Books You Must Check Out

Books You Must Check Out

*This page will be updated over time as I read books so keep checking it out every once in awhile. So far it is listed in no particular order except genre. So skim down it. These are all books that influence the thoughts of this blog.


Holman Christian Standard Bible – One of the most accurate modern English translations of the Bible. My favorite English version. It was published by an interdenominational team of 100 scholars, editors, stylists, and proof readers, all whom were commited to biblical inerrency.

The John MacArthur Study Bible – The best study Bible by the most reliable Christian teacher and pastor alive today in my opinion: John F. MacArthur. He has  the KJV, NKJV, NASV, and ESV translations. The best one it the ESV since it is the Standard English Version. He has notes on virtually every verse in the Bible and if you read this Bible along with your HCSB you will grow so fast!

English Standard Version Bible – Another accurately translated modern English Bible you should check out.

Theology/Christian Topics

Charismatic Chaos – John F. MaCarthur’s expose of the false Charismatic and Pentecostal movements that have invaded Christian churches throughout the last century. This was originally written in the 70’s but has been updated in 1992. Contains much information on their faulty hermaneutics and why Cessationism is the proper theological stance. Covers: spirit slayings, speaking in tongues, false signs and wonders, false healings, and is not afraid to name the names of false, heretical teachers and televangelists. I recommend this book to anyone who is dealing with a Pentecostal or Charismatic family member or friend as well as anyone who is a fan of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Or just happens to run into them a lot, which is a common occurance this day and age, unfortunately.

Strange Fire – John MacArthur basically made a sequal to Charismatic Chaos and addresses the issue of charismatic and pentecostalism in this amazing book! He pulls no punches and declares war against unbiblical practices and calls for all evangelicals to join his fight. I for one already have!

Our Sufficiency In Christ – John MacArthur’s work on how Jesus Christ is all we need for salvation, not psycology, ecstatic experiences or pragmatism. All we need is the gospel of God’s Word and the Christian life will work.

Ashamed Of The Gospel: When The Church Becomes Like The World – John MacArthur’s thoughts on the modern church growth movement, seeker sensitive churches, psycobabble, bizzare entertainment spectacles and other nonsense that churches do to get big and popular as they lose focus on the gospel message more and more, and would rather please unsaved people than God’s elect.

Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem’s massive book on theology that contains information on practically every theological view in the church. Unfortunately, Grudem is a believer in the modern Charismatic movement and supports the Vineyard Church, but he is a Calvinist and virtually all of his doctrinal discussions are spot on; minus his major error about spiritual gifts and miracles. Read for a lot of information to broaden your mind on theological topics. It is a good read as I read the entire thing during college for bible classes.

Evangelical Dictionary Of Theology – Walter A. Elwell is the editor of this very thick dictionary that covers a heap of Evangelicval topics and all kinds of theological view points with explanations. Use this for a reference point when topics come up that you want to know more about.

A Defense Of Calvinism – C.H. Spurgeon, the great oldschool theologian and preacher/evangelist’s essay on his defense of the Doctrine of Grace. This is a short booklet and very informative and inspirational.

Revolution In World Missions – K.P. Yohannan’s book about his missionary agency called Gospel For Asia. He talks about why it is important to have national missionaries of the local culture and explains the many problems that naive modern church missions cause. While I might not agree with every theological view point, he still has a great case for missionary work and why it is important. The type of strength an effective missionary must have is described here.

If I Were God I Would Make Myself Clearer – John Dickson writes this book about the proof of God and gives answers for why people think God is not clear or should make Himself known more easily. He covers the topic of what religion is the true religion, or if they are all different paths to the same God. He gives evidence as to why the Christian God is true. This is a short book you could read on an airplane when traveling. I read this before I went to the Philippines as a requirement by the pastor of the California church I was attending before we did our mission trip.

The Truth War – John MacArthur’s excellent book exposing the full frontal assault on true biblical Christianity by the Emergent Church Movement and post-modern liberalism. He covers the way post-modernism has slowly infilitrated Christian churches virtually undetected which is reminiscent to the way Arianism invaded the eaarly church. Liberalism, Communism, and New Age Mysticism have been disguising themselves as Christianity promoting a false “christ.”

Faith Undone – Dr. Doger Oakley exposes the New Age, mystical heresy that has been slowly infiltrating Christianity and churches all over the world. Topics covered are the Emergent Church and Prupose Driven movements, New Age Occult mysticism that is paving the way for the great apostasy of the Antichrist, Spiritual Formation and demonic pagan meditation and worship practices and more. This is a must read for ANY young adult or teen Christian, especially those going to college; and definately if you are going to attend a Christian university. Beware of what Satan is doing to lie to you!

