Sleeping Giant Is Proof The Christian Hardcore Scene Is Corrupt With The New Spirituality And Not Biblical Faith

Sleeping Giant Is Proof The Christian Hardcore Scene Is Corrupt with The New Spirituality And Not Biblical Faith

        Sleeping Giant is a band that got its start and major popularity from being signed on Facedown Records which is a Christian heavy music label (currently they are signed to Ain’t No Grave Records). The lead singer’s name is Tommy Green and he preaches a lot and tells people about spiritual experiences that he claims he’s had, and he yells a lot in his music. He promotes the New Spirituality with all of the charismatic excesses and supernatural visions, miracles, signs, wonders etc…His new book called Religio-cide should tell you something about his agenda…


        In 2011 he was invited to speak at Biola University at one of their chapels. I graduated from Biola University in 2009 and I already saw the way Biola chapels were headed with the Contemplative Spirituality/Spiritual Formation New Age teachings and Lectio Divina and the embracing of supernatural experiences over Bible study. You can read how I felt after I graduated in 2009 here.

Here is a video of Tommy Green preaching at Biola:

        As a Christian I do not support and cannot support his ministry or his band. I believe Tommy Green is not qualified for ministry and is teaching outrageous things that are dangerous and destructive to healthy Christian spirituality and faith. He says really convincing sounding things for the ear that is untrained in Scripture. But do not let soothing words and emotionally sincere words convince you. He is deceived either by his own mind, or the demonic. I am a fan of heavy music and was involved in the hardcore punk scene growing up (you can read a blog post about some of my experiences here) and I understand the desire for spiritually uplifting, and Christ-centered, gospel driven, hardcore music ministry. But I do not support it at the expense of proper biblical interpretations, solid theology, and sound doctrine. How else can a person be saved if they have a faulty understanding of the Good News and a weak foundation for faith? Godly faith must be Truth centered in all its objectivity because souls are at stake and it is the difference between life and death— eternal salvation and eternal damnation. Matters of God are very serious and Christians must be responsible and hold everything up to the standard of the Word of God (Scriptural revelation).

        I would also like to briefly state that some people do have legitimate pain caused by typical church people who rejected them or are not allowing them to be used by God so many people are struggling with church life. They feel like misfits and are outcasts by popular culture. But this does not discount traditional church or careful theological studies. This does not mean that all traditional churches are full of jerks or bad people. We do have a serious, and I mean serious problem with church life in this country and it is very hard to find a church that feeds its flock. Even so….

The Bible is the only objective and valid form of truth for our spiritual lives

        As Christians, even “punk,” “hardcore kids,” or “scene kids” (or whatever is the cool term is today) or just a general fan of heavy music who is a Christian; or anyone who feels like an outcast; or has been hurt by church people; or hurt by other Christians; those who do not feel accepted by normal society; it does not matter how bad your life was or how bad you have been hurt. There is no excuse to believe every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14) that any persons claims. I feel much like you, and I have been hurt too; but still, we MUST….WE MUST ONLY base our theology and ideas of spiritual matters on what is objectively true: THE BIBLE: the objective Word of God. There is no excuse not to! And no real answers for life’s struggles outside of the Bible (God’s objective revelation). Anything else cannot be trusted as fact and there is no way to prove it. This is not putting God in a box, or throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But if that box is the Bible, then yes, God is in a box!

        God is revealed through His word. John 1:1-2 specifically states that God is the Word. John 1:14 further states that Jesus Christ is the Word incarnated in the flesh. If God is the Word why would He work outside of what He is? The Bible is God’s revealed Word just as when God spoke Creation into existence. If we have God’s completed revelation to man in the Bible we do not need anything else, nor would have, nor does God send any other Scriptures. Revealed Scripture itself is sufficient and teaches us everything we need to know, and it equips us with every tool and weapon we need in this life to live for God (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

        Now that the Bible is complete and all wisdom and mysteries of godliness, and all knowledge has been revealed to the world (Ephesians 1:9, Ephesians 3:3-4, Colossians 1:26-27), God and His truth are not currently revealed by someone claiming access to a visionary realm. Logically, if someone is claiming supernatural stories or revelations or ideas about God then they are equating themselves with the Apostles and authors of revealed Scripture. When people start claiming God spoke to them, or some vision they had revealed information about the Divine they are claiming more revelation from God and thus equating it with anything else God revealed in the Bible. If the Bible is what we base our faith on, and all revelation is complete then you cannot trust what other people claim outside of it. There is no way to prove any supernatural, mental experiences someone might have had. Such people are “false-apostles” (2 Corinthians 11:13), or false messengers or false teachers.

