The Destruction Of American Society Has Started

The Destruction Of American Society Has Started

Welcome to the beginning of the destruction of American society. America is now officially a gay country. The family union is now going to be destroyed and over time Christian religion will be targeted and forced to comply against their convictions, except Mosques will be exempt obviously, and the history of America will no longer be acknowledged for any symbol such as a flag that the progressives deem offensive will be taken down and hidden or thrown away. Believe me we think maybe we have had enough but parents have already failed to grow up intelligent children who have rational thinking and allowed public schools and college professors to raise their kids who will now vote in the next progressive regime who will make government larger and bigger and bigger until it controls every little aspect of our lives from what we eat, what we are allowed to say, and what we think. We are already using population control and murdering babies even at late term in the womb, and allowing assisted suicide to thin the population and the lie of global warming is used as a fear tactic to control further. No one will be able to make money and gain wealth or get out of debt to the government for college loans, welfare, and other things we will be taxed on further until no one is rich and everyone is poor except the government. And we will have no guns at all fight fight back with to keep the government in check because everyone will give them up because of the few James Holmes and Roofs.

God will not honor the sin of America and we will only continue to fail unless there is somehow a turn back in the right direction. It seems unlikely. The government dictates to everyone what is to be done and forced upon us even if every state votes something down. All that matters is the activist judges.