History Channel’s Revelation: End Of Days Blasphemy

History Channel’s Revelation: End Of Days Blasphemy

        Last night I watched the History Channel’s “Revelation: End of Days” event. It was absolutely stupid. Not only was it stupidly filmed in the style of “footage found” (a la Blair Witch Project, and even mentions “This is like the Blair Witch Project!” on the second part), but ever event mentioned in Revelation had every ounce of supernaturalism taken out of it, except for the prophecy idea telling of the future itself. Everything was spiritualized and given a natural explanation. Asteroids being scientifically explained, tornadoes and sand storms instead of the sun turning off its light, chemicals from the asteroid instead of literal water turned to blood, locusts literally and not demonic beings with stingers. It was a joke. Everything I watch on the History Channel about the Bible is always taken away from any ounce of supernaturalism. It is always how it could not have been what the Bible says, but was really a natural and scientifically explained occurrence. Anyone who gets their Bible understanding from a TV show like the trash the History Channel keeps putting out is going to remain biblically ignorant.

Rusty water from the faucet caused by an asteroid instead of literal blood

        The show had nothing to do with God’s salvation from sin for individuals or anything about repenting and putting faith in God. It was basically put in the context of God giving humans a second chance after allowing some natural occurrences to go big and extreme. The Antichrist was also the USA president and Babylon was literally New Orleans. The final battle was basically protesters fighting cops or rioting, and Christ’s return was simply shiny clouds and clear weather and all of the chaos stopped as well as the Antichrist dying with his body found. No angels, no demonic beings, no fire and hail storms, no eagle flying, no Jews being preserved, and it was given an American focus and the major earthquake was set in New Orleans. It made no sense! The camerawork was also shaky to where it bothered my eyes because they were trying to do the stupid “footage found” genre of movie on their show. Christians were also made to be extremist freedom fighters much like the Muslims are but in this case actually good guys and not so bad. But yet, kind of bad because they killed people for no reason.

        It was basically a blasphemous show and typical of the liberal bias History Channel has against Christianity. I suppose some claiming to be evangelicals would like the show or think it is great and somehow “God can use it,” but I don’t see that happening. It seems to only serve the purpose of taking the supernatural elements out of the Bible and making everything explainable which will take away from faith in God and the truth of God’s supernatural powers. There are angels, demons, and miracles God performed and more. People want to scientifically explain things and talk about how it could not be supernatural. They instead want some sciencey explanation. This is not to say science foes not work with the bible or vice versa, but some things in the Bible literally are supernatural miracles and unexplainable. I suppose many Presbyterian, Covenant theologians might enjoy the fact that “Revelation: End of Days” spiritualized everything and did not at all for one instance take the Bible literally. It also made no reference to the rapture that I can remember so that would also make them happy.

        Whenever Scripture was quoted it stopped just short of something supernatural and did not explain the full context of a verse or sometimes left the rest of the passage out. It was absolutely lame. The show was blasphemous by promoting a false gospel and portraying Christians in the same way as Islamic Extremists. What a joke!

2 thoughts on “History Channel’s Revelation: End Of Days Blasphemy

  1. Wow! Why am I not surprised???? This kind of thing is commonplace now.

    Thank you for your in-depth review of this movie or documentary. I was trying to see how I could find a way to view it, and came across your site via my Google search. I’m now very happy I didn’t find a link because I am tired of watered down, or exaggerated, blown out of proportion, twisted exaggerations, and just plain old out and out lies when it comes to anything related to the Bible. I’m a TRUTH seeker and I do not like fiction when it comes to the Word of God. From what you shared, I was blessed to have missed this production. Thank you for saving me from all that you went through because of the mishandling of the truth by these people. I don’t know why some people feel okay in fictionalizing the Word of God. Greed!

    • Hey man thanks for commenting. Yes don’t waste your time watching it. It will frustrate you and make you angry. Just annoying.

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