A Time Of Departing – Ray Yungen exposes the new Age and Mystical Occult teachings that have been pretending to be Christian. Covers the Emergent Church movement, Purpose Driven Church Growth movement, and many other postmodern heresies invading our churches worldwide. This is a must read for young adult and teenage Christians, especially those going to college; most noteably a Christian university. Beware of the apostasy of the current age!

Time For Truth – Os Guinness writes about postmodernism, the assault on truth, and what true biblical truth is. While I may not agree with every theological view that Guinness holds, this book is excellent and is short. It explains how postmodernism is trying to destroy the reality of truth, especially God and the Bible.

Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Just Stupid: Ryan Dobson writes a full frontal assault on postmodern thinking and the popular trend of accepting everything which actually means not believing anything. While I may not really be a fan of the Dobson’s theological views especially his belief in Kingdom Now Theology/Dominionism, but this book speaks truth about the devastating problems of “no truth” thinking. The true word of “tolerance” has been given a new false meaning where there is no right or wrong, and everything is good and nothing is bad (well accept if you believe you are right others are wrong that is the only evil in such a view).

He Is Not Silent – Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Seminary and popular Christian apologist and speaker writes about the purpose of the pastor’s pulipt. It is not to be silent about the true gospel, it is about speaking the truth no matter what. Too many pastors these days hide the truth and water it down to keep people happy in church and not offended. This is a sever problem currently and it has to stop. Mohler explains this issue clearly and soundly. Check it out if you are having problems with your current pastor and are concerned. Give your pastor a copy. My mom gave her pastor a copy because he is weak and not preaching the full gospel.

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis the most famous Christian author pretty much writes about Christianity being a valid belief system. He talks about why it is true over a radio interview. It is pretty interesting. It is worth a read for the average Christian, and many Christian college students enjoy this book.

Found: God’s Will – John MacArthur’s tiny booklet about how to know you are in or out of God’s will. It is very simple to read and very short. Do whatever you want!

Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be – Kevin Deyoung and Ted Kluck encounter the Emergent Church movement and explain why it is unnecessary and even better if a Christian does not engage in the postmodern Emergent Church Movement. They claim the truth is, that there is actually truth. This is a good read for anyone noticing changes within their churches or who have friends attending Emergent style church gatherings who sway from orthodoxy. This book in my opinion is a little soft on the heresy of the Emrgent Church and the spiritually destructive problems with it, but it explains enough well and is an entertaining read by two “cool Christian guys” who see the problem with unorthodox Emergent spirituality.

Culture Shift: Engaging Current Issues With Timeless Truth – Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary’s short, small book containing 10 essays about the shift of modern culture. He goes over things like Islam, truth, racism, torture, and more. It is a short interesting read that sheds truth on the age of “no truth.” Check it out.

The Absurd Claims & Biggest Mistakes Of The Iglesia Ni Cristo – Dr. Tino C. Ruivivar explains the weak foundation of the claims of the Filipino cult called Iglesia ni Cristo. This church is its own indiginious cult which horribly interprets the bible to claim that Jesus Christ is not God, but just a man and the Filipino cult leader Felix Y. Manalo was God’s last messenger on earth. This book is a must read for any Filipino Christian in the Philippines or anyone around Filipinos anywhere in the world, also especially this book needs to be read by any missionary going to the Philippines to spread the gospel. This is because the INC has millions of members there.

The Holiness Of God – R.C. Sproul writes about the holiness of God and enlightens the reader to think about how deep God’s holiness is and how to apply this outlook on your life. This book is hard to put down as Sproul hooks the reader in on to meditating on the glory and power of God being Holy, Holy, Holy the Lord God Almighty.

The Other Side Of The River – Kevin Reeves tells the story of his experience in a hyper-charismatic cult-like church involved in The River Movement and his battle to present to his church biblical truth. He was once a die-hard believer in the Charismatic beliefs but the Holy Spirit led him toward the Word of God for his answers. A powerful testimony about the truth of God in the Bible against a cult-like atmosphere that uses fear and control as well as spiritual highs with false miracles, slain in the spirit, claims of prophecy and all kinds of mystical experiences.  Anyone fighting charismatic heresies or with a charismatic background who came to the truth needs to read this book.

 World Cultures

Yanamamo 5th Edition – Napoleon A. Chagnon’s amazing book on the Yanamamo people of South America. Chagnon is a secular-humanist anthropologist who spent a lot of time living with the Yanamamo people in the Amazon jungle near the borders of Venesuela and Brazil. He writes an in depth exploration of one of the most bizzare, backward cultures the world has ever known. Vengence, deception, violence, and domination are all virtues to the Yanamamo. This book is very graphic and contains information about their religious beliefs, myths, and culture. There are graphic explanations with lots of violence and sexuality such as rape and murder being acceptable cultural practices; as well as swear words. Magical death projection is a means for witchcraft warfare for this people to attack enemy tribes and kill their children by using evil hekura spirits and allowing them inside one’s body to project them outward toward an enemy village. This people group also practices mortuary cannibalism of the in group. A very interesting discussion about whether or not morality is relative within different cultures comes up after reading this amazing book.

