Street Fighter: Church Edition Video Is Hilarious

Street Fighter: Church Edition Video Is Hilarious

        Check out this Street Fighter style video of typical heretical charismatic excess pastors. I find this hilarious.

It kind of goes to show you what unbelievers think of all of this behavior. The fact many think actual evangelical Christians all behave this way is pretty bad though and very annoying. But we can still have a sense of humor about it. All of these circus acts are such a joke and it is time people start calling these false supernatural occurrences out. If they are really supernatural it has to be demonic.

Individualism VS Collectivism, Which Culture Is Correct And Most Christian?

Individualism VS Collectivism, Which Culture Is Correct And Most Christian?

        The other day I got into a discussion with someone about the happiness in the Philippines compared to the happiness in the USA. More so it was about which country is more lonely and why. This discussion could be made pairing any countries together. In no way will this article be thorough on this topic either but just some personal observations.

        The USA and most western countries are more individualistic as a culture and countries like the Philippines and most eastern as well as African, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern cultures are more collectivistic. One could say that pretty much white people countries are individualistic and the rest of the world of non-whites are collectivistic. But this discounts the fact that many of the presumed “white countries” are also full of a variety of races and ethnicities who all hold similar values as the general whole of the country. For instance, the USA is individualistic and that means white people, black people, and anyone else who is western minded in typical American culture are also individualistic.

        A very simple explanation of individualism is that society allows each individual person to focus on themselves and develop their own worldview, beliefs, ideas, expressions and more. People can choose their future occupations and study whatever they want. Most often parents encourage their children to think for themselves and do their own thing and develop their own interests. Of course this does not mean everyone is doing 100% their own thing no matter what. There are laws that generally everyone agrees with and certain attitudes and customs and certain hard categories of what is right and wrong. But they also allow for many grey areas with lesser hard stances about issues. They have the right to freedom of speech even if it offends others and not everyone will agree with everyone else. So basically, individualistic societies allow individuals to be their own person and act on their own desires and reach their own goals. It does promote independence and a striving spirit to accomplish things and find what makes a person happy.

        Negative aspects of individualistic cultures is that sometimes a person can become selfish, greedy, lonely and other such things. Selfish because of a self focus and greed because a person can obtain as much as they have ability for their own pursuits and lonely because there is less focus on groups such as family. Many individualistic cultures do not have strong family ties as various members of the family are off doing their own things. These are of course extremes.

        Collectivistic cultures are group minded which means the collection of the whole society matters in how one makes choices and what occupation a person will become. Family matters over all and older family members such as fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts all influence and control what the younger individuals will become. There is a lesser sense of thinking for oneself and making their own choices. It is seen as selfish and improper. People usually just believe, act on, and become whatever their society tells them they have to become. There are reasons that in many cases Asians will become nurses and doctors since these occupations are scene as important and most often children’s parents tell them “that is what they will become.” One must respect the family and desires of more wiser and older people. There is more requests for knowledge from those who have gone before and much honor is given such people.

        Negative aspects of collectivistic vulture are that one cannot decide for yourself as much in a collectivistic culture. Less innovation and self expression are scene in these cultures. A lesser freedom. What makes one happy is how the others in their culture feel, even if their happiness is pretend on the outside. They must behave or be happy because the society tells them to be and one must save face. Failure to accomplish something that is expected brings much shame. These are also of course extremes.

        There is also cross-over from individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Not every culture can be identified exactly as what an anthropology textbook tells you about the difference between these two types of cultures. There is always minor crossovers as well as rebels in every culture who do their own thing, or become group oriented despite their societies indivualistic impressions.

        Now which one is evil and which one is good? Which one is better if any? Which one is more Christian and more godly? Should it be someone who is concerned for the rest of his culture and his family and friends? Should someone take responsibility and initiative to act on progressing their lives to success? I think both are great. There are negative aspects of both cultures and positives of both as well. There is a reason so much innovation and inventions and discoveries occurred in western cultures and less in others. Individualism pushes people to explore and accomplish. But there is many reasons why collectivistic people could be seen as more happy and fulfilled and family oriented. I think that the desire for one culture over the other is a matter of preference. I think God created many cultures and people groups and all have developed their own ideas and ways of life. All cultures have sinful aspects and most cultures have at least 1 good thing in them. I personally will take the best of both: the desire to be free and accomplish things for myself to become successful and take action and learn from my mistakes that individualism offers, and the support, family orientation, honor and community that collectivism offers. Mixing cultures is going to happen often now days since the earth is becoming globalized in our age. Learning to adapt and enjoy cultures is what one should do and to understand God created all people and conforming a culture to the Word of God (not the other way around) is how to understand how to live in a biblical culture.

No Human Can Fully Know You Inside

No Human Can Fully Know You Inside

        As a teenager suffering from depression or loneliness back in the day I used to contemplate how no one knows me and how it is actually impossible for anyone to know me. I also knew it was impossible for me to truly know someone else or other people to know each other. That is to say “everything inside of them and who they are, their entire inner-being.” Of course we can believe what people are by how they talk to us and by their outward actions, and we can assume their outward behavior is a result of what is inside of them; and hopefully that is true; yet we take such knowledge by faith. We base this faith in what people are by the evidence we see about that person and what they portray to us.

