Not Only Your Local Charismatic Pastor Can Do It

Not Only Your Local Charismatic Pastor Can Do It

Not just your average charismatic pastor or your favorite faith healer can do it. Buddhists and Hindus have been doing it for centuries or longer. The idea of using power called chi or ki to cause people to fall over, convulse, trip around and more. Here is an example of some Chi master.

What is interesting is what he says just after halfway when he goes on to speak. He says that the more his students train the more they become Buddhists. He mentions there is no real religion but we should only be a good person and the more Buddhist you become. Do not get involved in politics or divisive things he says. That would mean do not stand up for your beliefs or what is true, or theology. This has been adopted by the New Age way of thinking and all of the charismatics are becoming more Buddhist and even practicing meditation like this teacher in the video says. Meditation to concentrate your power is much the same as the Spiritual Formation or Centering Prayer the emergents promoted and the Spiritual Formation movement now pushes.

It is the same stuff, different religion. Different religion, same stuff!! It’s the same results! What the Charismatics and Pentecostals call Holy Spirit power or Holy Spirit energy is the same spirit the Buddhists use and whatever gurus, monks, and spiritual teachers of whatever magical and energy practices use. So one is from God but the other who shows exactly the same thing is not from God? Which one is more powerful? They both look the same to me.

What is really pathetic is when the charismatic missionaries go to countries who are steeped in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism and more it becomes like the New Testament where people seek out powers like Simon the Sorcerer and just a way to do tricks and influence people. The people mix Buddhism with the Bible and more and no one gets saved from hell but falls steeper into deception. They just become universalists who reject absolute truth. Definately what will allow the Anti-Christ’s religion to take power when everyone is brain dead to truth and theology in order to “not be divisive” and have some form of “world peace.”

Heal An Entire Hospital Or Shut Up

Heal An Entire Hospital Or Shut Up

        The charismatics constantly complain at critics who are skeptical about their claims especially about miraculous healing. There has not been one healing verified with factual evidence. It is always subjective and you can never objectively prove anything. All of the healings you hear about are always something anyone can lie about. A bad headache, some back pains, some internal thing you cannot observe. Also, no one ever heals amputees or any serious deformities. When they claim they did no one can prove it because you were not there. There is no documentation. Also, the claims of raising people from the dead are ridiculous and never proven. I challenge the charismatics to go to a hospital and heal the entire hospital with their healing powers and their faith. Prove it once and for all God has the miraculous gifts continuing. Most charismatics who are upset with my articles promoting a biblical outlook on the miraculous gifts which is a cessationist view make claims they saw a healing or know someone who knew someone who saw a healing. They then claim I am divisive and judgmental. Well I base my judgments off what the Bible teaches. Prove your powers or that continuationism is true. Go heal an entire hospital or shut up. You won’t because you can’t. Where is your faith? I thought faith like a mustard seed can move mountains…oh wait you took that verse out of context.

Charismatics Misuse 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 All the Time

Charismatics Misuse 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 All the Time

        If you are ever around many typical evangelicals or you go to a Christian college or hang around a large church, or have just been around the block in Christian culture you will hear Charismatics using 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 out of context. They use it to support their belief in supernatural experiences and miracles; especially divine healings or speaking in tongues or receiving prophecy (including words of knowledge, words of wisdom etc.).

        When I went to Biola University much of the Asians on campus were literally obsessed with supernatural experiences and mysticism. Almost all the Asians on campus (mainly Koreans but other Asian ethnicities as well) who were in the Asian Student Association were into this stuff. They often had “worship” and “prayer” meetings led by a Filipino American heretic who was graduating from Talbot Seminary at the time. They would constantly promote the idea of healing miracles, prophecies, words from God, seeing God in visions and dreams, fighting demons and all kinds of crazy stuff. This was around 2008 or 2009. The reason I call the leader a heretic was because he was, not that simply being Charismatic made him a heretic, but that he was actually promoting heresy and is basically a cult leader for mystical experiences right now doing his own ministry.

        One time I was at one of their Asian Student Association “miracle crusades” for Biola students just because I wanted to hang out with Asians for fun and hopefully get to meet some cute Asian girls (didn’t work though because I was not spiritual enough for them, which basically means I was not into supernatural stuff).  What I saw was the typical “prayer orgy” which is a nickname I made up for people laying all over the ground near and on each other crying, babbling in tongues, and praying loud and yelling. During this, one Filipino kid ran up the aisle and ran into the wall babbling in tongues pretending he was possessed by the Holy Spirit. Yet no one noticed and when he realized no one was watching he immediately stopped the craziness and calmly walked back to where all the action was.  He did not see me watching and I thought it was quite amusing which proved to me he was full of it.