Do not let anyone disqualify you who claims access to a visionary realm

        Tommy Green claims to have gone to heaven and back while he sat in a Starbucks in Redlands, California. This is ridiculous and is similar to what many false prophets who preach outright heresy claim (Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, and many TBN preachers and also various charismatic hipsters). It is wise to flee from people who use tactics as such evil men. Anyone adding ideas to the Bible is in serious error. Such people constantly disqualify rational thinking Christians who do not give into emotionalism, or allow amazing “testimonies” of supernatural experiences. They get upset. As Tommy Green said in the video about people saying such experiences are wrong and New Age. He said to not let anyone tell you that such experiences are not correct or tell you that they are New Age. In reality they actually are New Age and Occult experiences. Such visions, dreams, miracles, supernatural being contact and even Christ contact have occurred all over New Age circles and are explained in New Age teachings. He claims it was the Holy Spirit, and New Age cannot do what the Holy Spirit can do. But his “holy spirit” cannot possibly be the true Holy Spirit because what he explains is nothing different than other New Age mystics’ trips to heaven, and is even similar to alien abduction stories (especially with objects implanted or transplanted into people). Men like Tommy Green are always trying to guilt trip biblical Christians into accepting their spirituality and experiences as valid. They constantly try and disqualify Christians who base their beliefs strictly on the Bible. Colossians 2:18-19 states,

“Let no one disqualify you, insisting on ascetic practices and the worship of angels, claiming access to a visionary realm and inflated without cause by his unspiritual mind. He doesn’t hold on to the head, from whom the whole body, nourished and held together by its ligaments and tendons, develops with growth from God.”

        There is also absolutely no way Tommy Green saw Jesus Christ. Who he saw had to be something in his own mind, a delusion, or an actual demonic being pretending to be Jesus. Scripture is clear that no one has seen Christ in 1 Timothy 6:16 where it says Jesus is “…the only One who has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom none of mankind has seen or can see…” Now according to Tommy Green’s testimony he claims he was in heaven and the light was “like sunset the entire time.” That to me shows a low level of light since a sunset is darker than say the afternoon. That is not unapproachable light. The being he saw was in a darker (obviously counterfeit) light. The verse says that none of mankind has seen Christ (obviously after His ascension into Heaven and glorious transformation). It also says no one can see Christ. So Tommy Green is claiming he saw Christ which goes against Scripture. If Tommy was in the presence of Christ he would be dead because of the unapproachable light and God’s glory that not even Moses could see. Such charismatic experiences constantly go against Scripture, and Tommy does not seem to know His Bible enough to reject such visions. Paul wrote 1 Timothy and Paul is also said to have gone to the third heaven and saw things he is not allowed to speak about, yet this verse in Timothy also shows that even Paul did not see Christ since “none of mankind has seen or can see” Him. Charismatics like Tommy explain sensational stories far beyond anything the Apostles themselves were allowed to experience. It is obviously a lie and Tommy never went to heaven and instead was speaking with a demon.

        Another issue is that Tommy Green is a divorced man. I do not know the reason for his divorce except for what he said in a YouTube video by an anti-porn group called XXX Church (another problematic, unscriptural “ministry,” * the lead pastor even says homosexuality is not a big deal and homosexuals will go to heaven and do not have to change, and equates it with being “fat,” read this). He claims that his marriage “fell apart.” Either way the bible in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6 clearly state that no one should be preaching or teaching the Church unless they are the husband of one wife. Tommy Green is now re-married to a second wife. This disqualifies him for such a teaching/preaching  ministry. Divorce is only acceptable if the reason is marriage-unfaithfulness or adultery (read Matthew 19:9, Matthew 5:32, Malachi 2:16, 1 Corinthians 7:1, Luke 16:18, Mark 10:11). If adultery is not the case, or his wife did not reject him because of Christ— if she was an unbeliever and cheated and left him—and if his first wife was a professing Christian as well as Tommy at the time— then Tommy’s 2nd marriage causes him to currently be living in sin. This is another red flag.

