God Is A Necessary Variable For Natural Occurences

God Is A Necessary Variable For Natural Occurences

*This video simply asks a philosophical question of how an atheist can find worth, meaning, value, morals, purpose if all humanity is simply biological masses walking around and all knowledge, feelings, and emotions, desires, and morals are simply chemical processes in the brain that are simply reactions to stimuli and are pretty much no better than a plant. I bring up the question why we feel beauty and awe with nature if it is not a big deal it exists. The atheist cannot even answer calmly or intelligently as you can see by the extreme insults in the comments full of arrogant hatered toward Christianity.

        God is a necessary component for natural occurences. In fact, He is the ONLY component for them to even occur. They occur solely because God caused, and still causes them to happen. Atheists always argue about science somehow proving that there is no God when it does nothing of the sort. It only leaves more questions, and more, and more questions until the atheist gets a headache and admits he has absolutely no clue how the universe began. The only true explanation is that God created it all and sustains it Himself.

        I know I will get a TON of flack from angry, arrogant, atheists on the comments section who will say all kinds of rediculous logical fallacies including ignorant insults and more, but I don’t care. Atheism is baseless and their arguments only leave questions and and have definite answers. When they don’t know something they will appeal to the “we will probably discover it in 100 years and then we will understand” fallacy. It gets to the point where they start making things up as they go, and flat out lie to try and win an argument. Atheism is just a BIG CULT of science worshipping evolutionists. Darwin was their early prophet, now Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens [who has now died after the time this article was originally written] are their current prophets and their writings are pretty much their atheist bible. Atheists even argue like a typical cult member with irrational statements all the while claiming they are logical and rational. It is a complete joke.

        There is absolutely NO explanation for the origin of the universe outside of God. The atheist will always deny this no matter how much sense a Christian tries to knock into them; and then  finally admit that they actually do not know how it all started and its a big question. This is after they already admitted that they “know” there is no God and nothing created everything. Therefore they have NO credability.