Short Christian Testimony Of whitedragonawa

Short Christian Testimony Of whitedragonawa     

        Do you live for a purpose? Are you fulfilled with your life? Do you ever feel alone and that no one cares? Do you think about death and what will happen to you when you die?

I grew up in the Christian church, and when I was young I believed in Christ without question because my parents told me about God. Later in life when I was older I began to question everything I believed in life because of the world around me. I never had a lot of friends or would ever win a popularity contest. In fact, people hated me and I was always rejected and made fun of. Part of this had to due with my moral beliefs. I was so alone in my life and afraid of the unknown. I felt if this is all life has to offer then there is no purpose to live. “How could God exist if life is so horrible? If God existed wouldn’t He care about me?” were questions I would ask. I began to believe that God did not exist and I was furious with Christianity and denied God’s existence. I became bitter at life at this point and hated everyone and could not trust anyone to help me. At different times horrible things would happen, for instance, getting hit by a car and almost dying. When these things happened I would call on God to help me and good came out of it.  That is when I would come back to God and believe, but then more bad things happened so I would deny Him again and would think the good things God did for me was just a coincidence. I was going back and fourth and I was fed up with myself for not being able to make a decision.

During this time of desperation I would evaluate different philosophies about life. I had a sense that there was an absolute truth. Either God existed or He didn’t. Also, if He did exist, then this God that existed is only ONE WAY and the ONLY WAY. I knew from experience that every human on the planet is one way and has one way of thinking because each and every person’s brain is different. I thought that if God did exist then He most certainly is better and more truthful than humanity. Everyone has an opinion about life that defines who they are, so God’s opinion would have to be stronger obviously. After doing some research on different religions and ideas about life, I found that Christianity actually made the most sense. It had a realistic view of gaining perfection through the forgiveness of sins and being worthy to God because of the death of His Son Jesus Christ, who was absolutely perfect with no sin, and who paid the death penalty God would have judged me with. I would have gone to Hell. With Christ’s resurrection from death He could actually live in me and guide me in life. I felt that all of the other religions were either just relative with no absolute truth or were impossible to gain perfection through due to my sinful nature. Christianity offered a free gift. It showed that God loved me. For it says in Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  

Now that I am certain I am a Christian, I know that all of my problems I still have in life are just temporary and that with God on my side nothing is impossible and I will overcome my struggles. I live day by day pushing forward through the hardships of life; and God has given me a purpose and a direction. I now only desire to serve God and be a slave to Jesus and sacrifice everything to follow Him. I do not enjoy this world. God has a plan for me. The Bible says in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.”


2 thoughts on “Short Christian Testimony Of whitedragonawa

  1. Amen!God exists and He is definitely real. Only those who seek Him shall find Him. Only those who are actively seeking Him shall see His appearing. I just want to share this portion from the book “Journey Through the Bible” by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

    “Lot never had God’s appearing. As I read through the verses about Lot again and again, I could not find a hint that God ever appeared to him. Although God and the two angels visited Abraham, only the two angels came to Lot. Does this mean that God is unfair or a respecter of persons? Of course not. God is fair and is not respecter of persons. God did not appear to Lot or reveal Himself to Lot because Lot was passive, not actively seeking God, and was living in a wicked city. He did not follow God in a direct way but in an indirect way and did not walk in the way of God. Unlike Abraham, Lot had no direct relationship with God. God does not respect persons, but He does respect behavior, respecting whether or not we are active or passive in seeking Him. If you seek Him, He will appear to you. But if you do not seek Him, He will not waste His time. That God did not appear to Lot was not God’s fault; it was Lot’s. God wants to appear to you, but are you seeking Him and walking in His way? Do you have a heart to seek God positively and actively and walk in the way of God? If you do, God will not fail you. He will certainly appear to you.”

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