Unqualified for ministry according to the Scriptures

        Another problem is that he disqualifies himself. He states that he is “immature,” “a moron,” is not that smart etc., in the Biola chapel he was speaking at in the video. As the Colossians passage above states, He does not hold onto the head where the tendons and ligaments grow. He is not grown. So it is obvious he is spiritually, theologically and moronically immature. He stated it himself. Why should any rational person listen to someone who disqualifies himself? Did Paul, Peter, or anyone else who wrote much of the New Testament ever claim they were immature or a moron? Colossians 1:28 states the importance of spiritual maturity,

“We proclaim Him, warning and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”

Also Colossians 4:12 shows that one of Paul’s converts and workers contended and prayed for the Colossian church to be able to “stand mature and fully assured in everything God wills.”

        In the video Tommy Green keeps saying “I don’t know,” “I don’t really know anything…” and “I could be wrong,” and “you guys know more than me…” Even Tommy Green himself is claiming he is not fully assured in everything God wills, but then goes and tells the Biola chapel that God wills them to have supernatural experiences and they must accept them and ask for them to happen. Is he sure about that? He testifies against himself that his own ideas are not trustworthy and keeps using extreme false humility and asking for grace so that people cannot question him and call him to repentance. It is just a tactic all the hip-false teachers use to appeal to young impressionable minds.

Then we will no longer be little children, tossed by the waves and blown around by every wind of teaching, by human cunning with cleverness in the techniques of deceit.     Ephesians 4:14

Biola University has low standards for chapels

        1 Timothy 3:2 also states that a person who is going to preach or teach must be “an able teacher.” Obviously, just viewing the video proves he is not an able teacher. His actions are also undignified and irreverent and full of stupid jokes and sidetracking thoughts and weird antics. He wastes a large amount of time on things that have nothing to do with his message (pointless pop culture references, calling his wife hot etc). 2 Timothy 2:16 says, “But avoid irreverent, empty speech, for this will produce an even greater measure of godlessness.”
*If anyone has an issue with me claiming Tommy Green is not a good teacher, nor does he know much, let it be remembered in the video he claims Biola students know more than him. I, being a Biola graduate who took 30 units of Bible classes must then, know more than him, and he should listen to me because of that.

        Why is Biola University giving the stage to self proclaimed morons and people who preach from their own minds and not from the Bible? How does this benefit bible students? Would you want to take a class from a professor on any topic who told you that he was a moron and is immature and does not know as much as you? Furthermore, would you want to take a class from that professor if he began teaching you from a dream or vision he had of new things and revelations about the subject instead of teaching with a textbook with credible sources who already have solid objective facts? I wouldn’t.

Such experiences are nothing different from pagan demonic spirit transfer

        One really huge and scary red warning sign is when he talks about hugging Jesus near a really big building and how something spiritual was transferred into his soul, into his being, giving him a feeling like a bomb dropped in his stomach. Such goose bumps and bomb dropping feelings often occur in occult mystical experiences where spirit beings, said to be guides, or spirits of dead people, or angels, aliens etc. transfer powers or objects or even enter into people. Alien abduction stories often talk about objects implanted or put into them by a force. His story is not unlike what pagans experience in their false religions. Even pagan religions speak in babbling tongues, and they have been doing it longer than modern Christianity. I do not believe that Tommy Green’s out of body/vision/trip to heaven experience was from God. It could either have been his own imagination like he said he thought it might be at first, or it is from another spirit that is not Christ. What other spirits are not Christ? The answer is demons. If who Tommy was talking to was a demonic spirit of deception and false teachings, and something was transferred into him, then it is a very likely possibility that Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant is demon possessed. I know that this possibility sounds outrageous to some of you “Christcore” kids out there that your hero could be demon possessed but what other option is there? I remember an album by the band Seventh Star (also on Facedown Records) called Brood of Vipers that has a song called “Be Wary.” I even bought one of their shirts that says, “Be Wary” on it. I am telling you to be wary of what you believe and what people tell you. If it is true that a false spirit was talking to Tommy Green and transferred something into him and put it inside him it is a work of darkness masquerading as light. It is demonic. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light.

