Over 100 Articles On Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger!

Over 100 Articles On Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger!

        There are now over 100 articles posted on Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger! Amazing! It has been over 4 years since this blog was started! I thank everyone of you who reads this blog and especially anyone who was here from the very beginning (when this blog was called Maranatha). I changed this blog’s name to Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger not long ago last year because Maranatha is such an overused term for ministries. And Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger is not only cool and really hardcore, which speaks of an awesome story in the Bible, but it is unique and I do not know of anyone else using it for a Christian ministry.

        This blog has always been about biblical theology, cultures— including ethnic cultural analyses and anthropological insights about the world, and the state of society. Everything has always had a Christian viewpoint and I hope that this blog over the years has touched people’s lives or at least made them think deeper about the Bible and learn things about Christian faith.

       No one is perfect and most certainly, I, the blogger of Ehud’s 18 Inch Dagger am not perfect either and most certainly a sinner. Even so, my hope is God has used, and will keep using, my blog for His purposes to express His glory and to benefit of God’s Kingdom. There are Christians all around the world in many different countries and ethnic groups and I have seen that I get hits from all over the world. I hope that many of you will keep reading my blog and will spread the word about it. If you have found an article that you want to use to show your church or Christian friends feel free to send them my link or print them out. Just give me credit that I, White Dragon (my online code name-also can use “whitedragonawa”), am the author.

        It has been a great experience writing my blog and getting past 100 blog articles posted online. I never thought I would have 100 posts that people would read, and I thank all of you for checking them out. Feel free to post in the comments on any article and create discussions on topics. I hope to continue coming up with good topics to write articles about. I only write when I feel inspired, confused, or passionate about an issue. Other times I just write a short thing here and there. So just bear with me. Maybe if you tell me about an issue and want me to write about it just leave me comments. I will see what I can do.

        For His glory!

For His glory and the future!

For His glory and the future! – White Dragon

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