only Filipinas. I even think Hispanic girls are attractive. But unfortunately this is racist and sexist. Darn. I better only date White girls because obviously open mindedness to interracial relationships is very racist….if you are a WHITE GUY! Because we all know White guys are evil and sexist and want to date Asian women because of White Privilege. Well, what about the Asian women who want to date white guys? Are they racist too? I have even met Black men who prefer Asian women. I know one personally at my gym. Is he also racist? Or is it acceptable for anyone but White men to marry a Filipina? What about all of the extreme racism certain Asian families give Black men? I am sure this punk rock girl would find a way to blame White people for many Asian’s attitudes towards Blacks.

        Apparently, I cannot get a date even online (not true actually, been there done that) because I am an evil, racist White male and my attitude stinks. What was her intention of messaging a White male such as me, whom she knew right off the bat I would date and even liked Filipinas and already filmed all kinds of videos showing common scenes in Metro-Manila that include many poor people and street people as well as photos? Obviously, she most likely was interested in me and when I was not impressed with her “punk rockness” as it was typical like any scene chick I never cared about in the USA she then, and only then, starts accusing me and spitting venom. I find it really ironic she idolized Bettie Page (but it is typical with “hardcore scene chicks”) who was a 1950’s pin-up girl, lingerie model, and fetishist including bondage and domination. She was early pornography in the United States. This girl even cut her hair like Bettie Page with the bangs, poses in front of large posters of Bettie Page and thinks she was so cool and is basically worshiping a White woman, White standards for beauty, White fashion and trends, as well as fetish sexuality. How is this not sexist? Those photos and movies of Page were created solely to please men. The fact all of these “rock and roll” types and liberals embrace her as a symbol of feminism or female freedom is bogus. She was nothing but flesh icon. And I do not see how you can justify the female exploitation she participated in with bondage photos. She allowed herself to be exploited and it destroyed her in the end as she ended up with severe psycological problems even being committed. That is what the porn empire does to women. Objectification and rape culture. Bettie Page is no one a “Christian Catholic” as this punk rock Pinay claims to be should be celebrating. In fact, Bettie Page herself even left that life and became a born again Christian and worked for the Reverend Billy Graham late in her life. She even took Bible classes at the very university I graduated from during her life and wanted to go into missionary work in Africa. I just find it hilarious this punk girl accuses me of sexism and my view of women as bad because I would date a Filipina and think they are attractive.  Should I instead look for fetish women in weird costumes tied up that I could spank? Well I better make sure they are White women right? I don’t want to be racist!

White Privilege In The Philippines Means Getting Charged More For Everything

        I would also like to bring up the issue of my White Privilege in the Philippines to be charged more money than Filipinos when buying things at the market. Filipinos charge White people more money constantly simply because we are White. Here is a discussion about one personal experience by a White person in the Philippines being overcharged who is not even an American, but simply White. Is this an example of the White Privilege we have in the Philippines? Do we owe it to Filipinos to pay more and be scammed? This is not a rare thing that people with White skin suffer through in the Philippines. Also, get a clue! Not every White person in the Philippines is even an American! Stop calling them Joe! But you can call me Joe all you want since I am an American.

        The punk rock girl’s claim was that racism is only institutional and historic, and there is no such thing as reverse racism. She gave absolutely no explanation why either. In actuality, racism can start in someone for various reasons besides history. Racism can be learned from parents, but it can also often times be created in someone through personal experience. If one person who knows nothing about one ethnic group only has bad experiences from another ethnic group, that can cause him to be racist towards that group since all he knows is bad things from experience with that group. It had nothing to do with institutional racism. It was simply personal and how he experienced them. Racism can happen through jealousy about one group of people possibly being more wealthy, and it can also happen through ignorance about cultural differences. Point being that racism can come from various sources and attitudes. It is also true that ANY COLOR OF SKIN CAN BE RACIST! That means it is possible for Black people to hate White people. At the boxing gym I train at one of the fellow Black boxers I talk to explained to me about Black people who hate White people and how it is racism towards Whites. He has the correct attitude that racism comes from everywhere and there is no point blaming the past for an excuse for current hate. People need to get over it and move on and have peace. This is exactly why Ian Mackaye from the band Minor Threat wrote the sing “Guilty of Being White.” Minor Threat is one of this punk girl’s favorite bands too. Ironic. But yes Mackaye is a boring, indie, hipster, nerd, elitist. But his song is 100% right. Oh and he is no longer straight edge and drinks now.