The Christcore, Spirit Filled Hardcore Scene, needs to repent and a reform

        I am calling Tommy and the rest of his band and even Facedown Records which promotes such bands, and anyone involved in the Christian Hardcore scene who believes this New Spirituality to repent and flee from these false doctrines!  I am also someone who likes hardcore music and participated in the hardcore punk and metal scene as a teenager and young adult since the 1990’s. I was even the singer and founder of a grindcore/crust punk band called Ninja Death Clan, that played shows in Eugene, Oregon. I may not be a cool band guy anymore (not that my band was ever cool), or some top touring band on a big ultra cool “Christian music label,” but I am not ignorant of this scene and I am not ignorant of the Bible! This gives me at least some amount of credibility.

        My main point is that anyone who likes hardcore/metal/punk types of music and is a Christian, and is looking for spiritually uplifting music that does not contradict Christianity you should avoid Sleeping Giant because they promote spiritual deception. They promote a “Kingdom on earth now” theology that contradicts the Bible’s teaching that Christ’s return is at the Second Coming. They believe that they can make a Christian-spiritual world right now by their own effort with other Christians so that Christ’s return will happen before the Bible’s timeline as a spiritual Christ-resurrection consciousness. The New Age teaches the same thing about their cosmic-Christ. They believe they can create the return of Christ right now before the biblical Second Coming. It is a spiritual pre-return based on supernaturalism where they claim God’s throne and Kingdom is on earth right now but humanity just has to “realize” and claim it (much like eastern mysticism). And worship music and praise actions will make it all happen. The end result of these beliefs is for a one world, very tolerant spirituality worldwide. This is going to pave the way for the anti-christ one world religion mentioned in Revelation.

Sleeping Giant promotes Emergent Spirituality and New Apostolic Reformation ideas

        Tommy Green is a proponent of Contemplative Prayer when he talks about “waiting prayer” and being still and listening for God to first speak and act on you. This is also known as Centering Prayer that was taught by catholic monks who were influenced by Buddhist and Hindu concepts. They are known as the Desert Fathers. Look them up. The Emergent Church also heavily promotes these “spiritual disciplines.” Tommy Green promotes emergent theology with hyper-charismaticism.

        Here is another video of Sleeping Giant. This one representing Come&Live ministry.

Notice how the video says, “We don’t worship a doctrine or concepts” anymore and we cannot base faith on concepts. Well the men of God and reformers of the faith never worshiped doctrines. But doctrines are the basis of what Christians believe and they help people understand the Bible. They are confessions of biblical truth. Throwing away doctrines makes it a theological free-for-all where anything goes. How is this orderly and godly? God is not a God of chaos. God is the same, today, yesterday, and forever (Hebrews 1:13). He is not different for individual people. He is not one way here and one way there. He does not give one a revelation or vision, and another something else totally different. A negative view of theological teachings and doctrines is how false doctrines easily spread. Also notice how he claims we can literally talk to God now just like human relationships on earth and how God tells us we must have experiences in order to establish His throne/Kingdom on earth. This is dominionist theology and it is itself a doctrine, albeit a false doctrine. But nevertheless it is a doctrine. So they are now contradicting themselves by stating we don’t need doctrines. So their attitude is that “the only true doctrine is that we don’t need any doctrines.” This is self-contradictory.

One might argue and say he is just being sincere with how he feels. Obviously he has those “sincere arched up eye brows” that every charismatic preacher has. *The testimony brows!* But even so, it does not matter. Sincerity does not equal automatic truth. You can be sincere and wrong, or a better way to state it: sincerely wrong! A Muslim can be sincere but be wrong, a Jehovah’s Witness could be sincere but also be wrong. Yes, you can be sincere and destructively wrong. You can be sincerely wrong in a very nice sounding yet deceptive way too. So an argument from sincerity is invalid.