        There were at least 2 white guys there that afternoon who were Vineyard Church types that knew the Filipino American leader. They both tried to give me words of knowledge and were completely inaccurate and wrong. They said, “Man can I just pray for you? God is leading me to pray over you.” I said they could because I wanted to know if this stuff was real or not. They tried to tell me typical stuff about myself anyone could have made up, and that God gave them a word, and the word was “kayak.” I have never been in a kayak or been around anyone river rafting in a kayak nor anything like it my entire life so they were wrong. They also tried to heal me before because I had recently had knee surgery. No I did not get healed and it was annoying.

        Before this event, in other occurrences often times charismatics walked around campus and tried to “prayer rape” you. That is another nickname I made up for when Pentecostals or Charismatics randomly walk up to you babbling in tongues and try to pray over you by laying their hands on you and getting close. It is usually a “gang rape” as well with multiple people doing this at the same time who mob you with their dirty hands all over you from every angle. You might wonder why I seem to be using sexually vulgar nick names for these behaviors, but I think they are a very good analogy and are sensually aggressive metaphors. The Charismatic belief system is a sensual religion not based on Scriptural truth which brings me to my point of the misuse of 1 Corinthians 2:4-5. The passage states:

“And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” 

Paul stated this to make a point about the power of God and knowledge from the Holy Spirit to make known what is true, and not human foolishness which is what men today call wisdom.

        Before I explain this we must go back to the Biola Asians. During the supernatural meeting which included at least 50 people who were 95% Asian at Biola University in Bardwell Hall which is right next to the Cook School of Intercultural Studies (where I attended a lot of my classes) the leader of this group (whom I consider a cult leader bred at Talbot) claimed a lot of nonsense with a prophecy that his hand would get healed. Some girl he met told him she had a dream where God told her that his deformed hand would be healed. He was born with a crab-like hand. Well it never got healed any time when I was attending Biola. Apparently, even today it is still not healed, but when she said it he was affirming that GOD WILL heal it and it is a prophecy we should listen to. The girl who told him this was, according to him, a very very very new Christian who had just converted. After a lot of nonsense claims he quoted 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 and explained that people are too into doctrines and theology. He claimed we should let go of this human wisdom and stop trying to be rational and stop worshiping the Bible which he said was Bibliolatry. This is because he was a protege of JP Mooreland, a Talbot professor who wrote a paper where he said that most Christians are over committed to the Bible and are committing the sin of bibliolatry: holding the Bible above God. This is impossible since Jesus is the Word, and the Holy Spirit inspired the Word of Truth and illuminates the truth through Scripture for us. You cannot have God without the Bible or the Bible without God.

        Christians do not worship a physical book or text, but we give honor and respect and trust in God’s Word which is the Bible. To say that if we study the Bible, and believe in Bible doctrines as spiritual truth, and that is all we look to from God to know spiritual things then we are committing a sin and not worshiping God is absurd. What people like Mooreland promote is that there is new revelation in mysticism and supernatural occurrences and if we only care about the Bible then we are not listening to what God is doing today and we are ignoring God. The problem with this is that there is no basis for objective proof something is from God if you rely on supernatural occurrences and mystical experiences. Such things are purely subjective. What the Charismatics do is downplay the importance of the Bible and many times completely ignore it unless they are Scripture twisting to fit their personal experiences.

        Now during this Asian Charismatic fiasco the Filipino American cult leader guy used 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 to say that so many people are divisive and grieve the Holy Spirit because we are stuck on doctrines which he was implying was the human wisdom Paul was talking about. He was saying that is persuasive words and simply just talk. He said the kingdom of God is not a manner of talk, but of power (1 Thessalonians 1:5 out of context). He was saying the demonstration of the spirit and power is the supernatural miracles and mystical experiences. We should expect them and we should be able to hear God talk to us and everything else Charismatics promote. He was saying we should expect prophetic words and healings and speaking in tongues.  He totally misused the verse to fit his personal agenda and did not explain the true interpretation of the verse because he is a false teacher.

        The true interpretation is obvious in the correct context. Paul was stating that the Holy Spirit empowers the Word of God to illuminate truth to Christians and sanctify them through the Word. That Paul and the apostles revelation was God’s truth and divinely inspired. The Apostles and only the Apostles were the ones doing healings and demonstrations of supernatural miracles so signify that their message was God’s own. Nowhere does this massage claim or teach that Christians today should be demonstrating miracles and power and talking to God audibly and seeing visions of prophesy to tell the Church. This is how Charismatics twist Scripture and promote false teaching. This Filipino American leader who graduated from Talbot now teaches false spirituality which is nothing more than New Age mysticism sprinkled in Christian language. He even goes so far as to say that we can learn a lot from New Age and also visualization techniques. This is what happens when you do not base your understanding of God on the objective truth of Scripture and begin seeking experiences, that often times demons inspire.