Children Of The Forest: Africa’s Mbuti Pygmies – Kevin Duffey, a secular anthropologist, spent a lot of time living in the rain forests of Africa with the Mbuti people; Africa’s Pygmie tribal group. This is an in interesting book that tells how the people lived including hunting, eating, family structures, marriage and more. You will learn a lot about different cultural ideas and practices from a fascinating people group who live in the most remote areas away from the rest of the world’s civilization. I am not really into African culture, as I am fascinated with Asian and Pacific Island cultures, but this book is very interesting and anyone learning to deal with new cultures should read this book.

Native Cultures Of The Pacific Islands – Secular, anthropologist Douglas L. Oliver writes an excellent book about the people of the Pacific Islands. Ever wondered how people ended up all over the tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean? Well read this to find out! This book covers everything you want to know about how Pacific Islanders traditionally lived, from how they ate, hunted, built houses, structured villages, family structures, marriage rituals, who marries who, sexual practices, religious beliefs, how they navigated through the ocean, and much more. Reading this will make you know more about the Pacific Islander culture than most Pacific Islanders themselves even know, especially those prideful kids who grew up in Hawaii. 😉 Touches on mainly Polyensia, but also Melonesia and Micronesia as well.

American Cultural Baggage: How To Recognize And Deal With It – Stan Nussbum’s book about how to recognize and deal with American culture from the American point of view as well as the non-American point of view. It helps the American adapt to a new culture while being aware of the cultural baggage they bring to a new country. Get ready for some changes! This book also helps the non-American understand American culture and get ready to expect all kinds of things! This book is informative and interesting and anyone planning to travel overseas, or a foreigner coming to the Unites States should definately check this book out. All though at some points it comes off as politically correct, ignore those things, and only think about culturally adapting. This book contains some cute/funny cartoon comics in every chapter.

Martial Arts

Book Of Five Rings – The excellent book of martial wisdom by the famous Japanese Ronin warrior Mushashi Muyomoto who killed over 60 men in fights and duels. This book will get you pumped up to defend yourself and understand the mindset a warrior must have to survive in battle. It will help you become more of a man if you read it. Ignoring the eastern religious outlook on life (Musashi was a Zen Buddhist in Japan) and replacing it with the role of God’s sovereignty and power a Christian can be inspired to defend His home and focus hard to accomplish tasks. In no way do I condon Zen or the idea of “no-thing,” yet I do understand the intense focus and emptying of distracting thoughts when fighting since I am myself a Martial Artist. Religion plays a very small role in this book so the Christian does not need to worry.

U.S Marines Close Quarters Combat Manuel – An interesting book my mom picked up at an army surplus store. Has drawings of 1-4 step combat manuevers for self defense. How to kill enemies with a knife, using unconventional weapons like helmets, shovels, or nature as in pertruding tree branches, to incompacitate the enemy (most likely kill them). It is a simple read and uses a lot of comon sense. It covers the basics, low beginner techniques of fighting.

Living The Martial Way: A Manuel For The Way A Modern Warrior Should Think – Forrest E. Morgan writes a cool book on how to think like a warrior and how to live a martial lifestyle. Keeping fit, keeping a strong mind, and gaining skills all while living in this day and age. It talks about why we do it, even though most of us are never going to go into battle, and what benefits it gives. This book really helped me with self-confidence when it comes to having no fear when fighting and defending myself. The warrior mindset needs training. This secular book also covers some of the history of Martial Arts and discusses how Martial Arts are non-religious even though they were created within cultures that were deeply religious.

Hardcore Punk/Metal Subculture

Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground – A revealing book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind explaining some of the history of Heavy Metal and the Satanic influence of the music subculture. It covers early Heavy Metal bands such as Bathory, Death Metal bands such as Diecide and Mobid Angel, and extensively covers Black Metal bands from Mayhem to early Emporer. Has interviews with Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan and other crazy nuts. Covers the suicide and murder of Norwiegan Black Metal scene kings in the band Mayhem, the murder of a woman and sever beating of another woman by Cannibal Corpse fans in my home town of Eugene, Oregon and other murders where the assailants claimed the music influenced them. Does it really influence people to do bad things? This is an interesting secular look at evil music. Not for religious fundamentalist Baptists…HA!




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