        A person can come off as good to us and a friend but still they could be lying and pretending, and something absolutely different is inside of them. Some of these types of ideas are why I personally believe many psychological disorders in people exist. Some of these disorders become outward actions of bizarre murder and even mass murders. Shooters, serial killers, spree killers and many other things. This is why many criminals exist.

        But to live life paranoid about people is ridiculous in my opinion and lowers your quality of life. We should be on guard of course and use common sense, which is basing our faith in what someone is on how they behave outwardly. We can catch people in various ways. Normal people with nothing to hide, who are honest, will behave the same way regardless of who is watching or who is around them. Other people will change how they act depending on who is around them, or if no one is around them, and if you stumble upon them alone or saw evidence of them being somewhere doing something else which makes no sense to how they were acting to you first then you know they are not who they say they are. This is how we catch liars and dishonest people and back stabbers. Sometimes people do one thing one way and openly change another way, and do not even care if you see them or not. This happens with open betrayal etc. With all of this it seems impossible to know someone if they are constantly contradicting their previous behavior.

        All people regardless of religion or no religion put their faith and trust in human beings all the time every day. From personal friends to the clerk at the grocery store. You believe they are going to act one way and do certain behaviors you expect before they even happen. A friend will be true to you, and a clerk will take money, count correct change and put your groceries in a bag. Now if you walked up to a grocery clerk and instead they ignored you or spit on you, then you would not expect that. But no one lives their lives paranoid that a grocery clerk is going to spit on them and think they better be on guard. That is absurd. Likewise, we can trust in our friends to be true and they can trust us. We can also know that God is who He says He is and what the Bible teaches, and when we die we will see God exactly as the Bible portrays Him and He will not be different. We can trust this because so much evidence supports this in what the Bible says. We base our beliefs on who God is from the Bible. But could this all be a lie? What evidence suggests God is lying in the Bible to you? This is called having faith. Faith is not blind as the atheists claim, faith is trusting what we do not see yet but it is not without a reason or evidence. Could a human being be lying to you every day and live an entire live pretending he is your friend and then in reality he was faking it? If that is possible you will never know. They will die with that secret. This is very unlikely and according to how people act, including yourself you know that would make no sense. What benefit did they have to be your fake friend and never openly admit they hated you? I am sure someone could try to rationalize a reason but more often than not (by an extreme amount!!) this is not going to be true. It is also why it is safe to put your faith in God and what His Word says.

        The only One who knows us fully inside and out is God because He is omniscient. He knows all things because He created all things. He has full and complete knowledge of the universe including the inside of every person in existence who ever existed in history and who ever will exist. So God knows inside of you. A human can only know your external behavior and trust what you say, but God truly knows you inside and understands your personal experience exactly how you live it and how you think. This is intimacy that no human being, not even a spouse, can have with you. The evidence from the Bible supports that God loves you, knows you inside perfectly and will give judgment accordingly to people. He knows your struggles and sins as well as the worthy things you do for His glory. He has forgiven you and paid the price to have you by dying on the cross. For the godless He knows their evil and will punish them. So either way we can rest assured God is the only perfect love and friend for you, and also the perfect judge to give retribution to those who have done evil, not only against you but the entire world. Vengeance is God’s because He has perfect knowledge for how and why and the intent of someone’s sin. You do not.

        For the godless they have nothing helping them. No possible way out of sin and depravity and are left only with their thoughts. They are alone in their minds, inside flesh which breeds self centerdness. All they experience is from within their own minds going outward and do not have the Holy Spirit’s power inside them to stop them, or change them, or give them light in their dark minds. This is absolutely horrible as anyone struggling with self destructive lifestyles such as drugs or sex addiction or anything else cannot change at all on their own, at least completely. This is why so many die as a result of their own hand (whether suicide or a result of their lifestyle). An outward force has to prevent their depravity. Sometimes a friend helps or the law comes in and puts people in jail away from their drugs etc. But ultimately a true heart change can only come from God. People left in their own minds with a self centered worldview, if they are left long enough only behave logically to their world view. If there is no God there is no law, and nothing matters since there is no evil or good. All they feel is hate and pain so lashing out to satisfy their rage makes sense. Seeking pleasure is all that would matter. No pleasure then no life. Rampage killers and spree killers are only behaving logically to their world view, and no one knows them inside. If they left writings behind explaining their actions it still cannot make total sense to others. All people are different and have different ideas of life. Some hate it and some are too busy loving it to notice God. Some people’s behavior is expected and others are unexpected. A person could be boiling over and people are not at all surprised he killed a lot of people, and others are left totally confused as to why such a polite and nice man killed so many people. There is no human cure for mental illness, in fact most mental illness that the media proclaims is actually simply a sinful life. The only cure is God. Much mental illness is actually demonic which feeds more lies into a sin tortured soul.