        There is power in God’s Word to convict us of sin, set us straight, tell us about the times to come, and how to live for God properly and how we can be saved from our sins and be with God in heaven. The Word itself is enough and is all Christians should care about.

Charismatic Missionaries Causing More Problems Abroad

Charismatic Missionaries Causing More Problems Abroad

       *This article is going to first criticize the ignorant opinion and propaganda of Roger Ross Williams and his anti-Christian and pro-gay agenda. Then it will criticize the bigger issue of the problems charismatic cults are causing in the mission field. 

        Roger Ross Williams is a documuntary filmmaker who recently made a film called “God Loves Uganda” which is extremely critical of evangelicalism in Africa as a whole. Instead of actually looking into specific cases of groups who have specific beliefs he does what the rest of the media and anti-Christian people do: lump all religious groups claiming “christian” into one. An article on Yahoo News has an interview with Williams who claims Christians are causing extreme hate towards homosexuals in Africa and causing violence and that by law there is the death penalty for homosexual conduct. He says in the past before there was a Muslim dictator who outlawed Christianity and would not allow missionaries to come in Uganda. Williams seems to be saying Uganda was better off during that time for homosexuals with a Muslim dictator named Idi Amin. It seems Williams is ignorant of the fact Muslims are against homosexuality, and in other African countries like Libya  they torture homosexuals and execute them. So to think Islam is somehow more tolerant of homosexuals and is in no way bad like Williams’ idea of “evangelicalism” is asinine. Even charismatic groups like IHOP, or YWAM are not at all finding homosexuals and killing them. If one wants to, they can find a video on YouTube of a Libyan military, anti-homosexual group that is torturing a gay man by sticking the barrel of an AK-47 on an accused homosexual male’s anal area and beating his buttocks severely. They executed the man later. But I suppose as long as Islam is finding Christians and torturing them— as well as murdering them in droves— all over Africa it’s a good thing because eventually “evangelicals,” who in Williams’ deluded mind assumes they hate gays, will be “taken care of.”

        Also, Idi Amin is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people (est. 100,000-500,000 killings), I think this is by far worse violence than an anti-homosexual law. He left Uganda a legacy of bloodthirsty killings and economic mismanagement. Roger Williams seems to think that without Christianity all of the violence and death in Africa towards gays would not occur. And since violence specifically against homosexuals did not occur it trumps any other violence that had occurred. This is an ignorant idea steeped in bias towards Christian faith.

        Williams followed the group IHOP (International House of Prayer), an extreme hyper-charismatic cult, and lumps them together as “evangelicals.” As if all evangelicals hold to IHOP’s beliefs. This kind of biased journalism and propaganda is only encouraging intolerance towards Christians by labeling us the same as any terrorist or hate group. Roger Ross William’s anti-Christian agenda is clear and he should not at all be taken seriously.

        On the other hand, there is something to take seriously from this report. The fact Williams states that IHOP, or these types of religious people (the Charismatics) have not done ANYTHING good to help the society. He makes the claim, “They don’t do any humanitarian work. They don’t build schools or hospitals or help people. … It’s a numbers game, convert souls, and that’s it.” The theology of IHOP comes from the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) movement which believes in territorial evangelism where territory, cities, streets, and more are inhabited by demonic forces keeping people from God. This means they must win territory in a warlike fashion. This is a spiritual warfare movement and such ideas are known theologically as “Dominionism.”  Todd Bentley, mega-heretic, used the term Joel’s Army to describe the types of spiritual people who will take over the earth for Jesus by winning territory and spiritual battles. The language and ideas are radical, war-like, and extreme. Another heretical-charismatic-dominionist-cult is called YWAM (Youth With A Mission) who have had a number of complaints by concerned parents, as well as former staffers (accusations such as brainwashing etc.).

        These types of movements are radical and have a skewed view of biblical evangelism and missionary work. They are part of the plague of anti-intellectualism, and anti-biblical-doctrinal movements that have come out of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. The accusation of Williams stating that groups like IHOP do not do anything like building hospitals are schools is true. The recent conference called “Strange Fire” which was headed by pastor John MacArthur from Grace Community Church in Santa Clarita, California made waves in the Christian media for his accusation that the Charismatic movement on a whole has not contributed to any humanitarian work as there are no schools, hospitals, etc. MacArthur’s conference promoted the idea that Charismatics left chaos and nonsense in their wakes and have led to all kinds of problems. I find it interesting a godless person who is biased towards Christianity also noticed this same thing.