The new, post modern, charismatic rock and roll missionaries

On another note, ministries like Come&Live promote such concepts in foreign places like Columbia. You can send $10 a month to help Tommy Green keep doing his ministry of supernatural experiences! These sensual and popular mystical doctrines are spreading all over the world through the new type of hipster rock and roll missionaries. Not only guys in bands either but ultra cool looking people spreading these messages. The churches are funding such “cool dudes” to spread the mystical message of their “jesus-spirit” while missionaries who want to spread the Words of the Bible with the gospel message and want to do teaching and preaching are ignored as irrelevant. If I only realized earlier in life that to be accepted and funded as a missionary I had to get a few Straight Edge tattoos, icthys symbols, and tattoo sleeves, and maybe gauged ears, and a lip piercing or two and wore really cool clothes, and played in a band and spoke hyper-emotionally about cool supernatural experiences I would have gotten all of the funding I needed and probably had my college loans paid off. I would be a really important dude.

False Jesus, false gospel promoted through emotional manipulation and occult spirituality

1 Corinthians 11:4 says that people easily put up with false teachings with a false-jesus and false-gospel. Also, Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Whether or not everyone involved in this new spiritual movement know better does not matter. They all need to repent and change. They need to start viewing faith through the Bible. Just because they say “live the word!” and “this is biblical its ok!” does not matter. Just saying it does not make it true. They need to prove it, because all of the proof says they are not behaving biblically.

        Also, Tommy Green even states that Jesus will create rooms in Heaven for people who won’t even follow Him and will not make it to Heaven. This idea is totally Arminian, and rejects the sovereignty of God and makes Jesus look like a desperate loser who planned a party where hardly anyone shows up. It says that God has no control over salvation, and individual Christians have to impress the unbelievers to think God is cool. This is done by emotional manipulation by hyper emotional hardcore metal music with melodic trance-like sounds in between breakdowns and sing along parts to get people in the mood to feel the Holy Spirit. But their spirit is not the true Holy Spirit, but the spirit of the New Age with all of its supernatural experiences and manifestations. It is a judge-me-not religion that claims to hate religion and deescalates the seriousness of sin in people’s lives. Basically if you are cool with Jesus you are okay despite your lifestyle and convictions and you can sin all you want as long as you say “hey no one changes over night!”, and only really really mean bad people go to hell probably. This is post-modern religion.

        Here is an example of emotionalism and not objective thought:

This is nothing but “primal scream therapy.” So what now because someone put their hands up at a Sleeping Giant show and pretended to break negative thoughts or experiences in their life apart like chains they are now super spiritually close to God and the Holy Spirit is now in them? How does he even know everyone there is saved? And if he assumes some people are not then how does an unbeliever have the Holy Spirit because they did hand gestures and actions in a really emotional way? The Bible says true salvation from sin and death comes by faith through repentance and belief in God. It is a total heart change and open confession of Christ making Him Lord of your life. It is not done by hand signs, gestures, feelings, going to a hardcore show and moshing etc. This is very poor and very shallow theology that does not produce legitimate fruit. I would know because I have been to one of their shows, I have been to many bands shows who claim Christ, I have been to many charismatic church gatherings, I went to Biola University, and I have been around and seen a lot! I know that nothing like this ever changes a person’s heart. What does change a person is the truth of God’s Word and the response to the call of God by the Holy Spirit to repent and live a clean and new life in worship of God. It is not an emotional experience that changes a person. It is objective truth being understood and rationally accepted by someone’s mind through God, and by God alone. Not by human effort or emotional manipulation. This is done by preaching and someone hearing the Bible’s message (Romans 10:14).

Unchanged hearts and minds with a lack of true conviction and animosity towards the Church

Many people who go to such charismatic gatherings never change and are just as vile, wicked, angry, manipulative, mean spirited, and sexually immoral as they were before they had that experience. I remember a time when I saw the band Rock And Roll Worship Circus a few times in Eugene, Oregon which is another band that promotes the new spiritual deception and all its heresies. People did not really change, they remained the same and were just as sinful as before. It is a false understanding of salvation or “movement” of the Holy Spirit. It is inflated by a person’s own mind or it is demonic, and also can be both and in many instances probably both (whatever the case is for Tommy Green).

The hyper-charismatic, Contemplative Mysticism and New Age Occult practices have totally engulfed the Christian hipster world of underground art, music, entertainment, and churches. It is inflated with pride and claims: “We are the weird church and we are better than those old people in those traditional church buildings! We know better, but also we are super humble and down to earth and never judge anyone ever!”
It is a contradicting attitude about God and church living: “We don’t judge but we know the other churches are jerks and we are better and more loving! We are humble which makes us better than the mean prideful churches that hurt our feelings!” It has led to much heresy and liberal ideas as well as outright confrontation with Christ’s Church and the True Religion where it says “church is dead” and “religion must die.”