        The fact is no one can know you but God. God knows everyone including evil people, their insides and out. God acts on His children giving them love, peace, forgiveness, correction, and truth to fill a person with confidence and trust in God. To be changed and feel love and understand love to give love out to other people. The ones who are not God’s children are left in spiritual darkness which always breeds self destruction and pain to others. This is something to contemplate. If you are a Christian rest assured God knows you and knows your pain. You will be comforted and God will take vengeance in the last days for all evil. If you hate God and do not believe you are left alone, only to think in your own mind in total confusion to what existence is and why you exist, or if your reality is real or not, and you will be in frustration. You will hate, feel depressed and have no meaning or purpose. Pleasure does not last so you seek more pleasure until nothing pleases you. You will then see no reason to live and in many cases no reason for anyone else to exist. You will either take this worldview, of no god, to its logical conclusion or lie to yourself and pretend your life matters, and that somehow you are important and good. Both ways are self centered dungeons of thought. Only the Christian has the free mind that functions from an outside force that totally knows them, works in them, and is within them. God is that force.

Filipino American Pastor Accepts Homosexuality As Correct Because His Son Is Gay

Filipino American Pastor Accepts Homosexuality As Correct Because His Son Is Gay

        Filipino American pastor, Danny Cortez of The New Heart Community Church of La Mirada, California has recently made a statement that he accepts homosexuality as perfectly okay and not sinful because his son recently came out as being gay. His church is a Southern Baptist (SBC member) church. Once he found out his son was gay he had to then change his previous stance that homosexuality is sinful in order to make his life more comfortable.

New Heart church is 1 mile away from the evangelical Biola University and several Biola students would attend there. Most of their church body consists of FilAm and other Asian Americans but also has various ethnic groups. While I attended Biola I even visited that church because one of my Filipina American friends brought me. She did her internship with them. When I visited I realized this church promoted emergent spirituality or contemplative spirituality. They promoted meditation and centering prayer and spiritual formation. The sermon I attended was given by Matthew Hooper who is the Associate Dean of Students at Biola. His sermon was not really even a sermon but him simply reading as many verses as he could find that seem to talk about praying or meditating alone. All he did was scripture twist and try to say those verse mean we should do contemplative mystical prayer. Biola University heavily promotes this idea and has their own Spiritual Formation department. Since this church was involved in such activities it is no wonder to me they are so liberal (while claiming to be conservative, which is bogus) and would thus became apostate and accept sin as moral. It is only a matter of time in my opinion before Biola University itself embraces homosexuality. After all they are actually doing dialogue with a group of previous homosexual Biola students who keep current homosexual students secret and want to change Biola’s stance on homosexuality who call themselves the Biola Queer Underground. I am wondering if Matthew Hooper, who in 2013 rejected and had kicked out a former Biola student who was protesting abortion, will quit New Heart Church or keep attending showing that he is also gay affirming, thus Biola allowing gay affirming people to work and teach at their “conservative, evangelical Christian university.”

New Heart Community Church also previously tried to start a ministry called “My refuge House” in the Philippines to help women involved in prostitution, or sex trafficking which turned out to be a sham and failure on their part due to their seriously lack of discernment. Basically, they set up shop owned by an actual brothel owner who pretended to be a Christian so he could get money from their rent while at the same time promoting and actively participating in running his brothel. Their ministry plan also had absolutely no intention to convert these women to Christianity and give them the Gospel. It was simply charity work to give them a place to stay for a bit. I know this because I was there when their church member gave the Filipino club a presentation and openly admitted this to us when i asked further questions. They realized they were not supposed to be so open about the situation after they already told me everything.

With this type of attitude about the gospel it is no wonder the pastor’s son is gay and the pastor is so weak he cannot uphold biblical faith and will thus become apostate in order to please his son and make life easier for him and also keep his job by condemning whom he calls “traditionalists” in his church who then left. You don’t have to openly condemn people to condemn them, you can do it by attitude and guilt tripping and that is basically what it seems he did by his letter and how he claimed “traditional” people left his church because of his new change in doctrine.

More and more so called “conservative” churches are becoming apostate and embracing perversity and false doctrines. It is the sign of the times when people are put in leadership positions because of popularity and a desire to appeal to the world so they do not have to feel outcast from everyone that all these churches are becoming apostate. They start with liberal ideas, then embrace mysticism and contemplative spirituality (spiritual formation) then embrace sin and even promote it as fine. Why is homosexuality more acceptable than a straight man who views porn or has sex all the time to random girls? Or will porn addiction also be called okay too? How far is it going to go in the church? According to the Bible pretty far before the end. The 7 churches in Revelation are mentioned with various issues and the ones doing wrong will be punished severely. This pastor is a leader and going to lead people astray and he will face more sever judgment because of his apostasy as James 3:1 states.

More and more men in church is becoming gay, it is a trend it seems. This is most likely because of the popular effeminate church culture that has been created within the last 2 decades and its overemphasis on feelings and emotions. Church is not popular for typical men because of they way they present everything is touchy feely and weak. Everything from the metrosexual style of dress, the weak and effeminate music, and the postmodern art culture invading the church and thriving on “christian” university and college campuses which transfers into individual churches within leadership. The church has become effeminate. Lots of people will now say, “Church is gay. I don’t wanna go.”