        One of the main arguments against the Strange Fire conference was that John MacArthur refused to acknowledge the good things charismatics did around the world and is painting the entire movement with a wide brush. But the truth is the charismatic movement has yet to measure up their likely-very-very-small amount of humanitarian work with the multitudes of hospitals, schools, orphanages and other such long lasting infrastructure created by other religious groups. Yes, Charismatics have built schools or set up orphanages here and there, but often times such “refuges” etc. are suspect and totally fail and are not longstanding or beneficial to the local cultures; but often times are problematic. They also need to admit the majority of the movement as a whole has promoted all kinds of bad teaching and social problems, and the more orthodox and less problematic ones are the actual fringe. Not the other way around, such as the “wide brush” claim.

        The conclusion from all of this is that the Charismatics are giving Christian missionaries a bad name. The Media will always label Christians with the most extreme and wrong examples in order to propagandize that they are terrorists or hate groups while acting as if Islam is somehow ultra-tolerant and embracing to gays (yea right…), and true biblical Christian missionaries have to compete with other groups claiming to use the Bible who are promoting false spirituality and a severely screwed up idea of evangelism. Liberals will always bash on conservative, evangelical values and faith and it is to be expected. Now if biblical missionaries in Uganda only had to deal with other religions it would be easier; but the fact the NAR cult groups like IHOP— which promote heresy and social problems everywhere they go— and YWAM talk like they are Christians it  makes Satan’s work easier to accomplish while deceiving delusional superstitious people who join them and causing more thoughtful, and educated people to become hostile towards the Bible and Christianity. It is very sad that the majority of the evangelical culture in America has embraced this profane spirituality of false miracles, false prosperity, and political activism where evangelism only is concerned with changing society around and getting numbers to join to win over territory instead of quality Christian faith in individuals lives.

The World King Antichrist Of Satan’s Empire Will Be Revealed: A Close Look At 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

The World King Antichrist Of Satan’s Empire Will Be Revealed: A Close Look At 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

        The Bible teaches that there will be an Antichrist (1 John 2:18, 1 john 4:3, 2 John 1:7) who will be the king of the world, and will proclaim that he is god and become an object of worship worldwide. This is said to be done by Satan’s work, who has been preparing him throughout history in order for his inauguration. Satan’s Empire is here on earth right now as he is the prince of the power of the air and ruler of the atmospheric domain (Ephesians 2:2) that is beneath heaven. That would be our world on earth. He was cast down from heaven when he rebelled (Revelation 12:9). He is the Father of Lies and a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). He is the god of this world and age (2 Corinthians 4:4). So therefore Satan is trying to set up a worldwide satanic order for his own worship and to destroy as many people as possible before God’s wrath is carried out on him.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 states,

The coming of the lawless one is based on Satan’s working, with all kinds of false miracles, signs, and wonders, and with every unrighteous deception among those who are perishing. They perish because they did not accept the love of the truth in order to be saved. For this reason God sends them a strong delusion so that they will believe what is false, so that all will be condemned—those who did not believe the truth but enjoyed unrighteousness.

        A lot can be taken out of this passage. The Antichrist is being prepared and is coming based on Satan’s working. So Satan has been working throughout the ages to prepare this man to take control. The Antichrist is satanically prepared by the devil himself, and most likely will be physically possessed by Satan. Much like demons possess people and control them, Satan will be possessing the Antichrist.

        Part of the way Satan is said to be working is through false miracles, signs, and wonders. In the passage, these miracles are connected with every unrighteous deception among those who are perishing. “Those who are perishing” are everyone throughout history or currently living who have followed deception. Deception is obviously false religions, ideas about god, and other heresies. So the false miraculous signs and wonders are said to be connected to such things. Right now there are a few movements which are claiming many miracles such as healings, levitation, prophecies of the future, miraculous languages, bilocation (John Crowder, Bob Jones), teleportation, prophetic dreams, contacting angels, visions, ecstatic experiences and more. These movements claim to be Christian and claim to be from God. A lot of this is found from the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements, but are also heavily based on New Age and Occult practices through Contemplative Mysticism and the Spiritual Formation movement. Not only are there false religious sects claiming to be from God, but throughout history pagan religions have often participated in magical practices and spirit channeling as well as healing in much of the same fashion. In fact, some of these heretics admit that the New Age movement knows more about healing and supernatural experiences and prosperity than the Christians (while falsely associating that such practices are what Jesus Christ wants us to be doing). In Paganism these things are done through witchcraft and sorcery. Nonetheless, the heart of the matter is plain old spiritual deception, even if the deception is not miraculous. That means just unbelief and the enjoyment of what is unrighteous and a hate for the truth.

