The Other Side Of The River, Book Review

The Other Side Of The River, Book Review

        The Other Side of the River by Kevin Reeves, published by Light House Trails is an in depth look at the experiences Reeves had defending biblical truth against the Charismatic excesses of his local church where he was an elder serving for more than a decade. The book is written with various stories of what he went through in a church affiliated with The River Movement, which is a Latter Rain influenced association of hyper-charismatic churches. Reeves was first a die-hard Charismatic who had left Catholicism and New Age religion beforehand. Over time the Holy Spirit led him into biblical truth which made his question the religion he was following with all of its extreme behaviors with prophecies, tongues speaking, slain in the spirit, visions, miracle claims and more. I recommend this book to anyone who is going through a tough time with Charismatics, or has recently left the hyper-Charismatic heresy.

        I remember in my own life dealing personally with the hyper-charismatic evil that plagues certain church groups i was involved with as well as my time at Biola University where such behavior is rampant on campus, even creating mini-cult leader types who graduate to become missionaries of satanic doctrines later to spread this around to 3rd world countries. But nowhere did i get so deep with it, nor was I ever a charismatic myself because I have always fought against it. Reeves has a powerful testimony Christians should check out. I do think he is a little soft on some areas such as assuming a guy is loving or a wonderful person despite the fact he is teaching falsely. I believe he is just emotional about past friendships. In reality after reading this book I assume the River is a total cult and his church was a total cult and his pastors were cult leaders. He sort of admits this by stating that the behaviors and tactics they used to deny the biblical truth he presented are the same cults use. Anyway, check the book out on Lighthouse Trails Publishing! Order it and any other books from this company!

2 thoughts on “The Other Side Of The River, Book Review

  1. I just recently read a study in the Christianity Today Magazine. Non Charismatic Conservative Fundamental teaching churches are back on the rise again. The Charismatics arn’t growing the way they were in the past. I think I’m gonna order a copy of this book. I’m glad I saw the through them the way I did.

    • I am not sure though because almost all of the churches and christian universities are introducing mysticism into their teachings which includes all of the charismatic stuff. but there are more quiet mystics too who meditate and have visions or listen for the voice of God without barking like dogs.
      I do believe the New Apostolic Reformation movement has a ton of popularity so im not sure how Christianity Today came to that conclusion.

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