I Am So Punk I Live In A Gated Community In Manila And I am So Angry About Social Causes!

        The actual prejudice and “race” issues in the Philippines are by Filipino people towards Whites, and most often, Filipino towards other Filipino people. Especially if you have darker skin or are poor. Filipinos are obsessed with American culture and fashion as well as our skin color. This White obsession comes from the days of Spanish occupation and but they have not gotten over it. Then in the late 1890’s the liberation from Spanish rule by the American Navy who freed them and set them up with infrustructure and eventually fought side-by-side with Filipinos against the vicious Japanese occupation during WW2. They now look at Americans instead of Spanish as what they want to be.

        Filipinos judge each other for being darker and call each other ugly. I witnessed it myself when kids were mocking a girl for being dark, and the girl herself even claimed she is ugly. She said, “Well I am ugly. I am black.” She was such a cute and beautiful little girl too even far more beautiful than the lighter skinned girls making fun of her. I told her that no, she is beautiful and God made her that way and she should not feel bad about herself. Filipinos treat people with darker skin with prejudice as a lower class. Most often rich Filipinos have lighter skin, some have more Spanish/European blood, and others just never get a sun tan, and many of them use skin whitening products. But these same lighter skinned Filipinos who embrace White attractiveness will bash on White people and pretend to be seriously unimpressed with White people. And they treat fellow darker skinned Filipinos like they are less important and only there to serve them as maids or drivers. Almost every well off Filipino house has dark skinned maids and drivers to do all of the work in the house. I am pretty sure this punk rock chick who was accusing me of being a racist lives in a gated community, has money,  and grew up with maids. Yet she accuses me, a White guy, for being racist. I have never had a maid, driver, house boy, or anything my entire life. I always had to do my own chores.

Psh, Obviously Only White People Are Racist. Duh! 

        Basically, to these people the only people who can be racist in the entire world is White people. Nobody else is racist. And we have a special privilege in society above everyone else in the entire world. This stupid idea is being promoted by Western liberal thought brought to the Islands of the Philippines through western media such as music or movies. Another big and obvious source of this ideology in Filipino youth are from non other than the privileged Filipino class who had the opportunity to study abroad in Western universities and became indoctrinated by Marxist professors. This makes the idea of White privilege a joke since the ones who have all the privilege in the Philippines are Filipinos themselves who have money, live in gated communities safe from all the poverty and squatters outside their gates, who have money to go to SM Shoe Mart, and Mall of Asia to buy punk rock band shirts and music CDs and go to shows. They also have the money to mail order music through the internet record label websites. They also had money to travel or had family members who had money to travel to bring back music. Even a Filipino anarchist punk website admits this by stating:

The Punk subculture came to the Philippine shore as a result of the Filipino diaspora. Its beginnings was attributed to rich teenage Filipinos from Europe and the United States returning to the Philippines as “Balikbayan” (meaning: “balik” is return, “bayan” is homeland) in the late 1970’s. They brought Punk rock music to the Philippines, which was later popularized by the DZRJ-810 AM “Rock of Manila” radio program.

Now since then, with technology, Filipinos who have privilege can buy smart phones and computers to blog about punk rock music, leftist Western influenced politics and other such things. Privileged Filipinos can now feel like important social activists in the safety of their malls, gated communities, and air conditioned houses with their maids and houseboys. These rich Filipinos who are envied and hated against by the average extremely poverty stricken Filipino living in shanty towns (squatters, slums, rural areas) who survive each day by pure determination and will can now feel like victims by blaming White people and colonialism. How convenient!


