Bill O’Reilly Supports Transcendental Meditation

Bill O’Reilly Supports Transcendental Meditation

        I just got done watching the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. At the very end of the show Bill talked about how he ran into Paul McCartney of the Beatles at some function. Bill said McCartney recently held a fundraiser concert to raise money for the David Lynch Foundation that teaches transcendental meditation to children as young as 4 years old. Bill O’Reilly then stated his support for the David Lynch Foundation, and said that TM helps these young kids, some of them suffering with extreme anger who have been abused. Bill O’Reilly said “transcendental meditation helps these kids.” And then he thanked Paul McCartney for supporting the David Lynch Foundation. Bill O’Reilly is a Roman Catholic and he sees nothing wrong with TM. This speaks volumes about how Catholics are so susceptible to the New Age within their mystical practices as well as undiscerning conservatives who have no sense of true biblical faith, but are only politically conservative. Bill O’Reilly is seen by millions of people every night as one of the top rated news and politics shows on TV. He is very influential and has authored several history books such as Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, Killing Patton, and others. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with TM or what David Lynch promotes and fully supports it and thinks it is a wonderful thing for children. 


        David Lynch is a visual artist, musician, film and television director, author and sometimes actor. he is known for surrealist films. He heavily supports TM after being influenced by the Maharishi when he met him in the 1970’s. Maharishi is the founder of the TM movement. Paul McCartney and the Beatles went over to India and learned Hindu teachings and TM and brought it back to the west to influence many young people. Many young Christians think old bands like The Beatles are cool and hip. Those people professing Christianity who practice the Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer practices brought about by Roman Catholicism are susceptible to having a desire to practice TM on top the Christian mysticism they already practice and will possibly include it.  

On the David Lynch Foundation website it talks about how TM will bring peace to the world. There are children’s testimonies expressing how TM has helped their lives significantly. Kids growing up in poverty, high urban crime and other unfortunate situations are being taught TM. This is one way that Satan is using to influence children into New Age thought and beliefs and opening them up to the spirit world at a very young age. It is unfortunate. But more and more New Age, mystical, occult and magical practices that open people up to demons and Satan’s influence will be popular and such “world peace” ideas will no place for Christianity. Jesus warned that the end of days will have such deception.

The Beatles in the 1970’s with Maharishi Yogi (the founder of the TM movement) in the middle.

*Update, Bill O’Reilly the next night on his show, during his mail segment read a letter from a fan that praised O’Reilly for mentioning the David Lynch Foundation. The person said they have a child who lives in Newtown (same town as the Newtown Massacre of 21 children) and has been taught TM. They thanked O’Reilly for his support of TM and the David Lynch Foundation and said TM has helped their child cope with the trauma of what happened in their town. Bill then said more praises for David Lynch and TM and how it helps people. 

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