        In our age in history never before has there ever been such a huge claim of miracles and signs as what is happening now. There is also an extreme intolerance towards people who have actual opinions or a belief in an absolute truth especially if it is about the Bible. Postmodernism has influenced the world in an extreme way. This means that the normal thinking of people now days is to question if truth exists and have a disdain for people who claim to know the truth such as Christians who believe in the Bible. There is a constant attack on biblical interpretation and theological proclamations where people frown upon doctrine and want an antinomian approach to faith. This sets up an “anything goes theology” that is full of false beliefs, which also embraces false religions who deny Christ, in order to satisfy the appearance of “loving everyone.” Basically, where people who profess biblical truth are scene as divisive, haters, and intolerant (but the intolerance is actually on their end), while people who claim they are unsure about all things and wish to dialogue forever about them without ever coming to a conclusion are seen to be virtuous. This type of spirituality has invaded our churches and Christian universities.

        Just as the passage says the perishing “do not accept the love of the truth” it is so today. People who do not love truth, who are constantly confused out of false humility not to offend, who constantly will change their minds about anything and everything, who will hate you for loving what is true and accurate, are the ones who are perishing. Satan is setting up a king whom he will possess and control (the Antichrist will be willing) who will easily step in and take over the world with a one world worship of himself. In order to get people on the same page with religion, a hatred for truth has to exist in the minds of humanity. With no truth, everything else that is a lie is allowed. The current climate of the world screams for “world peace” and calls everyone who claims a hard stance on an issue an “extremist” or “terrorist,” while the actual terrorists, the islamofascists who claim an absolute truth for their god Allah, continue to kill people without anyone scrutinizing their religion as being wrong. Instead, Islam is embraced and accepted as a great religion people need to respect and claim just some of the Muslims are simply radicals and not the majority. The hatred for truth causes people to think illogically. So in due time, sooner than later, there will be a one world religion set up in order for the Antichrist to step in and take over and also to claim he is the god of all the religions. This is done heavily through occult spirituality that has invaded Christian churches: a seeking of mystical experiences and knowledge from spirits that people assume is god.

        The True God is thus said to give out a strong delusion on those who are perishing in order to keep them believing the lies to build up more wrath for themselves to be punished with when God judges everyone. You can read about this idea in Jude.

        These supernatural experiences or ecstasies feed a confidence in what is false and cause people to lose sense in what is actually true. Satan has created such sensual religions for people to follow, so what we see now is a sign of the times we live in. The Antichrist is nearer and closer to coming and the world is setting up for it. So Christians better get prepared and keep gospel witnessing. But in the end we can all be satisfied that these false beliefs will be done away with as all of the perishing people will finally complete their destruction and perish, including the Antichrist and Satan himself. All of these will forever burn in torment in Hell.

        Now, this one world order of Satan is said to be set up by every unrighteous deception among those who are perishing. Right now there are a lot of people on the internet claiming some silly conspiracy theories with the Illuminatti, or Freemasonry and aliens and all kinds of wacky stuff. Christians have gotten involved and started a type of “conspiracy theorist theology” which is suspect at best and not based on much fact and more on speculation. Some people think Satan throughout time has a secret society or some cult through the generations that has been working to set up the Antichrist. I tell you Satan does not need to work in such a way with some interconnected web of intrigue. Satan has many things going on at the same time, things that are not even connected politically but are all at the same time being used for his evil purposes. In fact, much of these factions are even upset with each other. If we take the Bible literally about all that is unrighteous, it is logical to see that certain cults hate each other, certain sects of one religion hate each other, many evil groups are killing each other and in no way are connected in that sense. Yet, all these things are controlled by Satan but it does not mean that is it all some governmental satanic conspiracy. Such people are promoting an “X-Files Christianity” are making people who take a more biblical and less sensational stance on the workings of Satan, such as a typical Premillennialist, look bad. Satan does not need to use Freemasonry, Builderburgs, or Illuminati to do his work. They may have a part in it, but the world culture and spirit of the age will openly accept the Antichrist despite any political or secret societies existing. Taking a more biblical approach is better. Satan works through every unrighteous deception in order to bring this about, but we can be sure it will become his destruction.