Not Only Your Local Charismatic Pastor Can Do It

Not Only Your Local Charismatic Pastor Can Do It

Not just your average charismatic pastor or your favorite faith healer can do it. Buddhists and Hindus have been doing it for centuries or longer. The idea of using power called chi or ki to cause people to fall over, convulse, trip around and more. Here is an example of some Chi master.

What is interesting is what he says just after halfway when he goes on to speak. He says that the more his students train the more they become Buddhists. He mentions there is no real religion but we should only be a good person and the more Buddhist you become. Do not get involved in politics or divisive things he says. That would mean do not stand up for your beliefs or what is true, or theology. This has been adopted by the New Age way of thinking and all of the charismatics are becoming more Buddhist and even practicing meditation like this teacher in the video says. Meditation to concentrate your power is much the same as the Spiritual Formation or Centering Prayer the emergents promoted and the Spiritual Formation movement now pushes.

It is the same stuff, different religion. Different religion, same stuff!! It’s the same results! What the Charismatics and Pentecostals call Holy Spirit power or Holy Spirit energy is the same spirit the Buddhists use and whatever gurus, monks, and spiritual teachers of whatever magical and energy practices use. So one is from God but the other who shows exactly the same thing is not from God? Which one is more powerful? They both look the same to me.

What is really pathetic is when the charismatic missionaries go to countries who are steeped in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism and more it becomes like the New Testament where people seek out powers like Simon the Sorcerer and just a way to do tricks and influence people. The people mix Buddhism with the Bible and more and no one gets saved from hell but falls steeper into deception. They just become universalists who reject absolute truth. Definately what will allow the Anti-Christ’s religion to take power when everyone is brain dead to truth and theology in order to “not be divisive” and have some form of “world peace.”

2 thoughts on “Not Only Your Local Charismatic Pastor Can Do It

  1. Wow I just got done reading Andrew Stroms book Kundalini Warning it talks about the same things. You should check it out, he used to be a Charismatic. He did a documentary on that. The video footage is crazy. Some of it’s even scary the way those people wail and scream and laugh like a witch. It shows Charismatics worshipping than the Kundalini Cult doing the exact same thing.

    • Yeah kundalini, chi, ki etc. same stuff as the “charismaic holy spirit power.” Same stuff.

      Kundalini is not the ONLY name for it or the only hindu concept. Buddhism and others have it too in other names. We don’t know what it is called in reality or what it is except demonic spirits manipulating our realm and people’s bodies and minds.

      By the way martial arts are not wrong and I am a martial artist. Just religious and supernatural nonsense is what you should avoid.
      Also, the words chi or ki do not always mean the weird spirits causing people to convulse or whatever powers. SOmetimes it just means a concept of energy flow and some idea which is not always a satanic thing. I personally believe in scientific things and body mechanics and the laws of motions and energy. I do not talk about chi or ki nor do I believe it. I think some things like Tai Chi was about inertia and scientific laws and not supernatural stuff. We have to understand it before we judge all martial arts or things like that.

      But this guy in the video is not a martial artist and claims he is not. He is not interested in martial arts like he said that he ha never met a humble martial artist. Also, he wants to make sure he is not challenged in an actual fight by one. Because a lot of what he is doing is fake as well or power of suggestion with willing students. I bet 90% of people he does not know or do not believe in his stuff would not be affected.

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