The appearance of evil

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:14, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” This is a command stating Christians should not partner up and work together with unbelievers. It teaches that Christians cannot marry unbelievers, nor can Christians partner up in business with unbelievers especially God’s ministry! How ironic it would be to become a missionary and team up with an atheist or some very unchristian person. It would not make sense. But what do we see with Sleeping Giant! The band that is a ministry supposedly for our holy God to give the Holy Spirit to all people!— What we see is them partnering up with a pagan. Watch the music video of their song “Eyes Wide Open”:

The guest vocalist in this video with the white machine gun shirt is Frankie Palmeri of the band Emmure. He is also recorded on Sleeping Giant’s album for this song. The song “Eyes Wide Open” written by Tommy Green, has lyrics that are judgmental towards the church, claiming it does not care about people and it shuts its doors on them, and that such people as him (Tommy Green) are true revivalists and revolutionaries for the faith. He even states that “all of heaven is standing with me.” Basically, it seems that he equates himself as the ultimate truth for what church or faith should be. So heaven is standing with him so we cannot question him. Well for me, as a Christian, I stand with Heaven not the other way around. I stand for God, God does not stand for me because I am a sinner. But if Tommy is simply saying Heaven has his back because he is right and we are wrong then ok….still he is just claiming we cannot question him because he is absolutely right and the Church is wrong.

Now if this music is supposed to be about true revival and prayer to a holy God it seems odd that he would team up with Frankie Palmeri, an unbelieving secularite who writes sexually vulgar and misogynistic lyrics, songs about killing ex-girlfriends, blasphemy against Jesus Christ (“Imaculate Misconception”) , promotes bad taste in t-shirt designs (Columbine Massacre images with “Shoot first ask questions later”), believes in Niribu Aliens, claims to have had outer body experiences and spiritual experiences viewing all people as one (New Age much?), claiming he saw his soul in the mirror and he had horns, and who has a general ignorance of the meaning of life or where we go after death (very post-modern new age nonsense). Not to mention Frankie Palmeri idolizes Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit (not only a bad role model but a terrible vocalist that shows Palmeri has a horrible taste in music and is a poser in a mainstream boring rap/metalcore band). Read the Lambgoat interview. Did Sleeping Giant think they would win major hardcore scene points for featuring him as a guest? It would seem the true secular underground hardcore scene would think this is a joke. Did Sleeping Giant think they would win Christian scene points by making them appear relevant to the world? I don’t know but I can tell you they only look stupid and hypocritical. Emmure is a talentless boring band, and Frankie Palmeri is a nutjob and unchristian in every way. So they lose hardcore respect by having him in the video as well as biblical Christian respect by being unequally yolked with someone opposed to the cause of Christ. What ministry invites a pagan to speak for them and promote them? Sleeping Giant has the appearance of evil. There excuse will probably be that they are witnessing Christ to Frankie Palmeri and Emmure and their fans. It didn’t seem to work, he is still the same. Why should he change if he is accepted just as he is without a need to repent of his sins and follow Christ!

Time to take a stand against false spirituality and start being full of Absolute Truth

Beware who you follow in this day and age! It is time for rational Christians who are fans of heavy music to either get out and stop supporting so called Christian bands, or start making bands that are theologically sound and care about true evangelization who are uninterested in trying to please the world. Or just walk away from the scene all together and move on with your life. There are too many sellout Christian bands who used Christians for financial gain and were fake to begin with, and too many false teachers in bands who are deceived by false spirituality. They are spreading their messages through their music to many impressionable kids and young people who are looking for the Truth and not getting it anywhere. What makes it dangerous is the fact many false-Christian bands who live completely secular lives and never mention Jesus are rampant, so when a false-spiritual band is very loud and yells Jesus a lot and Holy Spirit, and comes off as very spiritual for God it is easy to fall prey to the mystical lies. This is just a trick of Satan as he understands the desire for outright Christian bands who promote faith.