These types of Filipino punks have been brainwashed by White punk bands who promote liberal politics and anti-White, self-pity social activism. These Filipino punks may think they are being unique, but are 10-20 years late on punk rock, and somehow fighting colonialism but in reality they have not escaped it. They have merely stayed within cultural imperialism by allowing popular sub-cultures from the West shape their thinking. Nothing they are doing is unique to Filipino culture but an outside influence from the West. Only the liberal side. They remain influenced by non-Filipino media through punk rock music and bands that tour the Philippines from North America and Europe. They listen to many White bands who consist of “angry white males.” They get upset at people like me who made videos, took pictures of common things in the Philippines like street people, squatter communities etc., and the fact I create awareness of issues. They call me racist with a “White Savior complex.” The idea that somehow I am impressing my White culture and dominance on them by pretending I feel sorry or somehow I am the great White hope to the Philippines and liking Asian women makes me a racist sexist and fetish pervert (yet this same punk rock girl worships the fetish, flesh, icon Betty Page, hypocrisy much?). This is false and is steeped in racism against White foreigners. The hate is coming from their end, not mine. Punks in the Philippines need to make sure they have a reality check and get back to just enjoying crazy fast music and hanging out. If they want to get pissed off about something look within their own government corruption, racism, crime, prejudice against poor classes of people and darker skinned Filipinos, their pornography habits and exploitation in sex tourism including Filipino children, and other such evils from their own culture. Stop copying White issues from Western punk rock and make it your own by getting angry about REAL things that actually are true. And stop allowing annoying scene chicks to be in bands who accuse White Americans falsely. After all, many of these White boys are more punk rock then you.


10 thoughts on “Filipina Punk Girl’s Anger Toward “White Privilege” And Anti-White Attitudes In The Philippines By The Privileged Filipino Class

  1. That amazes me that those arrogant fools would say something like that. If it wasn’t for the USA and their troops under General McArthur they would be speaking Japanese as their first language and be slaves to the Japanese right now. I think of the white Americans that died liberating them from the Japanese. Or how about the POWs the Japanese tortured to death for defending a country that wasn’t even their own? All I’ll say to those kind of people is spend less time watching liberal propaganda and more time reading history and watch more of the History Channel.

    • Just be assured though that most Filipinos love the USA and understand history and are not elitist, libtards. This article is striclty only about filipino kids like this girl who like punk music. Not all filipino punks are this way but some are.

      • Oh yes I wasn’t meaning all of them but those punk people you were talking about. Your right most of them do love the USA but those ones that say those things get me kinda fired up. Because I’m also a combat veteran I did a year in Afghanistan so I know what war is. So when I here people talking bad about the military or disrespecting veterans or people of another country disrespecting the USA when we liberated then from an enemy I get really fired up.

        • Ya it always pissed me off too when people would complain about soldiers and say America is raping and killin Iraqis etc. Just stupid. not every punk or hardcore kid believes that but most seem to. The new trend though is, WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS BUT NOT THE WAR! You cannot support the troops without supporting their cause. Makes no sense. Its just a way to get around looking like asses for not supporting the military.

  2. Love the fact you call your blog “White Dragon”.

    Sorry bub. I’m a privledged white male in the US and I find your writing style and attitude arrogantly prickish. It’s just a tiny bit of god damn respect for other cultures.

    • Originally the blog was about my internet persona but since changed to Ehud’s 18 Inch Daggar. This blog is not for angry atheists who hate Christianity. I give a ton of respect for other cultures but you ignore that and only focus on religion. Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!

    • Amazing how white people and males with white liberal guilt expect white americans to respect other cultures, but people like the angry filipina punk girl do not at all have to respect white culture or america. Get a clue.

  3. 1 – I’m not an athiest. I’m an “in the closet Christian” after dealing with a series of horrible incidents in the most conservative of conservative Christians circles I was raised in.

    2 – I’m not a liberal. I’m somewhere between conservative and libertarian.

    3 – What kills me is how gracious & wise some of her quotes to you were.

    “If you think that the path you’re right now will make you a better person, or If you’re not into it anymore then it’s much better to move on rather than saying bad things about it. It reminds me of Illusion of righteousness that some of us frequently have and they think they’re much better than most people. Frequently this illusion of righteousness is usually supported by elements of religion. You may be blessed with this insight that you may not different from those people that you condemn because there is so much evil within you, but still you persist that you belong to this “better people”.

    I suppose at least you crushed her fantasy of white males from the west. So there is something redeemable about it.

  4. Good to read your article on Filipino girl. It is a good news for those people who are interested to get date with Filipino girls. Publish this type article in future.

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