Government Mandated Vaccines: What About My Body My Choice?

Government Mandated Vaccines: What About My Body My Choice?

        The hypocrisy of the Left is always apparent. I for one do agree that vaccines should be given to children. There was a scare propagated by the Left that vaccines contribute to autism in children. Many people were afraid to give their children vaccines because they heard it could make their child autistic. Even Barrack Obama was mentioning this in his addresses to the nation years ago. Today on Sunday (Feb. 8th, 2015) I was listening to talk radio as I do when I drive. It was the “Rush Limbaugh’s greatest moments of the week” broadcast. He talked about this issue and how the Left propagates scares with faulty science. He likened the scare to the false “war on women” they tried to pin on Mitt Romney when he was running. Today though the tables have turned and the left is now making up a new propaganda scare, completely turning it around to say that Republicans are against vaccines. This is bogus! This is exactly like the bogus “war on women” they made up.

        The fact is very few people are against vaccines in children. Some even promote government mandated vaccination. I am on the fence. I believe, like Global Warming, that the science behind the autism scare was faulty and proven false. Now the Left is agreeing that the autism scare they propagated is not accurate. Now they are pretending only “crazy conservatives” think that there is a link to autism and vaccines.  In fact very few would deny their children vaccines.

        I do think everyone should vaccinate their children because it is a matter of public health. I am also not a conspiracy theorist who thinks that vaccinations inject the 666 micro chip into people (because conspiracy theorists are a bunch of wack jobs who make rational Christians look bad to the general population, we are not all crazy!). On the other hand it is a fundamental, God given, American right to not be forced to put things into our bodies, or our children’s bodies. All though I do think any parent who denies their child vaccine is doing a disservice to their own child’s health as well as the general public’s health. I do think public schools should mandate vaccinations to protect other children. So if you deny vaccines then homeschool your children. I am sure many of the people who hold this view already do anyway.

        Limbaugh stated that diseases like measles and others that have vaccines provided were basically finished and not a threat. America got rid of them. He then brought up the real issue about open boarders. Where are the new diseases coming from? They are coming from the illegal aliens none other than the Left seems to embrace.

        The left is always adamant about American rights. Women have the right to abort their babies because they are not real humans and just globs of biological mass because,

“It’s my body! My choice!”

We should be allowed to do drugs because,

“It’s my body! My choice!”

We have the right to die and commit suicide because,

“It’s my body! My choice!”

We can eat whatever we want because,

“No you can’t. It may be your body but it is not your choice! Michelle Obama does not approve!”

We do not have to get vaccinations because,

“It’s NOT your body and NOT your choice. The government says so!”

Uh oh…

We do not have the right to eat any kinds of food we want or pack certain kinds of lunches for our children’s school lunch because it does not have a “perfect” nutritional value and we are “AT WAR WITH OBESITY!” And apparently, we do not have the right to not get vaccinations for ourselves and not our children. But apparently illegal aliens who spread throughout our country (am embraced by Obama’s America) do not have to get vaccinated. Who is spreading it? Certainly not the minority Americans who do not approve of vaccinations.

        The hypocrisy of the left!!!

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