Christian hardcore kids who base their theology or spiritual ideas on what other bands say are no better than the secular hardcore kid who bases all of his political and social beliefs, and his life philosophies on what secular bands preach. It is time to stop being a zombie in a moshpit and start basing your beliefs on God’s Word. Stop being an emotionally weak person who is manipulated and think for yourself and stand back and check to see if what you are doing or what your friends are doing is in line with Scripture. Prove it or shut up! There is no room for effeminate “scene kids,” man up and study the bible like the Bereans!


It is also absolutely a shame that Biola University who started on the foundation of God’s Word and Biblical beliefs has gone so far left and off the narrow path to embrace such self proclaimed morons to speak to their students as if they are a spiritual “giant” and super deep, or have something profound to say when they basically have ADHD and sound like a lame version of Jim Carey or trying to be Wayne’s World. Giving people like this credibility and a pedestal to stand on and appear important is going to continue to lead more young minds into confusion and false teachings. This is undignified behavior for a man of God who is supposedly preaching such a serious topic. What is really pathetic is that Tommy Green claims Heaven looks like Venice and people are flying around. Even Paul could not elaborate or explain what He saw in Heaven and would not dare tell us in the Bible when HE ALONE was taken up to the Third-Heaven (read 2 Corinthians 12). He heard inexpressible words which man is not allowed to speak. It was such a rare thing in the Bible only Paul went to heaven and back, and it most definitely is a rare and non-occurring thing today. This is why the Bible is so special. Only false teachers seem to be making such claims and if everyone could just go to heaven it makes the Bible ordinary and nothing special. Paul would no longer be an important Apostle for us to study if everyone can do what he did. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says that “No eye has seen, nor ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Yet, Tommy “Jesus is HOT and we are dating” Green, an immature believer who in no way is even close to Paul’s status and character was allowed to go to heaven while chillin’ at Starbucks and was given permission to tell everyone what he saw? Yeah riiiight. Also, God prepares things for those who love Him. So any room Jesus created is for those who are saved and love God. There will not be ANY empty rooms in heaven and all will be occupied with true believers. Make sure you are one of them by having true repentance and faith and do not believe the new Spiritual Deception of our post-modern and occult embracing evil age.

The Christian music scene needs to repent of its false spirituality and heretical proclamations about God. It is time to stop supporting music that does not base beliefs on the Bible, but inflated minds, time to stop supporting false Christian bands who live completely secular lives, and time to stop supporting ANYONE who uses the Christian faith to make money and gain popularity whether it be record labels or speakers, ministries or anyone else. Christians should not support Sleeping Giant or Facedown Records because they are promoting the New Spirituality and all of its false teachings. If Tommy Green or anyone in Sleeping Giant has read this I urge you to repent and re-study the Bible and seek an objectionable faith based on what Scripture says. I also urge Facedown Records to repent. Also, if any rational Christians are reading this who are not deceived by the New Age mysticism rampant in our churches today please pray for men like Tommy Green to find the true faith of Christ and that His eyes will actually be open to God’s Truth found in the Bible. I really hope Tommy Green will be able to reject the demon presence in his life that is giving him these false teachings and spirit of deception, and I hope he becomes mature in Christ.

I am sick of this “christcore” scene! I am not here to win scene points or impress band guys or “Mr. Hardcore scene Joe.” I am here to present God’s truth and I do not care who I have offended because I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16). Because it is the power that brings everyone to salvation away from eternal damnation in hell; and the days are evil and full of deception. I stand for biblical truth. I am not afraid to be shunned by the Christian Hardcore scene.

*Now if you have read this entire article good for you. I want to update you with news that other bands who promote a false spirituality in much the same manner as Sleeping Giant are For Today (especially singer Mattie Montgomery who promotes heresy and is against “Sola Scriptura” whether he understands that term or not; because he claims in his blog that no one can know what is right from wrong by reading a book but instead by some “hearing” of the spirit. Read: Homosexuality and the Rebellious Church. Another band is Clear Convictions, the Puerto Rican, Christian Hardcore band that just released a new album and was formerly on Strike First Records (Facedown Records sub label). I personally chatted on Facebook with the singer, Daniel A. Maldonado, who proceeded to call me a pharisee and worker of the devil after telling him to read this article. I still have the messages to prove it. So be warned and stop supporting bands that preach a sappy, shallow, and false spirituality while claiming Christ. Giving your money to these bands is giving money to false teachers who lead people astray.