My Conclusion About The Proverbs 31 Wife

My Conclusion About The Proverbs 31 Wife 

        After recently picking up my bible I was skimming through it and found what I wrote many years ago at the end of the book of Proverbs, the last book, chapter 31. It is about what a virtuous wife is like and what King Lemuel should look for. His mother gave him wise instruction. I am pretty sure that many Christian men like me who have dealt with the frustrations of desire, finding a wife, and wanting to start a family can relate. It seems that such a wife is rare to find and a treasure. So many secular women, falsely godly women, and immature women sometimes cause hopelessness in finding a marriage partner. A lot of pain and agony is caused on our minds from such women, and when they go away from us it is a blessing from God that He protected us from a bad life that would have resulted from marrying such a type of woman. It is hard to see because of pain and vital shots attacking our character and honor as men, as such women become scornful and lacking any kind of grace or understanding, but when we heal we can look back and thank God we are still single and still have a chance at obtaining the virtuous wife. This is what I wrote:

        “A true and good wife speaks to her husband’s heart with godly wisdom and loving instruction for her family. She is not only mentally strong, but also physically strong. Her godly nature surpasses her already beautiful body. She plans ahead and works hard with confidence. She fears God over all and lives to please Him. In this way she honors her husband and gives him a good name in society. Her husband has a strong character with her influence.

This is a queen that compliments her king.


*I must say that this post is obviously coming from a Christian male viewpoint. It does not at all discount similar situations from the Christian female viewpoint that has its own struggles and hardships in trying to find the proper husband for their life.