So Many Critics Against New Calvinism Keep Bashing Men Of God Who Are Not Even New Calvinist

So Many Critics Against New Calvinism Keep Bashing Men Of God Who Are Not Even New Calvinist

        I never knew something called New Calvinism was a thin until 4 or so years after I graduated from Biola University when I read a Biola Magazine article about 500 years of John Calvin. I am a Calvinist theologically, so I consider myself Reformed. I do not understand the need for a “new” Calvinism. What is it exactly? When i tried to get this question answered all I found was ambiguity.

        I have been warned by my parents and others about the Gospel Coalition and Tim Keller and i looked him up and understand why there is such a great alarm about this man and his false teaching. I am also alarmed that so many decent pastors and teachers who have always been so solid are so quick to jump onto this Gospel Coalition train. Two men who I cannot fathom why on earth they would team up with Tim Keller are Al Mohler, and Allister Begg.

        Even so, knowing this issue is going on when I try to research the New Calvinist teachings and also news about it I find various blogs bashing certain Christian teachers and leaders unfairly and falsely. A lot of people label John MacAthur has a New Calvinist. There is no evidence to suggest he is and he has not joined the Gospel Coalition. There were some blogs that bashed New Calvinism for very stupid reasons, such as, people saying you can listen to punk rock or rap music and still be reformed, and some people going off against dispensationalists as if they are all heretics. It makes no sense.  I find that when issues arise in the church various people who claim everyone is a heretic are the true heretics and self satisfied theologians who think they are the only people who interpret the Bible right and everyone else is wrong. That is why they bash both actual heretics as well as sound preachers. I find it so annoying. It is as if people realized New Calvinism is a thing so these types of haters use it to bash certain true men of God who 1. believe in a secondary issue that is not heresy 2. are not even New Calvinists or involved with the Gospel Coalition.

        I do believe New Calvinism is a serious threat to sound doctrine in the reformed camp and it is a way the devil is trying to corrupt the true, reformed faith and it definitely needs to be addressed and warned about. But Christians should be wary when researching it they do not end up on one of these lunatics blogs such as “” and “” because the authors of these blogs are lunatics and bashing everyone. They do bash true problems correctly using Scripture on some issues, but then they will go off and start bashing people for stupid reasons by misinterpreting quotes and also have an extreme bias for certain theology. Like 5ptsalt is extremely anti-dispensationalist to the point he calls them heretics.

        So all Christians who are concerned with New Calvinism, you have a real and true concern and I am with you. but make sure you get your facts and news from sources who are not coming fourth from lunacy. There are a lot of wack jobs who hate on everyone, even sound theologians.


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